Dhan Nirman Plan
Dhan Nirman Plan
  • Reversionary Bonus Facility
  • Guaranteed Surrender Values
  • Tax Benefits Under 80C
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Aviva Dhan Nirman Plan

Aviva Dhan Nirman is a conventional savings plan with promises a stream of incomes along with a specified bonus rate when the term of the policy comes to an end. After the plan gets matured, the sum assured can be 5 to 6 times of the annual premium depending upon the tenure of the plan.

The guaranteed incomes provided by the insurer can be of great help to the policyholders to fulfill their financial needs of them being a great support to their responsibility towards family. This policy also tends to offer a good discount rate on the higher sum assured so that policyholders can receive full protection at a compelling yet affordable rate.

Features Of Aviva Dhan Nirman Plan

  • A traditional savings plan with declared bonus rates that comes after the annual premium is matured.
  • The annual payout to the policyholder which is expressed as a percentage of the annual premium is paid after the premium paying tenure is completed.
  • Every year, simple reversionary bonuses are provided under the Aviva Life Dhan Nirman plan.
  • There are basically four kinds of available terms from which a policyholder can choose one and pay the premium for a limited tenure.
  • In the case of higher sum assured levels, the policyholder can also get a specific amount of money which is from the profit of the insurer.
  • Apart from all these, the policyholder of Aviva Dhan Nirman Plan also gets a free look period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the document of the policy. In this period, the policy can be canceled and the insurance company will refund the amount of premium paid after deduction of service charges for stamp duty and so on. The cost of a medical examination conducted while receipt of the document of the policy is forwarded is also deducted after canceling the policy in this period.


Entry age50 years4 years
Maturity age75 years28 years
Policy term18,21,25 and 30 years
Premium amount9,98,0001500
Minimum sum assured1 crore2 lakhs
Premium paying frequencymonthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly
Premium payment term14, 15, 16 or 18 years

Aviva Dhan Nirman Plan's Benefits

  • Reversionary Bonus: A percentage of the sum assured is guaranteed once it is declared. The policyholder can avail of this benefit after the maturity of the plan. It can also be availed in death. In the Aviva life Dhan Nirman plan, the terminal bonus is also provided on the termination of the policy which is a percentage of the sum assured.
  • Surrender Value: The policyholder can acquire the surrender value after the payment of all due premiums for at least 2 years of policy acquire. It is higher for special or guaranteed surrender values.

    Surrender Value
  • Tax Benefits: The policy proceeds under section 10D of the 1961 Income Tax Act, while the premium paid is eligible for tax benefits under 80C.
  • Benefits After Maturity: The reversionary bonuses and terminal bonuses are payable if the life assured remains till the end of the term of the policy along with maturity sum assured. Assured maturity sum is 5 to 8 times of the annual premium for the policy term of 18 to 30 years.

    Benefits After Maturity
  • Survival Benefit: The benefit of survival is 150% of the annual premium which is provided after completion of the premium payment term. On every policy anniversary, it is paid to the policyholder.

    Survival Benefit
  • Death Benefit: The assured death sum is 105% of the total premiums paid in this plan which is 10 times the annual premium, the sum assured or maturity sum assured. Along with this, the reversionary bonus and terminal bonus is also paid.

Inclusion & Exclusion


Aviva Dhan Nirman Plan is an investment and savings plan with a compelling reversionary bonus facility which can be a great addition to the income for any financial needs of the policyholders. This can be a good option in the list of plans to be availed because of its potential to expand the wealth safely while providing protection for the individual as well as his family as well.

However, being the policyholder one may change the mode of premium payment at any anniversary of policy with a fee of ₹100. The simple reversionary bonus is provided after all the premium is paid and can be defined as a percentage of the sum assured. Both bonuses (reversionary and terminal bonuses) are paid on maturity of the policy or death.



In case the policyholder dies due to suicide within 12 months, then

  1. From the beginning of the policy date: The nominee of the policyholder or the beneficiaries shall get 80% of the paid premium amount. This total amount paid by the insurer excludes any payment for taxes and extra premiums as in the policy.
  2. From the revival date of the policy: Beneficiaries or nominees of the policyholders are payable to an amount of 80% of the premium paid. This also excludes any tax payments and extra payments of the surrender value as on the date of death.

How Does Aviva Dhan Nirman Plan Work?

Assume if you are 30 and pay a premium of Rs. 88,040 per annum including the taxes for the next 15 years then you get 1,32,060 every year. This will continue for the next 6 years which means the next 6 year’s income would be Rs.7,92,360. When you turn 51 you can get an additional income of RS 16,55,780 which is 8% investment return or else 4% which can count to Rs.9,54,380.

how dhan nirman works

Aviva Dhan Nirman Plan Review

The premium of Aviva Dhan Nirman Plan can surely be a favorable option for middle-class people to add a financial backup in terms of income even after their retirement. However, availing this plan as earlier as possible is good as the maturity period and the terms of premium paid should be maximum to get good returns.


From the date of receipt, you can review the terms and conditions of the policy within 15 days. On Cancellation during the free look period, the company will refund the premium paid by you after deduction of some service charges and stamp duty, etc.

Yes, you have the option to change the premium frequency during the premium paying term at any anniversary. A fee of Rs.100 will be charged for changing it.

Yes, Tax benefits As per Section 80C and section 10 (10D) of the Income tax Act. 1961 can be acquired with Aviva Dhan Nirman Plan.

This plan allows a minimum grace period of one month for the quarterly, half-yearly and yearly premiums while the monthly payments allow 15 days of the grace period.

No, loans against this policy are not available or offered by Aviva, but the benefits of this plan will be quite worthy of your investment in it.

Last updated on 13-11-2020