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Star health insurance has provided 14 years of healthcare services. In this short time duration, it has been able to cover 16.9 Cr lives with a strong network of 9300+ hospitals. The facilities provided by star health insurance are of a higher grade.

The success of this health insurance company is relatable to the benefits it provides. Let us move onto the benefits of the star health insurance plan. 

Few Benefits Of Star Health Insurance 

  • Hassle-free Claim Settlement Facilities: An appreciable amount has been paid by star health insurance companies in the current years. The Claim settlement of Rs. 12,739 Cr. has been recorded since the inception of the company. This is no less than an achievement. One can opt for the star health insurance company without any doubt.start health insurance benefits
  • Cashless Treatment: Cashless treatment is another facility provided by star health insurance. It is very helpful in hard times. The current year record says 90% of the cashless claims got settled within 2 hours. 
  • Chain Network of Hospitals: The star health insurance company has a vast network of 9300+ hospital working chains all over India. Almost all the states are covered under this network and no matter where you are in India, you can avail of the facility.
  • Renewals: The star health insurance company also provides life long renewals. Depending upon the policy you have paid for, you get the renewal scheme. Almost all the insurance policy under star health insurance has such options.
  • Benefits On Renewal: In case you withhold the policy for a longer time and you show any interest in renewal you are subjected to discounts and rewards. The star health insurance provides rewards and prices to their insurance policyholders.
  • Online Services: The online services are also one of the benefits of star health insurance. Everything is a click away. One can enquire regarding anything and everything on the site available to the customers. Online facilities proved to be boon to the insurance industry. No need to worry and read bundles of sheets scripted with policies and search for your query. Instead, write what feature are you looking for and you get the answer.
  • Numerous Plan Options: Several plans are there in star health insurance plans. Plans like yearly health insurance plans and multi insurance plans are there. One can opt for any according to their basic requirements. Other than this there is an individual health plan which can be taken for one person and family health plan for the family.
  • NCB & Free Health Checkup: Policyholders who have claim-free years have the benefit of free health checkups. It is applicable for every block of 3 claim-free years. This can be termed as no claim bonus as it is being provided in place of no claims throughout the policy tenure for consecutive three years.
  • Tax Benefit Under Section 80D: The star health insurance plan has tax benefits and it is tax exempted under section 80D of income tax.
  • Hospitalization Facility: All hospitalization facility is provided by star health insurance policy. The insurance company bears all the charges of hospitalization along with treatment, tests, and therapy after the individual is hospitalized.
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization: Many a time the situation is more critical and if,
  • The insured is not able to move to a hospital because of critical condition 
  • He does not get a room in the hospital.

So, in that case, the domiciliary hospitalization comes into function and the patients get the benefits at home

Star Health Insurance Special Coverage

It is very common that an individual gets all the coverage and facilities but in star health insurance plans there is special provision for:

  • Children
  • Spouse
  • Parents

This coverage helps an individual safeguard his/her family.

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 Star Health Insurance Add-on Benefits

  • Maternity Cover: Special plans are there under the Star health care facility for maternity cover (Both normal delivery and cesarean delivery). Other than coverage for mother they also have a provision for baby cover separately. All the facilities are subjected to the terms conditions of the policy.
  • Critical Illness Benefit: In Star Health Insurance one can avail of the critical illness benefits. Critical illness treatments are very expensive and this plan acts as a relief to the insured while he is in hospital. The insured in case of any critical illness sufferance has the advantage if critical illness is mentioned is covered by the policy. Under critical illness benefits, an illness like cancer, kidney function failure, cardiac arrest, etc is considered.
  • Co-payment Benefit: According to this a certain percentage of the payable amount is paid by the insurance company and the rest of the expense is to paid by the insured. The total expense is to be shared by the insured and insurer. The more is co-payment, the lesser will be your premiums. 
  • Student Care Insurance Policy: Star student care insurance plan is the scheme launched by star health insurance company for the students' benefit. It can be availed subjected to the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy.
  • Plans For Senior Citizens: Star health insurance has an optimum policy for senior citizens ranging between 60 years and 75 years of age. It offers a high sum insured up to a maximum of 10 lakhs.


Star health insurance proved to be one of the best insurance plans in the last few years because of its services. People loved the facilities and had the comfort of the vast hospital network all over India. You can take advantage of the facilities subjected to the terms and conditions of the policy. For more queries, customer care service is always available.

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