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DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company

DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company Ltd. (DPLI) is basically a joint venture between Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. (DHFL which is one of the housing finance companies and Prudential International Insurance Holdings, Ltd. (PIIH), a financial services leader headquartered in the U.S. DPLI symbolizes the togetherness of two well-known financial services companies with a legacy of business excellence. The life insurance joint venture agreement between the two partners was signed in July 2013.

Life insurance provides safety for life. It makes sure that you are ready to face the different stages of your life. Different plans of life insurance policies prepare you and provide you the required coverage when you need it most.

Importance Of Life Insurance

Life Insurance is still a doubted case for many people as they do not understand the importance of life insurance and several helpful benefits that they will get under a life insurance plan. Starting from providing financial assistance to the insured family till different saving option, life insurance serves all. You don’t know what will happen in the future and what circumstance you have to face in the future, so it is better to be ready for the same with the effective life insurance plan. People always think that’s life insurance is only a protection policy, but you are aware of several different investment options. A life insurance plan is a perfect wealth accumulation policy and offers access to liquidity at the appropriate time if you add it to your financial portfolio.

Most of the people usually get confused that how much should they invest in life insurance and different investment options such as bonds, stock, real estate and many other options as well. Life insurance plan refers to be good investment options. It is comparatively affordable, simpler and easy to use. It caters to different needs of a person.

It is totally up to you that which plan you want to buy. You can go for a pure protection plan. It is advisable that you should go for a life insurance plan at an early age, it will help you in saving a lot of money. You can go for the unit-linked insurance plan that offers the benefits of investment and insurance also. You can also secure your child future needs with an effective life insurance policy. It will be there to help you in a hard time as well.

Fixed saving

We all know that a life insurance plan is a protection tool, but apart from that life insurance plan also helps a customer in making savings as well. It will help you in creating a good corpus. It will offer great returns to you.

Deal with multiple needs

The main objective of a life insurance plan is to secure the financial requirement of the insured family in case of his/her demise or permanent disability. A life insurance will serve different needs of a life insurance plan depends upon the different stages of life such as the expectation of liabilities, number of dependants, lifestyle and financial goal as well. If you know your needs then it would be easier for you choose the right insurance plan, whether it is child’s future needs, daughter's marriage, and post-retirement expenses as well.

Additional benefits

It helps you in getting different tax benefits that can make it a more attractive option.

How much you require?

While there are different options available online, there are a few thumb rules as well that will help you in getting the desired plan. The most common and helpful way of calculating a life insurance plan is a to calculate the same at about 20-times of your current annual income.

On searching online, you may get several products that will cater to investment and wealth creating needs of an insured. It offers secure and disciplined savings needs that will offer great insurance options. You must first understand your needs and then search for the best solutions accordingly. DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company is the best options to deal with all form of life insurance needs.

DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Plans

Term Insurance

Term insurance plan is a form of life cover, it provides coverage for a defined period of time, and if the insured expires during the term of the policy then death benefit is payable to the nominee.

DHFL Pramerica Family First

It is a protection plan that supports your family and its future. Whether you are with them or not, this protection plan will cater to each of the need. It is a monthly benefit term insurance plan designed to protect your family during the financial gaps in their lives.

DHFL Pramerica Family Income plan

It is a non-participating decreasing term plan that helps take care of your family’s financial requirements in your absence in the form of monthly payouts.

DHFL Pramerica TruShield

It is a plan which is designed especially to take care of your family's financial needs in case you are no longer around to take care of them. This is a plan that provides pure life insurance cover along with the return of premium on maturity for the benefit of your loved ones.

DHFL Pramerica U-Protect

It is a term insurance plan. It is specially designed for you so that you can ensure that your family is secure and leads a comfortable life, even when you are not around.

Child Insurance

Child life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that insures the life of a minor. It is usually purchased to protect a family against the sudden and unexpected costs of a child funeral or burial and to secure inexpensive and guaranteed insurance for the lifetime of the child.

DHFL Pramerica Future Idols Gold+

It is a participating endowment plan that takes care of your child’s future even in your absence. The product has been designed to protect your child’s education needs right from school to higher studies.

DHFL Pramerica Rakshak Gold

It is a non participating guaranteed endowment insurance plan that has been designed to ensure that your family’s financial future remains secure.

DHFL Pramerica Rakshak+

It is a non-participating endowment insurance plan that shelters your child's future. It has been designed to ensure that your child's financial future remains secure.

DHFL Pramerica Smart Fee Protect

DHFL Pramerica Smart Fee Protect is a Non-Participating Endowment Insurance Plan that has been designed to secure uninterrupted education for your child.

Health Plans

Health insurance is insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses, spreading the risk over a large number of persons.

DHFL Pramerica Dengue Shield

It is a traditional fixed benefit individual health Insurance plan which has been designed to secure you against the financial impact of dengue during illness and recovery process.

DHFL Pramerica Life Cancer+Heart Shield

A plan with myriad options, it provides extensive coverage against a number of critical diseases. Insuring you against Cancer, Heart (Cardiovascular) related conditions/procedures and 26 other illnesses, so that your pace never slows even when life itself gets in your way.

Savings plan

Savings plan offer multiple avenues to save and to grow your money. These online investment plans help in systematic and disciplined investment ensuring that you and your family achieve your financial goals.

DHFL Pramerica Flexi Cash

It is a participating non-linked endowment plan which gives you the flexibility to control your policy. With this plan, you can access your savings corpus at any time of your need within the flexi benefit period, get steady income in the form of guaranteed loyalty benefit and financial protection for your family in case of any uncertainty.

DHFL Pramerica Magnum Assure

It is a Non-Participating Endowment Insurance Plan which gives you double benefits to take care of your future financial needs and guarantees a secure future for you and your family.

DHFL Pramerica Premier Gain

It is a Participating Non-Linked Endowment Insurance Plan that helps you enjoy returns along with the certainty of financial security for your family.

DHFL Pramerica Roz Sanchay

It is a Limited Pay Non-Participating Guaranteed Endowment Plan. It is a saving cum protection plan that offers guaranteed benefits so that you know at the start of the policy what will be the maturity benefits.

DHFL Pramerica Sahaj Suraksha

It is a long-term participating saving cum protection plan. The plan provides a corpus to help take care of expenses at the critical age of 75 years when you need an additional boost to your savings.

DHFL Pramerica Smart Assure

It is a Non-participating Endowment Insurance plan that delivers exactly what it promises. The plan has Guaranteed Maturity and Death Benefit so that at the very beginning you know exactly what you will get.

DHFL Pramerica Smart Cash Protect

It is a participating endowment cum insurance plan. It is an all-in-one plan that has been designed to take care of your regular as well as long-term expenses. This plan provides a regular stream of income in the form of annual cash benefits in addition to lump-sum payouts.

DHFL Pramerica Smart Income plan

One more non-participating guaranteed annual income plan that lets you customize it to suit your future financial needs.

DHFL Pramerica Smart Money Back

It is basically a participating endowment plan that helps you achieve your planned milestones by providing periodic payouts and thus helping you build a corpus for your long-term financial needs with ease.

DHFL Pramerica Smart Wealth+

It is a non-participating unit linked insurance plan that facilitates wealth creation for your planned milestones in life.

DHFL Pramerica Wealth+ Ace

It is a single premium unit linked insurance plan, assists you in achieving your planned milestones by creating investment opportunities, thereby facilitating a financially secure and protected future for your loved ones.

DHFL Pramerica e-Save

It is an online non-participating endowment insurance plan that delivers guaranteed maturity and death benefit so that you know exactly what you will get at the time of policy purchase.

DHFL Pramerica Aajeevan Samriddhi

It is a whole life participating insurance cum savings plan. It provides financial protection until your 99th year of age along with a corpus at age 65 so that you can provision for your post-retirement expenses.

Claim Assistance

The claim is something for which you have invested so far. It is the fruit of your saving that you will get later. It is the most important stage of life and for some people, it is complicated as well. You will be always looking for an easier claim filing process that will offer claim amount asap.It is advisable for you to understand that when you purchase a life insurance plan, you must look for its inclusion and exclusions to get best results. This will help you in clearing confusion as well. DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company offers a simple claim filing process and will be there to help you where you need it.

Documents Required For filing Claim

When you are planning to file a claim you must ensure that you have the right documents alongside to avoid any misunderstanding. The claim filing process of DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company is very easy and the company carries a good claim ratio so you can trust it for your financial needs.

The death certificate (In case of death)

Original policy documents

ID proof of the beneficiary

Age proof of insured

Discharge form (executed and witnessed)

Medical certificate (as proof for cause of death)

Police FIR (in case of unnatural death)

Contact Address

DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company Ltd.,
4th Floor, Building No. 9 B, Cyber City, DLF City Phase III, Gurgaon-122002
TOLL-FREE: 1800 102 7070

DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance News

Monday November 30, -0001

Monday November 30, -0001

Linking Of Aadhaar With Insurance Policy Is Mandatory, Says IRDA

On Wednesday, 8th Nov 2017, the Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority Of India (IRDA) said that the linking of Aadhar number with insurance plans is compulsory and asked insurance companies to implement the statutory norms.

 “The Authority clarifies that, linkage of Aadhaar number to insurance policies is mandatory under the Prevention of Money Laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2017,” the IRDA said.

In the last June, the government of India had informed about the Prevention of Money Laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2017, making Aaadhar and PAN/Form 60 compulsory for getting financial services that include insurance also and asked policyholders and companies for linking the existing policies with the same.

In a discussion with all life and general insurance companies, IRDA said the rules have “statutory force” and they have to implement the rule without waiting for the further instructions.

Right now, there are 24 life insurers and 33 general insurance companies operating in the country.

Although, there are no deadlines that have been given by IRDA for the completion of the process, as per the circular, it has to be done as soon as possible. Some insurance companies also said that this can also result in the delay of payout in a few cases. Aadhaar is now also compulsory for financial transactions of Rs 50,000 and above. Likewise, one has to link one’s Aadhaar number with the mobile number latest by February 6, 2018.

Monday November 13, 2017

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