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National Overseas Mediclaim Policy

Travelling is a crucial part of life that allows you to enjoy and do something out of your daily routine. It brings a new adventure and new energy with it. However, travelling to a new place can be a daunting task if you have not planned for it. How would you cope in a situation where you have no one to assist you? For example, an accident occurring on a trip abroad where you have no friends/family members to look towards for help. Not a very exciting prospect, is it? Travelling is important and so is its planning. To have a secure and happy journey, people should invest in a reliable travel insurance plan. Travel insurance acts as a helping hand in the hour of need. Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday is one of the effective travel insurance plans that helps you to deal with unwanted situations during your trip abroad.

It is a comprehensive travel insurance plan by National Insurance company (a government organization). The plan offers a required coverage for a varying range of risks, accidents and economic losses. This policy is ideal for all who are travelling abroad for business or pleasure. It provides wide coverage and a large international network. This affordable plan comes out in three categories:-

1. Business & Holiday

2. Employment and Study

3. Corporate frequent Traveller

Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday: Eligibility

Policy tenureDepends on the trip
PremiumBased on age, medical conditions and sum assured
Entry ageNot specified
Waiting periodNot applicable

Key Features & Benefits

Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday is a policy for those who need to make frequent business trips overseas or who are bitten by the travel bug. The Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday Policy provides insurance cover for the medical expenses incurred in case of an accident or sickness overseas. It also covers the cost incurred due to loss of passport, loss or delay of checked-in baggage and any personal liability.

The benefits and salient features of the Overseas Mediclaim Policy for Business and Holiday are as follows:

  • Cover Multiple Categories: This policy provides coverage to all those who face an emergency when travelling abroad for any purpose, be it a business trip, a short holiday, for employment or study.
  • Comprehensive Cover: The plan is designed to offer the required cover against medical expenses & repartition, delay or loss of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, personal accident and personal liability among others.
  • Payout: The plan offers a payout in the form of cashless and reimbursement while you are travelling abroad. The process is the same for medical and non-medical expenses.
  • Personal Accident: In the case where the insured met with an accident during the trip, all the expenses related to your treatment would be liable to get the required cover. It will also cover permanent total disablement of the insured.
  • Personal Liability: National insurance overseas policy for business and holiday will pay up to the limit of cover. The plan will pay for accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to third-party arising due to an incident during the policy tenure or covered trip.
  • Medical Evacuation/Transportation: All expenses associated with medical services, hospital, physician services, local emergency, dental relief and medical transportation among others are liable to get the cover.
  • Easy Claim Settlement: For the claim process, there are international service providers to provide claim assistance to the insured when s/he is travelling abroad. The international service providers directly make the claim payments to respective people, be it the doctor, physician or the hospital in the foreign country in their particular foreign currency. You have nothing to worry about because you will be reimbursed or will be able to get cashless service.
  • Cancellation: The plan allows you to cancel the policy in case the trip is canceled after checking the policyholder’s passport as proof. You can cancel within 14 days and you will receive partial refunds.

Additional Benefits

Section A (Illness, medical evacuation, repatriation)50,0002,50,0001,00,0005,00,000
Section B (Personal Accident and disablement)10,00025,00025,00025,000
Section C (Loss of checked baggage)1,0001,0001,0001,000
Section D (Delay of checked baggage)100100100100
Section E (Loss of passport)150250250250
Section F (Third party bodily injury & bodily damage)2,00,0002,00,0002,00,0002,00,000

Why Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday?

Travelling can be a memorable experience if you plan for the same. However, a single mistake of yours will be enough to ruin the whole thing. It can be any medical issues, loss of passport, loss or delay in checked-in luggage, personal accident or any personal liability among others. You need to be prepared in advance when you are planning to travel abroad. You must invest in adequate travel insurance which would be able to help you in case of an unwanted situation. And Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday has come out as a preferred option for the same. With the trust of the National Insurance Company, this plan serves great features to the insured. Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday is one of the finest products that you should choose for a happy and memorable trip abroad.

Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday: Exclusions

There are a few events that are not covered under this policy, which are mentioned below:

  1. Any pregnancy-related expenses related to childbirth, abortion or miscarriage.
  2. Cosmetic surgery expenses.
  3. All diseases of the insured, whether discovered or unknown, are not covered if they were pre-existing.
  4. People who travel against their doctor's orders, or simply for routine medical check-ups.
  5. Claims arising out of attempted suicide, intentional self-injury, psychological disorders, alcohol or substance addictions & HIV-AIDS.
  6. Any claims arising out of accidents caused by participating in any adventurous sports or activities.
  7. Accidents occurring in defence services' operations.


There is no age limitation when it comes to Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday. The plan offers the required cover to all (kids & old age people).

In such a scenario, you can easily extend the plan before it expires and can stay covered for the chosen extended period. Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday allows you to do the same whenever you want to do.

No, You can’t do this. Travel insurance policy is designed to offer coverage to those who are planning to come back to India and for those who are planning with a purpose of holidaying, business & studies.

Your travel insurance policy will end either on the end date of the policy as per the documents or the return date. Hence, you would not be able to get any premium refund in case you come earlier than the planned one.

Unfortunately, that won’t be possible.

Yes, you are allowed to change your travel dates anytime before the plan start date to a later date under your Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday policy.

Yes, Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday policy will provide the required coverage against emergency medical expenses because of sickness or injury on OPD basis.

Last updated on 12-11-2020