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Religare Health Insurance Company is one of the best competitors in the health insurance sector. It has made its reputation by offering excellent services to the customers. Religare is renowned for its some of the best health insurance plans. It has different plans for different age groups.

An insurance company providing better facilities are always the choice of the customers. The main reasons why one should go for Religare health insurance have been talked about. The facts and figures make things easier to analyze and one can choose the best plan suitable to the personal requirements. 

A Network of Cashless Hospitals

Religare Health Insurance Stands firmly in its sector of health insurance. The widespread network of hospitals has become famous among its customers for its cashless services. There is a fast and growing network of 5420+ for cashless claims. This will never let you feel helpless in hard times. You can avail of all the facilities of the hospital without any trouble under the insurance of the Religare Health Insurance.

Count of Claims Services

The recent record says there are 4.7 Lacs + claim services count. This data might give you a positive idea regarding the facilities provided by Religare Health Insurance Company.

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The Facilities Provided by Religare Health Insurance Plan

  • Pre-existing Disease: The waiting period in the case of pre-existing disease is for 4 years.
  • The Number of Family Members Covered: The plan includes a maximum of 4 adults and 2 children under the family plan. In totality, it provides coverage for 6 members.
  • Hospitalization Coverage: It provides all the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization coverage for the insured candidate. Moreover, all the charges like ICU, test, and therapies are covered under this.
  • Health Checkups: Religare health insurance has a procedure for health checkups for all its insured. All the insured members get a free health checkup facility.
  • Plan Renewal: Religare health insurance provides lifelong renewal. 

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Benefits of Religare Health Insurance

  • Widespread Network: It has a leading network of 5420+ hospitals across the country and any insured can avail the facility at any of the centers, no matter where he goes within the country. 
  • NCB: No claim bonus is another benefit that one can avail of. It is mainly availed when no claim has been made within the policy tenure.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: The claim settlement ratio of Religare health insurance proved to be appreciable in past years. This assures the customers and the insured of the authenticity of Religare health insurance and one can buy this policy without a hitch. All the customers of Religare are satisfied with the facilities. 

Addon Covers

Religare Health Insurance provides the following addons to its customers/insured:

  • Global Coverage: The widespread network throughout the world never leaves you alone in bad times. Where ever you go you can take the benefits of all the facilities offered by the hospitals linked with the Religare Insurance company without any doubt in your mind.
  • Personal Accidental coverage: Coverage is 10 times of the assured sum in case of permanent disability and accidental death.
  • Everyday Care: 1% of the expense is provided by Religare on the insured routined visit to the hospital, consultation, and tests.
  • Air Ambulance Cover: Religare also provides cover for ambulance expense in case one needs to be treated in another city from his residence.
  • Automatic Recharge: Every time your sum gets exhausted ut is reinstated under add on cover.

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The facilities offered by Religare Health Insurance and the benefits it provides never fail to attract customers. One is fascinated with its deals. All the records and data say that they never lack in serving their insured. So, that is the best reason to opt for Religare Health Insurance.

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