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Bharti Axa Term Insurance

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Bharti Axa Term Insurance Company

Bharti Axa Life Insurance is a private life insurance company in India. The company has been in the business for many years and deliver quality products at your doorstep. The best thing about this company is that all products are available at affordable prices, so a common man can also easily buy it. Bharti Axa Life Insurance is catering to several life insurance products, it is offering a wide range of effective life insurance products. Consumers can buy according to his/her requirement, there are several products starting from traditional to investment as well. You just need to choose the right one for yourself.

Key Highlights Of Bharti AXA Term Insurance

Since its inception, Bharti Axa Life Insurance has been the leading provider of life insurance policies in India. It's among the top life insurance companies of India and there are several reasons behind its growth. First of all, it takes complete care of customer needs and their satisfaction. The company mainly focuses on the needs of the customer and delivers effective policies accordingly. You can easily buy the best products here for yourself.

Bharti AXA Term Insurance Plans

The company understands the fact that there are diverse needs of customers and to provide the best solution for each and every need, the company is offering a wide range of effective life insurance plans. Here you can get plans for retirement, child care, protection and investment among others. Choosing the best is completely upon you. With the effective insurance policies offered by this company, you can get huge returns as well.

Term Insurance: When it comes to Bharti AXA Life Term Insurance, the company doesn’t disappoint you. The company has simple and effective term insurance policies. You can buy them easily from the online platform. It is possible that you might get some discounts and tax benefits as well.

You can get the cover of around Rs.1 crore at a nominal price.

Discounts for non-smoker.

Additional benefits for family.

Tax benefits under section 1961 of Income Tax.

Bharti Axa Life Income Protection Plan

Under this plan, your family receives income in the form of annual installments for a period of 15 or 20 years in case of an unfortunate event of death. 100-120% of premiums paid are returned at the end of the policy term as a lump sum survival benefit. Two death benefit options available, which allow flexibility in the duration of payouts depending on your financial outlook.Allow you to avail maximum benefits from one plan (Premiums are exclusive of Service Tax & underwriting extra).

Bharti Axa Life Secure Confident

A simple long-term life insurance product at a very affordable cost, which aims to ensure that the dreams you aspired for your family in your lifetime, don’t remain unfulfilled even in your absence. It offers complete protection for your family against the financial loss or burden (such as repayment of mortgage for your house), with full sum assured payment in case of an unfortunate death. You can opt for policy term options of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25-year basis your requirements.

Bharti Axa Life Elite Secure

A comprehensive, affordable and long-term plan that promises a secure life for your family, with financial protection in case of an unfortunate event. It offers tax benefits on the premiums paid and pay- out benefits received.

Bharti Axa Life Flexi Term

A term plan that’s here to protect you and your family against an unfortunate event. It offers you the flexibility to choose from 3 different life cover payout options so that your family's needs are always met. Safeguard your family’s financial needs with multiple life cover payout options. Choose from either of the three critical illness options.

Why Should You Buy Term Insurance?

Term insurance would be suitable for a person with low income but requiring a large cover to protect his family's financial future in case of his demise. For similar reasons, this type of insurance would also suit a person who is the sole breadwinner in the family and has moderate income.

People who are at the start of new careers or business ventures can save on costs by buying term insurance instead of a cash value policy so that they can utilize their balance income or capital to develop their career or business.

Eligibility Criterion Of The Term Insurance

Minimum and maximum age of the policyholder need to be 18 years and 75 years respectively. It can differ as per the policy terms and conditions.

The sum that is assured under the Term insurance policy is also alculated in the eligibility because now a day some policy companies have a fixed sum assured as minimum amount as the insured person should be capable of paying the policy premium.

Policyholder should be a citizen of India.


Does Term Insurance cover death due to a natural disaster?

Yes, Term Insurance covers death due to a natural disaster like flood, earthquake etc.

Does insurance company cover death due to terrorist attack/war?

Yes, the insurance company covers death due to terrorist attack/war/natural calamity (unless specifically excluded by the insurance company) and the claim is settled if documentation is roper and in order.

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