United India Insurance workmen Medicare Policy

United India Insurance workmen Medicare Policy
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Overview United India Insurance workmen Medicare Policy

We all work for better and healthy life. There are several things which we require on a daily basis. This policy is designed to provide coverage to maximum workmen that would be factory owner, contractor, employees etc. It would provide the required medical cover to them when they need it most.

This Plan provides coverage on hospitalization charges incurred in case of accident of the Workmen during the course of the employment. This plan usually target Factory Owners/Contractors/Other Commercial organization seeking limited checkup cover for workers/employees.

Benefits and Features of United India Insurance workmen Medicare Policy

Basic Attributes

This is one of a kind insurance policy which provides coverage to workmen which includes employees, factory owners, contractors and many more.

This is a helpful plan that helps workmen leading a stable life.

Hospitalization Expense: Like other health insurance plan it also offers coverage of hospitalization expenses, but it especially offer this to workmen. It provides coverage on Room, Boarding and Nursing expenses among others. It comprises Nursing care, IV fluids/Blood Transfusion/Injection administration expenses, RMO charges, and much more.

Ambulance Coverage: By having this plan you would not require to pay for ambulance expenses as this feature will do it for you.

Extra Cover: Surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Specialists Fees, Consultants, Anesthetic, blood, oxygen, surgical appliances, Operation theatre charges, Medicines & drugs, Diagnostic material, X-ray, Artificial limbs and many such expenses.

Why United India Insurance workmen Medicare Policy?

  • Provides Extra coverage: this plan offers extra coverage with its helpful features.
  • Coverage on ambulance Expenses: This plan also offers coverage on ambulance expenses up to some limits.
  • Hospitalization: This plan provides coverage on hospitalization expenses to a great extent.


Employee who is not a workman: This plan doesn't offer coverage to those employees who are not workmen.

Liability of Insured: Any liability of the policyholder would not be under coverage.

Few expenses: Some Expenses such as on vitamins and tonics except those forming part of the Hospitalization treatment for the wounded as qualified by the Physician.

Expert View

It is a really good plan. There are many medical plans, but this offers something different especially for the workmen class.

Page updated on 18-12-2020