Best Abs Workout Exercises at Home
  • What is an abs workout?
  • How to do an abs workout at home?
  • Benefits of abs workout exercises
Best Abs Workout Exercises at Home

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You can Get Six-Pack Abs At Home Without Going to the Gym: Know How

Want six-pack abs but not have that one hour of the day going to the gym? Well, gone are the days when you needed to push yourselves to char the rocks. The fitness journey starts from the last corner of your balcony or even in the living room. Majorly, we want to strengthen our body and get flaunting abs which makes us look more attractive and fit. But what is the best way to do abs workout exercises at home?

In this article, we will discuss home workout for abs, its benefits, applications, and steps with which you can perform the exercise. Apart from that, we'll see which exercises best serve your requirement of getting a six-pack abs.

What is an Abs Workout?

An abs workout is an intensive weight training that involves your abdomen and other body parts around it. It's known for strength and muscle building around your abdominal region. An abs workout or an abdominal exercise is useful to train your core muscular strength and your abdomen.

To sneeze, cough, breathe, or play any sports, etc, abdominal muscles play an important role in your daily actions. To do such activities you should train your abs daily. There are a few home workout exercises for abs that can help you get abdominal muscles and look attractive. These abs home workout exercises include planks, crunches, leg presses, rotational movements and many more. Read more below to know about how to practice abs workout exercises at home and what are its benefits.

Best Abs Workout Exercises to Do at Home: For Men and Women

Below are some of the abs best workouts at home that anyone at your home can do:-

  1. Oblique Crunches

    Oblique crunches target your core muscles and it's an exercise for bodyweight training.


    • Helps you get healthy core muscles
    • Provides strength and power to your body's oblique ( muscles
    • Helpful in giving a perfect tone and posture to your body
  2. Press-Ups

    It's another form of push-up that includes your core muscles and upper body and helps in burning calories faster. There are multiple varieties of press-ups, but you can start with a traditional or basic version of this workout.


    • Endures your core muscular strength for a better body performance
    • Train you rigorously for upper body weight building
    • Increase the power of joints and bones
  3. Sit-Ups

    Sit-ups are a great way to train your abdominal muscles that help you gain power by improving your physical posture. It mainly impacts your glutes, chest, and oblique.


    • Helps increase your body's muscular mass
    • Improves your sports and athletic performance with its highly intensive action
    • It makes your back and spine flexible and supports your body for better mobility
    • Reduces the risk of injuries
  4. Russian Twist

    Russian twist targets your oblique muscles and provides you a functional relief to the full body with targeted areas of your hips, glutes, core, chest, shoulders, flexors, calves, etc.


    • Makes your core muscles and spine strong
    • Improves your body posture and fixes any muscular deformation
    • Helps you tone your waist areas of the body
    • Makes your body flexible and lowers back pain
  5. Side Hip Bridges

    Side hip bridge training is another version of the plank category of abs workout that builds the foundational strength of your core muscles and the whole body.


    • Trains your weight to resist physical challenges
    • Exercises the whole body including core, abdominal, and oblique muscles
    • Helps maintain body posture and gives physical balance
  6. Reverse Crunches

    Reverse crunches are an intermediate yet effective way of exercising your full body, especially abdominal muscles. It's an exercise through which you can train your body weight.


    • Improves athletic or adventurous sports performance
    • Healthify your abdominal muscles
    • Decreases back and spine pain
  7. Hanging Leg Raises

    The hanging leg raises are an advanced level and intensive exercise that helps build flexible hip and abdominal muscles to strengthen your core body.


    • Helps in stabilizing and balancing your body
    • Efficient in strengthening core muscles
    • Functions your abdominal muscles and hip flexor
    • Increases the grip strength of your arm muscles

What are the Benefits of doing an Abs Workout at Home?

Here are the benefits that doing a home abs workout has to offer you, read further to know:-

Benefits Ground of Advantages
Tones the body To gain a perfect shape and feature of your body, abs workout exercises can be beneficial in the short term (so far and so you're doing the workout exercises).
Helps in weight loss The weight loss journey of several individuals has proven that performing abs workout exercises at home is the way.
Corrects the body posture It is also helpful for correcting your body posture which will lead to a healthy backbone. A healthy backbone means a sustainable lifestyle and great mobility experience.
Boosts the balance of your body Abs workout exercises help balance your body through muscular flexibility which aids in removing anxiety.
Reduces back pain Since these exercises are helpful in the flexible spinal cord, they also help in reducing back pain or any complications related to your back strength.
Core strength building The core muscles of the pelvis and your spine need the power to maintain posture and enhance superficial movements. Abs workout helps achieve this goal.
Enhances robust performance Powers up endurance which helps you perform better at adventurous activities, athletics, and other sports, etc.

Are there any Disadvantages of Abs Workout?

However, abs workout exercises are good for making six-pack abs or making your muscular body look attractive. It has other shortcomings too. Learn below about several disadvantageous factors of doing an abs workout:-

Disadvantages Ground of Shortcomings
Muscular imbalance Sometimes in maintaining the abdominal strength of our body, we forget to balance out other muscular areas which leads our body to deform the unworked region.
Strains back Abdominal workouts help maintain the ab health, but at times they can also cause your back to strain. So, continuous abs workout exercises might lead to a painful back.
Negligence of core muscles At times, neglecting the core muscles (obliques or lower part of the back) of your body can lead to health severities.
Neck injury Risks attached to neck injuries are a major concern while doing abs exercises. You should take care of this challenge while performing any exercise of such kind.
Overwork of abdominal muscles Abs workouts are forcible towards overworking with your abdominal muscles which can lead to muscular strains in the abdominal area of your body.

Restrictions: Who should not do an Abs Workout?

Practising exercises for your abs at home is magical for your health. But it has some limits as well. Here are the reasons for who should avoid doing abs workout exercises:-

  • Pregnant women

    Pregnant women should not do abs training exercises as it can impact their pregnancy or even lead to health complications during delivery.
  • Senior citizens

    Senior citizens are prone to easy bone breakage that can lead them towards disability, so older individuals must avoid these workout plans.
  • Individuals with spine issues

    Those who are suffering from spinal cord issues or back pain, should not do abs training as it can cause neck pain and more complexities to your health.
  • Who had an injury or surgery

    If you have gone through surgery recently or has not recovered from an injury, avoid abs workout in such cases.

When Should You Perform Abs Workout?

We always read that morning is the best time to do abs workout exercises at home. But, doing abs workout exercises at home in the afternoon or early in the evening is scientifically proven to be the most suitable time of the day. Morning time for an abs workout is not considered efficient because our body gets stiff during the early hours. Also, you should not do these abdominal exercises one hour before and three hours after your meal.


If you train your body and abdominal muscles regularly, it'll provide you with great physical strength. It helps endure and fix your body's posture so that your body can get flexible. Abs workout is the way to achieve what you want to make your body like. In this article, we've discussed how performing abs workout exercises at home can impact your body significantly. Abs workout exercises are good to start your overall fitness journey with, and their application can greatly improve your day-to-day life.

Best Abs Workout Exercises at Home: FAQs

1. Can I do a home abs workout to burn belly fat?

Yes, you can do abs workout exercises at home to burn belly fat. Some of the home workouts for abs are planks, twists, crunches, mountain climbing, etc.

2. How many days a female should do abs workout exercises per week?

A woman should do at least 5 days of abs workout in a week. But if they are comfortable doing daily abs workouts, there's no problem unless they have any medical issues.

3. Can I reduce my waist size with planks?

Yes, planks or several versions of planks such as side planks are beneficial for toning your waist.

4. Can I do an abs workout every day?

Yes, you can do abs exercises every day as per your comfort factor.

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