Best Methods To Reduce Body Heat
  • Cold Bath
  • Focus on Nutrition
  • Stay Hydrated
Best Methods To Reduce Body Heat

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Best Methods To Reduce Body Heat

According to medical science regular body temperature is considered to be 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 F). However, a little variation among individuals is seen up to 0.5 C (0.9 F) as per the time of the day and different people. Due to various factors, body temperature may rise such as changes in medication, high fever, intense physical activity, external temperature, and more. If you have a body temperature reaching above 100.4 F then it is considered to be a fever. On an extremely hot day and due to prolonged exposure to the sun, individuals can have a heat stroke due to a rise in body temperatures. which is why it is advised to stay indoors during really hot days. There are multiple ways in which an individual can control body temperature. In this article, we will discuss how to reduce the heat of the body.

How To Decrease Body Heat

It is a well-known factor that keeping yourself hydrated helps in maintaining your body temperature and also provides your body with a cooling effect. Other than keeping yourself hydrated we have mentioned some other home remedies in order to reduce overheating in the body.

  • Dip Your Feet In Cold Water

    In case you are wondering how can I reduce the body heat? We have the answer to that question, dip your feet in cold water. A relaxing and refreshing way in order to reduce your body temperature. Just sit back and relax while your feet are dipped in cold water creating an impact on your overall body temperature. Simply add some ice cubes to your bucket of water and soak your feet in the water.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

    We can not emphasize enough how important it is to keep your body hydrated when it comes to regulating your body temperature. Drinking cool liquids such as cold fresh fruit juices, iced teas, and cold milk all can aid in lowering your body temperature leaving you relaxed.
  • Consume Fruits and Vegetables High In Water Content

    If you have a high body temperature it is advised to consume fruits and vegetables with high water content in them. Eating fresh cold watermelon, cucumbers, and Citrus fruits like oranges, malta, and more can help in reducing the overall body temperature of your body.
  • Consume Peppermint

    Peppermint or Pudina as we popularly know it across India has a cooling effect on your body that will help you reduce the body heat. High in menthol content, the leaves can be prepared with curd by crushing peppermint leaves and adding it to curd or simply by mixing some Indian spices and water to make a cooling drink like Jaljeera which is good for your gut and also will provide you a cooling effect.
  • Aloe Vera

    One of the most known and useful plants across the globe is aloe vera. With its multiple nutritional qualities beneficial for skin, gut, and overall health it is known to help in reducing body heat. Aloe vera leaf gel can be extracted and applied to the body directly in order to reduce body heat.
  • Consume ButterMilk or Curd

    Consuming dairy products like curd or buttermilk also popularly known as chaach can help you regulate your body temperature due to its cooling effects on the body. It also provides you with the additional benefit of improving gut health and providing your body with good bacteria.
  • Cold Showers

    In case you have a fever and are suffering from a high body temperature, many doctors suggest a cold sponge bath in order to bring down the body temperature. Simply soaking a washcloth in ice-cold water and laying it on your forehead can help in decreasing body heat.
  • Consuming Amla

    The Indian Gooseberry also known as amla is rich in vitamin C, consuming it on a daily basis or regularly during summers and hot days will help you regulate your body temperature and reduce body heat. It also is a perfect superfood for hair and skin health.

Additional Tips on How to Decrease The Body Heat

If you want to understand how to reduce heat from the body we have mentioned below some useful tips for you:

  • The choice of clothing we wear is directly related to our body temperature, it is advised to wear lighter material clothing during summer such as cotton, muslin, and linen. Your body temperature depends on how well air can cool your skin without your clothes being an obstruction.
  • Choose clothing that is loose fitting, are lighter in color, such as pastels. Wearing darker colors may lead to absorbing more sun rays and heat making your body temperature rise.
  • Keep yourself hydrated in case you are outside on a hot sunny day. It is essential to keep your body cool by consuming cold water throughout the day.


With rising temperatures across the globe, it is important to keep your body temperature in check. There are multiple ways through which you can decrease your body temperature both internally and externally. However, it is recommended to take precautions on extreme summer days and when there is a heat wave. It is recommended to consult with a medical practitioner in case of consistent high temperature.

How To Reduce Body Heat: FAQs

1. How to reduce overheating in the body for infants and older adults?

With growing age, older citizens are prone to having a heat stroke during extreme hot days and young infants below the age of 4 have sensitive skin. In both age groups, it is essential to keep their immune systems strong and provide them with proper nutrition through fruits and vegetables and regular physical activity in order to reduce body heat.

2. What are the various factors that cause body heat?

There are multiple reasons for overheating of the body such as prolonged exposure to the sun, fever, change of medications, external environment, intense physical activity, eating spicy food, and more.

3. How to reduce heat from the body quickly?

The quickest way to reduce body heat is to drink cold water in order to bring the body heat to normal.

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