Oriental Overseas Mediclaim Insurance Policy

Oriental Overseas Mediclaim Insurance Policy
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Overseas Mediclaim Insurance Policy

Travel is fun but certain emergencies like an unwanted medical condition can spoil your journey or stay abroad. What will you do when you get stuck in such kind of situation along with your family in a new place where almost everything is new for you? Medical emergencies always arise without any notice. To protect your family from upcoming medical emergency during a journey, you should buy an overseas health insurance policy that will support you financially and makes things easier for you.

An overseas mediclaim insurance policy is an exclusive plan that takes care of you and your family in foreign countries as well. Usually people don’t pay attention to it and get stuck in difficult situations. This plan ensures that you will enjoy your trip completely.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes:

Offer Wide Coverage

Overseas mediclaim plan by the Oriental insurance company offers wider coverage. It provides the required coverage on physician services, hospitalization expenses, local emergency medical transportation and medical services among others.

Personal Accident

During the trip, if the insured meets with an accident or gets any injury on his/her bodies, the insurer will pay the treatment expenses and the associated charges as well.

Coverage on Loss of Checked Baggage

Consumers will get the coverage on loss of baggage up to some extent. The insurer will replace it or pay the full amount. The insured will also get coverage on delay of checked-in baggage up to some limits.

Loss of Passport

If the insured loses his/her passport during the trip, then the insurer will provide assistance in the same. The insurer will be there for you to provide the required financial support as per the terms of the policy.

Expert View

Overseas mediclaim policy is a must have if you are travelling abroad. This plan takes care of medical emergencies and unexpected expenses that can occur because of any reason.

Why Oriental Overseas Mediclaim Insurance?

Personal Liability

The policy will provide coverage as per the limits. The plan will pay for the accidental bodily injury to third party and accidental damage to third party that may occur during the trip because of an accident.

Coverage on Loss of Passport and Baggage

Offers required financial support on loss of passport and checked-in baggage during the trip, which assist you in enjoying your trip without any tension.

Provides Medical Coverage

This plan ensures that you enjoy your trip as planned. It means if you meet with an accident during the trip, the company will be there for you to provide the financial support. It will pay all the expenses of treatment during the trip in case of emergency and as per the norms of the policy.


Trip against Physician Advice

If the insured is travelling against the advice of a physician, then he/she would not be liable for any coverage from the insurer.

Hazardous Occupation

If the insured got injured while doing hazardous work, then he/she cannot file any claim.

Suicide Attempt

If the insured attempts suicide, then his/her claim will not be acceptable.

Page updated on 18-12-2020