United India Platinum Insurance plan

United India Insurance Company Limited


Platinum is a sign of uniqueness so is this plan. This plan offers you a wide coverage at affordable price and helps you in feeling secure. This medical policy provides an additional feature to customer; that is any policyholder beyond 35 years can continue to be covered under the Platinum policy without any break. It offers the coverage to Children between the age of 3 months and 18 years.

There are several benefits of this plan, some are in built whereas few others you will get on completion of policy. We all are aware about the rising cost of treatment and things associated with the same. Hence, having a health insurance plan has become mandatory for living a peaceful and relaxed life.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Provides Coverage for Hospitalization Expenses: This plan provides coverage for maximum expenses that occur during hospitalization. This include boarding, nursing, room, consultants, medical practioners, specialists fees, operation charges, prosthetic devices, orthapedic implant costs and much more.

Ayush Treatment: With this plan you can take advantage of Aysh treatment that is usually available in government hospitals and affiliated institutes.

Get Coverage on Day Care Treatment: Mostly all day care treatments which do not require hospitalization are insured. It covers day care treatment which does not take more than 24 hours.

Tax Benefits: Yes, you may also get tax benefits on buying this health insurance plan. The company offers tax saving benefits under Sec80D of Income Tax rule.

Additional Discounts: The best thing about it is that if you are buying this for your whole family, then you will get some good discounts which saves a lot of of your money.

expert view

Expert View

Platinum Insurance plan, as name defines, is a comprehensive insurance plan. You should buy this plan if you are concerned about your health and your family health as well. This is a Comprehensive medical insurance plan that provides maximum health care benefits and coverage on maximum treatments.

Why United India Platinum Insurance plan?

United India Platinum insurance policy, as name indicates, is a unique plan that provides maximum coverage to you and takes care of your savings as well with the help of hepful features.

Covers Maximum Expenses: This plan covers maximum expenses whether it is about hospitaliation fees, medical and drugs expenses and realted things.

Pre & Post Hospitalication: Offers pre and post hospitalization cover to a large extent. It offers complete care to you after hospitalization as well.

Free Medical Checkup: With this plan the company also offers free medical checkup and family discounts as well.

Tax Benefits: It offers tax benefits under Sec 80 D of income tax .


Vaccination and Inoculation are Excluded: You will not get cover on vaccination and inoculation.

HIV/AIDS: Doesn’t provide coverage on HIV/AIDS and its related diseases.

Unproven Treatment: You will not get the cover for any unproven treatment.