Exide Life Term Insurance Plan
Exide Life Term Insurance Plan
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Exide Life Term Insurance Plan

Are you looking for term insurance that promises lifetime financial protection of family after your death at a higher sum assured with lower premium rates and flexible terms? Then you can trust Exide Life Insurance Term plans that safeguard your family members even after your death by providing timely coverage on happening of the claim.

All the term plans under Exide Life Insurance triggers to release the life assured from the tension of future risk and eventualities without sacrificing present and future lifestyle of the family. Exide Life insurance has been very active in instituting flexible term Insurance plans fabricated under intense research of different customer protection requirements..

Top Reasons To Choose Exide Life Term Insurance

Claim Settlement Ratio

While choosing a term plan claim settlement ratio is of prime importance where Exide Life Insurance with 96.8% claim settlement ratio wins everyone’s heart. Also, the solvency ratio is a big deciding factor of the claim settlement ratio. The current solvency ratio of the company is 206%.

Fast and Reliable Customer Service

Exide Life beats everyone in settlement of claim by providing quick-fix solutions to every claim and giving timely attention to each grievance. The company has achieved a good customer satisfaction rate and has 15 lakhs of engaging customers in over 200 cities in India.

Innovative and Flexible Term Plans

You will find most of the other term plans only offer death benefits and do not include any rider benefit, terminal illness benefit, maturity benefit, and survival benefit. But Exide Life Insurance term plans offer all these benefits plus the financial security to the family.

Maturity Benefits

What to do if you survive till the maturity of the policy? As we all know that term plans are solely for the protection of family after the death of a responsible person but in cases of Exide Life, this idea is rejected by covering survival benefit or maturity benefit.

Tax Benefits

All the term plans incorporate the features of tax benefits under section 80C and 80D of Income Tax Act.

Exide Life Term Insurance Plans

Exide Life has initiated two-term insurance plans that are easy to understand and carry never-ending benefits.

1. Exide Life Elite Term Insurance Plan

The most preferred plan of Exide Life includes a high amount of coverage, flexible terms, lower premiums and many more. This term plan is best when it comes to the family where it gives income benefits that preserve the current style of living in the future also.

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum Age at Entry21 years
Maximum Age at Entry60 years
Maturity Age70 years/ 80 years
Minimum Sum Assured Rs 50 lakhs
Maximum Sum Assured Rs 2 crores
Policy Term5 to 35 years (in multiples of 5 only) for Single Premium
10 to 35 years under Regular Premium pay
5 /10 years for regular premium paying policies if extended
Premium Payment TermsRegular pay (same as the policy term)
Single pay (one time payment of premium)
Rider Protection70 years
Rider Term5 years – 40 years

**Last Updated on 22-04-2020

Special Features of Elite Term Plan:

Keep your family's current lifestyle alive even after your death with the option of regular monthly income payment of sum assured. There are three death benefit payout options:

  • Lump-Sum Payout: Payment to meet the immediate liabilities taken in the past.
  • Family Income Benefit: The nominee/ family members after the death of assured will get regular income each month. The company guarantees payment of 1.07% of the death benefit for the 120 months continuously.
  • Lump-Sum with Family Income Benefit: Here, the nominee will get 50 % of the sum assured amount in a lump sum and the rest will be paid in regular monthly income for 120 months or 10 years.
  • Get additional coverage from 25 critical illnesses with the help of Critical Illness Rider.
  • Ensure your financial safety from uninvited deaths and disability by attaching Accidental Death Disability and Dismemberment Rider to base policy.
  • The cheap and reasonable premium amount for high sum assured (equal to or more than 5 crores) and policyholders who do not consume tobacco through smoking.
  • Lower premium values for female life assured to boost the empowerment of women.
  • Extend your basic policy term to 5 years or 10 years more available under regular premium paying options.

2. Exide Life Smart Term Plan

This plan combines the benefit of maturity of the policy term, survival and death of the life assured. The smart term plan gives freedom to choose the right level of protection with propitious benefits.

Special Features:

  • Refund of all premiums if the policy reaches the maturity stage and the life assured survives to date.
  • Pay premium either monthly or annually or half-yearly according to your financial capacity.
  • Protection from critical illness through Critical Illness Rider.
  • Secures the family from uncertain death or disabilities due to accidents through Accidental Death, Disability and Dismemberment Rider.

The Exide Life Smart Term Plan has three variants that contain various benefits.

  • Classic-Protection with the return of premium: This variant helps in two ways by giving protection to the family in the form of the death benefit and simultaneously ensuring the return of premium as maturity benefit on the survival of the life assured till the completion of the policy term.
  • Step-up Protection with a higher return of premium: This is an extension to the classic option where the life assured will get payment of premium which is increased by 10% to 50% as per the policy term selected at the time of purchase. Overly, the premium received would be 110% to 150% of the premium paid till date with the exclusion of underwriting extra premiums.
  • Comprehensive- Enhanced protection with the return of premium: Under this variant the assured get enhanced protection through additional sum assured in addition to basic sum assured. It comprises of two factors namely-
  • Classic: Covers all the benefit mentioned classic plan.
  • Extra Protection: Assured can considerably increase the death benefit by the means of additional cover offered on extra premium.
FeaturesPremium Payment TermsClassic optionStep-up optionComprehensive option
Minimum Age at EntrySingle Premium18 to 65 yearsNot Available18 to 65 years
5 Pay18 to 65 years18 to 60 yearsNot Available
Regular Premium18 to 60 years18 to 58 years18 to 60 years
Minimum Sum AssuredSingle Premium10 to 30 yearsNot available10 to 30 years
5 Pay10 to 30 years10 to 30 yearsNot available
Regular Premium12 to 30 years12 to 30 years12 to 30 years
Term of the PolicySingle PremiumRs 5 LakhsNot availableRs 10 Lakhs
5 PayRs 10 LakhsRs 10 LakhsNot available
Regular PremiumRs 5 LakhsRs 10 LakhsRs 10 Lakhs
Premium Payment ModesMonthly/ Half Yearly/ Annually

**Last Updated on 22-04-2020

Please Note: If monthly premium payment option is chosen, assured is liable to pay 3 months of premium in advance starting dorm the commencement period of the policy.

How the benefit is payable under Exide Life Smart Term Plan?

  • Classic- Total premiums are returned to the life assured on survival till the date of maturity of the policy.
  • Step-up- the premiums paid are refunded back on the policy maturity date if the assured survives throughout the policy term.
Policy Term SelectedPercentage of total premiums paid on maturity after excluding underwriting premium
10 to 14 years110%
15 to 19 years120%
20 to 24 years130%
25 to 29 years140%
30 years150%

**Last Updated on 22-04-2020

  • Comprehensive- The premium paid in total will be returned on survival with the deduction of extra protection premium, just like the Classic option.
  • The death benefit is payable only on the occurrence of death where basic coverage, plus extra protection coverage opted, will be provided.

Riders Available Under Exide Life Term Plan

Exide Life Critical Illness Rider

Protect yourself from the risk of getting financially impaired through paying for the treatment of critical illness on the investigation by a medical practitioner. The assured can opt for this rider at the inception and the benefit is payable on the detection of disease.

This rider is available in two options as depicted below

Option A: Critical Illness covered are-

  • Cancer of Specified Severity
  • First Heart Attack – of specified severity
  • Stroke resulting in Permanent Symptoms
  • Open Chest Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)

Option B: Critical Illness covered are-

Cancer of Specified SeverityMajor Organ/ Bone Marrow TransplantPermanent Paralysis of LimbsMajor Head Trauma
First Heart Attack – of specified severityMotor Neurone Disease with Permanent Symptoms.Major BurnsSystemic Lupus Erythematosus with Lupus Nephritis
Stroke resulting in Permanent SymptomsMultiple Sclerosis with Persisting SymptomsHeart Valve SurgeryParkinson's disease
Open Chest Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)Aplastic AnaemiaSurgery of AortaPrimary Pulmonary Hypertension
Benign Brain TumourEnd Stage Liver DiseaseBlindnessAlzheimer Disease
Kidney Failure Requiring Regular DialysisChronic lung diseaseComa of Specified SeverityApallic Syndrome
Primary Pulmonary HypertensionApallic SyndromeLoss of speechSystemic Lupus Erythematosus with Lupus Nephritis

**Last Updated on 22-04-2020

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum Age at Entry18 years
Maximum Age at Entry65 years
Maturity Age70 years
Minimum Sum Assured 50000
Maximum Sum Assured Rs 25 lakhs or Equal to the base policy
Premium Payment ModesEqual to the base policy
Premium Payment TermsRegular Pay
Rider Term5 years to 40 years

**Last Updated on 22-04-2020

Exide Life Accidental Death Disability and Dismemberment Rider

Whenever a life assured suffers from accidental death or disability during the term of the policy, and if this rider is attached with the Exide Life insurance policy then the whole sum assured opted will be paid.

For availing this rider, you have to pay some additional premium in a supplement to basic premium.

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum Age at Entry18 years
Maximum Age at Entry65 years
Maturity Age75 years
Minimum Sum Assured Equal to the base policy
Maximum Sum Assured Equal to the base policy
Premium Payment ModesEqual to the base policy
Premium Payment TermsRegular
Rider Protection70 years
Rider Term75 years minus the age at the time of purchase of rider or policy or outstanding premium paying term of the base of the policy

**Last Updated on 22-04-2020

Conditions to eligible for Exide Life Rider-

The accidental death of the life assured must comply with the following conditions:

  • The body must display the external injuries resulted from an encounter with the accident.
  • The death must solely arise from the accident which has caused life taking injuries.
  • Death should occur within 180 days starting from the date of injury caused.

For permanent dismemberment or disability, the assured must accomplish any of the one conditions:

  • Disability of an arm or above the wrist which is not recoverable
  • Loss of one leg or above the ankle
  • Irreplaceable physical injury of thumb and index finger or above the metacarpophalangeal joint.
  • Permanent Inability to do daily self-maintaining activities like bathing, dressing, eating, moving from one room to another.
  • Loss of capacity to engage in any income-generating profession or business and to earn revenues.

How Benefits Are Payable Under Each Disability If A Claim Is Made?

In the following table, the percentage of benefit payable is revealed below. Check the coverage provided before you apply for any accidental death and dismemberment claim top Exide Life Insurance.

Event Percentage of benefit given on raising a claim
Dismemberment of Thumb and index finger on the same hand25%
Dismemberment of Any one limb50%
Dismemberment of Two limbs or more 100%
Total and Permanent Disability of:
Loss of speech 25%
Loss of hearing in both ears50%
Loss of use of any one limb50%
Loss of use of two limbs or more 100%

**Last Updated on 22-04-2020

In case of dismemberment, assured will be paid on the admission of a claim by the Exide Life insurance on an immediate basis.

While in the case of permanent and total disability, then the assured will be subjected to receive a payment on

  • admission of claim OR
  • 180 days after the diagnosis of permanent disability has been confirmed by the doctor OR
  • After one year when the diagnosis of permanent disability has resulted OR
  • After two years when the diagnosis of permanent disability has resulted OR


Suicide committed within the first years of the policy starting from the commencement period of the policy, then no benefits are payable. However, the company will pay 80% of the premiums paid till date death pertaining to the effectiveness of policy.

In case the policy is revived due to any specific reason, then suicides committed from the date of revival of policy assured will get higher of 80% of the premium paid till date.

Exide Life Insurance Reviews

Exide Life remained a pioneer in the life insurance domain who have flooded the insurance markets with it's innovative, flexible, suitable to individual needs and affordable life insurance plans. Exide Life insurance products not only offer freedom to choose and avail benefit from life insurance policies but also promises guaranteed claim processing on time with 96.8% claim settlement ratio. The company has traversed the minimum Claim Settlement Ratio is defined by IRDA and proved its resonance in customer service.

Exide Life Term Insurance : FAQs

1. Does the company give grace period if the premium is not paid on the due date?

Yes, all the term insurance plans introduced by Exide Life Insurance includes the feature of grace period where the life assured is designated 15 days of time for monthly policies to submit due premiums. Whereas annual premium paying policies are allotted 30 days to complete the payment of premium outstanding.

2. What is the claim settlement ratio of Exide Life insurance?

With respect to the guidelines of IRDA, the company has maintained a commendable claim settlement ratio of 96.8%. This highlights the concern and priority which Exide Life Insurance guarantees towards their bonafide customers.

3. What is the process to claim a death benefit in Exide Life insurance?

  • Inform the company about the claim over a call or SMS or by writing an email.
  • Register your claim immediately when the loss or illness has occurred by disclosing all the information on claim intimation form available with Exide Life Insurance.
  • Submit the form with other required documents asked by the company for the settlement of a particular claim.
  • If documents are incomplete or unsatisfactory, the company may ask for other evidence to prove the authenticity of the claim.
  • After the claim is confirmed and verified by the company, then the claimant or nominee will receive an acknowledgment of claim acceptance in writing.
  • The company will proceed to make payment of claims as fast as they can in an allotted time frame.

4. What documents are necessary for Death Claim/ Terminal Illness/ Critical Illness?

  • Policy document
  • Original Death Certificate issued by the local municipal bodies of the state (only in death claim)
  • Medical Cause of Death Certificate (in case of death claim)
  • Medical Records (Discharge / Death summary, Test results, Admission notes, Outpatient consultation notes etc)
  • Identity proof of the claimant submitting the claim.
  • Bank Account details of the claimant like duly verified passbook photocopy or an account statement to transfer the claim amount directly to the account.

5. What documents are necessary for accidental death claim?

  • Original Death Certificate issued by the state or city municipal bodies.
  • Photocopy of Medical certificate of cause of death stating the reason for death.
  • Medical reports describing the health conditions like Discharge / Death summary, Test results, Admission notes, Outpatient consultation notes, etc.
  • Age proof and identity proof of the deceased assured.
  • Jurisdictional Police Station Attested Copy of FIR.
  • Post Mortem Report duly attested by the concerned officials.
  • Identity proof and bank details of the claimant (self-verified copy of passbook OR account statement of the claimant)

6. What documents are necessary for Accidental Disability and Dismemberment Claim?

  • Policy document issued at the time of purchase of the policy.
  • Medical reports of the assured stating and affirming the condition of disability.
  • Identity proof of the claimant.
  • Address Proof of current residence
  • Photo, Identity proof and age proof of the life assured whose death has happened.
  • Bank Account details of the claimant like self-attested passbook photocopy or an account statement for the transaction of claim amount into the account of the claimant.

7. Do term plans listed above contain tax benefits?

Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961, the premium paid on term insurance plan will get tax benefits up to 1.5 lakhs on the annual tax paid for yearly income.

While if the assured has opted for critical illness rider, then according to section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961 tax benefits will be received up to Rs 25,000.

Last updated on 22-04-2020