Health insurance is a must in traveling
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health insurance is a must in traveling itinerary
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Health insurance is a must in traveling itinerary

With expanding possibilities, the boundaries are becoming invisible and people are traveling to various new countries to seize the possible career possibilities including higher education or making small or long trips for work or leisure. And after 2 years of life under the lockdown, traveling for work or even leisure has begun as a sign to come back to normalcy. As per reports, around 54 million tourists crossed overseas borders until July 2021.

While traveling expands the horizons of people, it also adds to the risk of various nature such as accidents, physical diseases, virus infection or any other sudden medical emergency. Especially in the times of COVID19, where the west is still grappling under the danger with the constant spread of the virus and now the new variant is also creating a worrisome situation for all. The need for health insurance offering global coverage has become imperative for people indulged in frequent traveling to different time zones.

Primarily, very few people know that a health insurance plan taken in India can be used in different countries for emergency treatments. Yes, numerous health insurance policies stand valid in foreign countries where it gives coverage to the policyholder at the time of emergency. Such plans provide the support in managing the international hospitalization bills and air ambulance expenses incurred to bring back the policyholder in the worst-case scenario. There are different plans available with different features and varied capping on the sum insured amount for international hospitalization.

Health insurance plans with global coverage help people in seeking medical support to begin the medication during an emergency such as an accident or sudden development of a disease in an alien country where the policyholder is not familiar with anyone or any facility. Moreover, in case of an emergency at the international land, managing expenses in dollars can be really challenging as people don’t carry such huge money, thus in such scenarios, health insurance stands like a true companion.

Indeed health insurance plans with international coverage are expensive vis-a-vis to regular comprehensive health insurance. The difference in premium ranges almost 3-4 times. However, if the expense of international health treatment is considered then defiantly the premium seems highly affordable.

While it is very significant to select the right plan that suffices the need of the policyholder, here are a few tips to select the best health insurance plan with global coverage-

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  1. Sufficient Coverage

    It is mandatory to select a plan that provides sufficient coverage in terms of features and sum insured amount to meet the expenses abroad as it can be quite expensive to take a treatment in dollars. Also, one should be woke of their existing health conditions and different things that trigger pre-existing diseases such as extreme weather or food or anything. The person should subscribe to a plan that covers such medical conditions.

  2. Comprehensive Treatment

    As medical emergencies are unexpected and of different variety where a person may require hospitalization, an OPD service, some diagnostic service, etc. Thus the health insurance plan should be comprehensive enough to provide all such varieties in order to get any treatment required at the time of emergency.

  3. Least Waiting period & Co-payment

    Generally health insurance plans come with a pre-defined waiting period before it starts providing the service. Therefore, one must ensure that the waiting period and their traveling plans don’t clash to lure the services of the health insurance plan overseas. Also, such plans come with a copayment option where a pre-defined percentage of expenses are to be paid by the policyholder. As medical expenses can be pretty burgeoning on the pocket and can leave you in an urgent situation hence the copayment percentage should be minimal.

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Never compromise with your health be it anywhere and keep health insurance in your traveling list itinerary.

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