United India Personal Accident policy

United India Personal Accident policy
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Overview United India Personal Accident policy

Undoubtedly, an accident can spoil anyone's life. By being financially prepared is vital to deal with any accident that results in death or permanent disablement. Serious injuries that take place due to any personal accident can harmfully affect your earning potential, expenses, family and can consequently impact your life in numerous ways.

However, with the help of a personal accident insurance policy which provides cover against death or bodily injury to the policyholder, you can safeguard yourself against such eventualities.

Benefits and Features of United India Personal Accident policy

Basic Attributes

Any individual or group of individuals of age group 5 and 70 years is eligible for the product. This plan is designed in a way that can provide some compensation to the policyholder who suffers injuries in case of an accident.

Death Benefit: This plan provides 100 percent sum assured amount in case of death that takes place accidentally.

Coverage on Loss of Limbs: It provides 100 percent coverage on loss of two limbs and one eye.

Coverage on Medical Expenses: By paying little extra this plan will also provide coverage on medical expenses as per the norms.

Why United India Personal Accident Policy?

  • Wide Coverage: This plan provides wide coverage as it includes coverage on loss of limbs, medical expense and offers death benefit as well.
  • Cumulative Bonus: At the time of renewal the company will provide additional cumulative benefits in the form of discounts and bonuses.
  • Death Benefit: Under this insurance policy, 100 percent sum assured amount will be provided in case of death.


Disability: Compensation in more than one section for same time of disability and not more than the capital sum insured.

Suicide: Suicide attempt and such type of cases would not be eligible for coverage.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy and associated expense are out of coverage.

Expert View

It is a special plan that is designed to provide coverage on personal accidents and loss associated with the same. This plan provides special coverage, such as cover on loss of limbs, eye and medical expense. Death benefits are also available under this plan. Consumers can rely on it for a safe future.

Page updated on 18-12-2020