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Kotak e-term plan

Kotak e-Term Plan is a pure risk cover term plan that is truly an economical means of providing you with a high level of protection. It offers special premium rates to non-tobacco users and women. You can also choose additional cover through optional riders available along with the plan, thereby, ensuring complete cover against unfortunate eventualities.

Kotak e-term plan is a pure risk term insurance plan providing your family and loved ones with financial protection in the face of adversity. Kotak e-term plan offers multiple plan options namely life, life plus, and Life Secure. Kotak e-term plan also offers the option of Increasing or decreasing life cover based on various life stages.

Kotak e-term Plan Specifications

Entry Age

18 years to 65 Years

Sum Insured

Min: 25 lakh
Max: No Limit, subject to underwriting

Maturity Age

Min: 23 Max:75

Policy Term (Months)

5 to 40/75-Age at entry

Premium payment mode

5/7/10/15 pay

Read more specifications in the brochure.

Key Features of Kotak e-term Plan

Kotak e-term secures your family’s financial independence even in your absence. It is a great plan to secure your children’s higher education without any financial worries, stay protected for your whole life, or choose a coverage term. With many more key features, Kotak e-term plan is a good option.

  • Multiple Plan Options : A policyholder has 3 plan options to choose from namely Life, Life Plus, and Life Secure Option wherein the life option offers 100% sum assured on the insured life’s death. Life plus option offers sum assured plus accidental death benefit up to Rs. 1 crore. Under Life Secure variant all premiums are waived off in case the policyholder suffers from total permanent disability
  • Affordable Insurance : Under the Kotak e-term plan the benefit of high cover is offered at economical prices.
  • Flexible Payout Options : Under Kotak E-term plan policyholders get the choice of three payout options. You can choose between Intermediate, Level Recurring or Increasing Recurring Payout on the basis of your family’s requirements.
  • Special Discounts : Kotak E-term plan offers special premium rates for non-smokers and females
  • Enhance Your Cover : Kotak e-term plan offers an increase or decrease in cover at specific events of life through the Step-Up option.

Kotak e-term Plan Benefits

There are multiple benefits offered by Kotak e-term plan that are mentioned below:

  • Death Benefit : In case of an unfortunate event of death of the life insured during the policy term, the benefit payout shall vary based on the plan options.
    • On natural or accidental death of life insured the nominee will receive 100% of Sum Assured under life variant.
    • On the natural death of the life insured 100% of the Sum Assured is paid and the Accidental Death Benefit shall be payable in case of accidental death of the life insured subject to a max of Rs. 1 Crore to the nominee under Life Plus.
    • 100% of the Sum Assured on death shall be payable on natural and accidental death as well as a Waiver of all future Premiums on Total and Permanent Disability under Life Secure Variant.
  • Tax Benefits: You may avail of tax benefits as per the Income Tax Act, 1961 subject to conditions as specified in those sections.
  • Step-Up Benefit : Under regular premium paying policies, you can go for the step-up option at the time of purchasing the policy. It guarantees you additional insurance cover at specific important stages in your life in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner.
    • Marriage - 50% of Basic Sum Assured.
    • Purchase of the first house after commencement of the policy - 50% of Basic Sum Assured (subject to a maximum of the loan amount).
    • Birth or legal adoption of a child - 25% of Basic Sum Assured for each child.
    • On the 1st, 3rd and 5th policy anniversary - 25% of Basic Sum Assured.
  • Step-Down Benefit : Step-Down option can be exercised anytime during the policy term but shall be effective only from the next premium due date. The step-down option can be done only once during the policy term and the premium shall be recalculated based on the revised sum assured, age at entry, and original policy term.
  • Rider Benefit : Kotak E-term plan offers the following rider benefits to the policyholder:
    • Kotak Critical Illness Plus Benefit Rider: Rider Sum Assured shall be payable on the admission of a claim on any one of the 37 covered critical illness.
    • Kotak Permanent Disability Benefit Rider: 120% of the Rider Sum Assured shall be payable over a period of 5 years.

Kotak e-term Plan Options

There are a total of 3 plan options available under the Kotak E-term Plan. All these options offer different types of features. Given below is a brief overview of all these plan options. You may select any one of the 3 plan options available under this plan at inception based on your requirements. Once the plan option is chosen, the same cannot be changed during the policy term.

  • Life Option Variant : Kotak E-term Life variant offers Sum Assured on death to the nominee.
  • Life Plus Variant : Kotak E-term Life Plus variant offers benefits under Life Option + Accidental Death Benefit.
  • Life Secure Variant : Kotak E-term Life Secure Variant offers benefits under Life Option + Waiver of Premium on potal and permanent disability.

Kotak e-term Plan Premium Table

Immediate Payout

Age/Policy Term25 Years 30 Years35 Years
3011,300 11,900 12,200

Level Recurring Payout

Age/Policy Term25 Years 30 Years 35 Years
309,500 10,10010,200

Increasing Recurring Payout

Age/Policy Term25 Years 30 Years 35 Years
3014,300 15,20015,400

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Unique Features

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Kotak e-Term Plan is a Pure Protection Plan. It offers special premium rates to non-tobacco users and women and has multiple plan options with additional riders.

Unique Features

  • Multiple plan options available
  • Three payout options available
  • Increase or decrease life cover

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Term Insurance Articles

Kotak e-term plan: FAQs

1. What is Kotak e-term plan?

Kotak e-term plan is a pure protection term insurance plan. It has been specially designed to provide the needed assurance and financial protection to your family. This plan offers the option to enhance your coverage against Accidental Death, Total and Permanent Disability. Further, you can also choose additional cover through Permanent Disability Benefit Rider and Critical Illness Plus Benefit Rider on payment of additional premiums, therefore ensuring a complete cover against unfortunate eventualities.

2. What is the entry age for Kotak e-term plan?

The entry age for Kotak's e-term plan is a minimum - of 18 years and a maximum - of 65 years.

3. Does Kotak's e-term plan offer protection against COVID-19?

Yes, kotak e-term plan covers all claims arising out of the death of the insured due to COVID-19.

4. Are there any online purchase discounts available for Kotak e-term plan?

There would be an additional discount of 5% in the 1st policy year, applicable for individual life insured under existing policies, members of group policyholders, and employees of Kotak Group who wish to purchase this plan through any distribution channel.

5. What are the riders available under Kotak E-term plan?

Kotak e-term plan offers rider benefits to the policyholder.

  • Kotak Critical Illness Plus Benefit Rider: Rider Sum Assured shall be payable on the admission of a claim on any one of the 37 covered critical illness
  • Kotak Permanent Disability Benefit Rider: 120% of the Rider Sum Assured shall be payable over a period of 5 years.

Kotak Term Insurance Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about Kotak term insurance company

Customer Review Image

Karan Veer


June 6, 2022

Kotak Mahindra company has fast customer service and sells good life insurance policies. I suggest all my friends and family also buy a life cover policy from Kotak Mahindra company.

Customer Review Image

Urvashi R


May 31, 2022

Hey everyone, just wanted to say that Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance is one of the best life insurance companies. You can even you should go for this company if you want to secure your family s ...

Customer Review Image

Ramakant dubey


November 17, 2021

Bahut achi company hai, mai bht khush hu iske plan leke. premium bhi kafi kam hai. customer care team bhi kafi achi hai aur bht ache se plan ko samjhati hai.

Customer Review Image

Manish sharma


October 8, 2021

they have amazing plans to choose from...the features are pretty good and the plans are very less expensive

Customer Review Image



September 28, 2021

policyx.com se help liya tha plan khareedte time...features kaafi sahi mil gaye and im happy to have chosen them for support

Customer Review Image



September 28, 2021

Kotak came to help swiftly at a time when needed most. They settled my claims in a short time and I ll always be grateful for it! Thanks!

Customer Review Image

Firdos Khan


September 27, 2021

bought my Kotak policy from policyx.com and these guys were so swift with the whole thing! like they gave me a proper list of plans to go thru and i did my own research after which the buying w...

Customer Review Image

Agreem Chauhan


September 22, 2021

I have been covered by Kotak under their pension plan. Just bought a life inusrance plan too with the help of policyx.com...they are unbiased and completely true to their words