Health Benefits of Kalonji
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Health Benefits of Kalonji

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Impressive Health Benefits of Nigella Seeds

Kalonji, primarily found in Indian households, is commonly used as a spice. The scientific name of Kalonji is Nigella Sativa, often called black cumin or nigella seeds. It is a flavourful seed, which provides us with many natural medicinal properties. In India, pregnant women are especially suggested to add it to their daily diet for a healthy baby.

In this article, we will shed light on the several health benefits of these tiny Nigella Seeds but first, let's learn what are Nigella seeds.

What are Nigella Seeds?

These are small black seeds having a rich historical background of curing several diseases. You might have noticed that it is a tea drop-shaped seed that is used in many desserts. Sometimes, we might get confused when we see nigella seeds, and black sesame seeds together. They both look kinda similar but their distinct flavors and health benefit properties set them apart. These seeds are extracted from the 12 inches-tall Nigella Plant's flower which is native to the Mediterranean region. It is a powerhouse of benefits which we will read in this article. Let us get to know about its history a little bit.

Historical Evidence of Nigella Seeds

Nigella seeds have an impressive historical background. In Egypt, Greece and India, ancient civilizations used to regard these seeds for their diverse healing properties. Even during the excavation of the Tutankhamun's tomb, scientists found Nigella seeds all over the place! This shows, how much it was used by our ancestors for its benefits.

Health Benefits of Nigella Seeds

Now let us explore the benefits of nigella seeds and the remarkable impact they can have on our health:

  • Cure Acne

    Applying Nigella seed gel or eating it daily can help you get relief from the acne problem. The antioxidant properties of nigella seeds help your skin fight bacteria and prevent acne by reducing the chances of infections. Nigella seeds cure acne with time as well as give your skin a glow that makes it look healthy.
  • Improves allergy symptoms

    Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help in improving allergy symptoms. It is suggested that you should take Nigella seed oil daily to get relief from allergy problems. It is the best cure for problems like - eczema, hay fever, and other prominent allergies.
  • Helps to cure Asthma

    Black Nigella seeds have bronchodilator effects, which help in widening the airways in our lungs. This can improve airflow and ease breathing. However, Nigella seeds to cure Asthma is based on historical & anecdotal evidence. So, it is always wise to consult a specialist before consuming it for this purpose.
  • Lowers Cholesterol

    No doubt, there is a need for cholesterol in our body, but high cholesterol might lead to heart problems. Kalonji has been seen as an effective way of lowering cholesterol over time.

That is not enough, read how kalonji seeds can cure major health problems.

  • Cancer-fighting Properties

    Kalonji's high antioxidant properties help neutralize harmful free radicals that might contribute to the development of diseases like cancer. It helps to inactivate cancer cells in our body However, there is no proven study or evidence that shows that it can cure cancer completely. But it helps in lowering the risk of cancer by making your body strong.
  • Turn down Diabetes

    Black Nigella seeds improve blood sugar levels. We suggest taking a spoonful of black seeds daily, whether in oil form or powder form can help in maintaining diabetes to a certain level.
  • Keeps Your Heart Healthy

    As discussed earlier, Nigella seeds help in maintaining cholesterol. So, a huge amount of heart problems are lowered if you start maintaining the cholesterol level in your body. The remaining factors causing heart problems are kept under control when you start taking Kalonji every morning with honey.
  • Helps in weight management

    Those who are on a diet must start taking Kalonji daily. Warm water, honey, and lemon juice combination is the best recommendation for those who are working on weight management. Adding a pinch of kalonji seeds to the mixture adds extra nutrition to your drink. It has some miracle ingredients which help in shedding those extra kilos.
  • Manages Blood Pressure

    The magic is in just one spoon of Kalonji. Yes, you have read it right! Adding Nigella seeds to your diet can maintain your blood pressure.
  • Oral Health

    Well, tooth care is just one factor when we talk about oral health. Bleeding gums, weak teeth, dental pain, bad breath, and so on are some major oral problems commonly seen in many. Kalonji seed has the power to cure them all. You just need to mix half a spoon of kalonji oil with a cup of curd and apply it daily on your gums and teeth. Eventually, you can get healthy oral health and avoid toothaches too!
  • Kalonji For Hair

    Who does not like to look good? Well, I know you do. So start using kalonji in any way to get amazing shiny hair. The best way you can do it is to add some kalonji powder or oil with your usual hair oil and massage it once a week. You will see the difference after one use only.
  • Eases Joint Pain

    Joint pain is common with older age. No worry, heat the nigella seed with mustard oil and give a massage to your inflamed joints to release pain.

There are numerous benefits of Nigella seeds, so we suggest you to start using them and reap the amazing benefits as soon as possible.

Quick Facts About Nigella Seeds

There are a few things you need to remember when you are buying nigella seeds.

  • Check the pack carefully, while buying Nigella seeds. It should look jet-black and should not look stale or have no smell.
  • Always store nigella seeds in a cool and dry place. It is suggested to get a glass jar and dry it properly to store Nigella seeds in it.
  • Avoid buying in bulk. Just 100 grams of Nigella seeds can go a long way. Buy whenever needed, this will prevent it from getting expired and losing most of its health benefits.

Bottom Line

Certainly, Nigella seeds are known for their versatile culinary applications and potential medicinal properties. Though many of these benefits are supported by the proper research and evidence, still it is important to note that everything does not behave equally for all. So, if you decide to consume Kalonji seeds regularly, consult a doctor or nutrition specialist for better understanding.

Health Benefits of Kalonji: FAQs

1. What are the effects of daily consumption of kalonji seeds?

Eating kalonji seeds can reduce the toxins in our body and safeguard both the liver and kidneys.

2. Is there any side effects of Kalonji?

No, Kalonji does not have any side effects. But, before adding it to your regular diet, it is best to consult a specialist first.

3. How to use Nigella seeds for health benefits?

You can have these seeds raw or can mix them with honey and water before consumption.

4. What is the best time to eat Kalonji?

You can have Nigella seeds at any time of the day. But eating it empty stomach can be highly beneficial.

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