Jan Arogya Bima Policy
Jan Arogya Bima Policy
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Jan Arogya Bima Policy

'Health is wealth' and there is no doubt that good health plays a major part in our life. We earn money to live a stable and healthy life, which is our main motto. However money cannot guarantee good health. An an unwanted incident or medical diagnosis can ruin our life badly and may result in huge expenses in the form of medical treatments which are quite expensive nowadays. To safeguard against any such eventuality, a health insurance plan is a must have. Jan Arogya Bima Yojan is one such comprehensive health insurance policy that provides required coverge to you and your family so that you are ready for any unwanted incident.

Oriental Jan Arogya Bima Policy is a complete health insurance plan that secures your and your loved one’s health successfully. It is an affordable health policy that is specially designed to offer coverage at a reasonable price. This plan offers maximum coverage and less exclusions. Additional benefits and discounts are also available

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes:

Hopitalization Coverage: This insurance scheme offers quality treatment and takes care of maximum hospitalization expenses which includes room, boarding, medicine and drugs, specialists, Surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Anesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theatre Charges, Surgical Appliances charges and many more. This plan even offers coverage on Diagnostic Materials and X-Ray, Dialysis, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Cost of Pacemaker, Artificial Limbs and Cost of Organs among others.

Domiciliary Coverage: Domiciliary hospitalization refers to the medical treatment for more than three days for such an illness/disease/injury which in the usual course would need care and treatment at a hospital but is taken care at home due to any reason. Such expenses would be covered under the policy.

Pre And Post Hospitalization Cover: Consumers will get the coverage on pre and post hospitalization expenses as per the norms of the insurer. Meaning 30 days prior to hospitalization and after it as well.

Expert View

Maximum coverage at an affordable price is the best feature of this insurance scheme. This plan consists of many helpful features that makes it likeable. If you want to secure your health or just want to be prepared for unwanted incidents then, you should buy this plan as soon as possible.

Why Jan Arogya Bima Policy?

It is a special kind of policy that offers maximum coverage at an affordable price. It is full of many helpful features.

Great Cover: This plan offers maximum coverage. It covers many expenses and its helpful make it an ultimate choice for securing health for every phase of life.

Free Look Period: The policy holder will get a 15 day period from the date of receipt of the scheme to check the terms and conditions of the plan and return it if not satisfied. This works for fresh policies.

Domiciliary Benefit: A much needed domiciliary cover is added in this plan that makes it more attractive to the consumer.


Pre Existing Ailments: Consumer will not get cover on the pre-existing diseases as per the norms of the policy.

Cost Of Spectacles: Consumers have to buy spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids on their own as this policy doesn’t offer coverage on it.

Traceable pregnancy: All the expenses of traceable pregnancy are not the part of this coverage. Policyholder have to pay for it on their own.

Last updated on 03-06-2020