Pre-Policy Health Check-Ups
  • What is a pre-policy checkup?
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Pre-Policy Health Check-Ups
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Pre-policy Health Checkup: A Window to Your Health Insurance Journey!

Did you know that the early detection of a health condition can significantly improve your chances of successful treatment and recovery?

But a pre-policy health checkup is like an early look into your overall health. Imagine buying a car without a test drive. Sounds risky, huh? That is exactly how it feels when you buy health insurance without a pre-policy checkup.

Now, let us understand the literal meaning of pre-policy health checkup.

Pre-Policy Health Check-Up: The Definition

A pre-policy checkup is a series of medical investigations and checkups which is mandated by the insurance companies. They do this step before issuing a health insurance policy to understand the risk involved. These checkups typically involve a combination of physical examination, blood tests, and other types of screenings, as per your age, type of policy and medical history.

Importance of Pre-Policy Health Check-Ups Before Buying Health Insurance

A pre-policy health check-up before buying health insurance is like stepping onto a hidden elevator. They will take you up to a clearer view of your current health and down to more secure medical care for your future.

These health insurance pre-policy checkups offer a win-win situation for you as well as your insurer. As it ensures a smoother path to financial security and overall well-being. Let us see how:

Check out the benefits of a pre-policy checkup for you

  • Early Detection

    With a pre-policy check-up, you can uncover the hidden health issues that you might not be aware of.
  • Better decision-making

    Based on your current health situation, you can make the right decisions while choosing a health insurance policy.
  • Smooth Claim Process

    The documented pre-existing conditions prevent future disputes with your insurance provider during the claim settlement.
  • Preventive Mindset

    The health check-up encourages a proactive approach to health by highlighting the potential risks at the start.

Now, here are the benefits of a pre-policy checkup for your insurer

  • Risk Assessment

    With your medical reports, the company will understand your health status to make informed decisions about coverage and pricing.
  • Prevention from Fraud

    There is a high chance that people might lie while buying health insurance policies. Therefore, a pre-policy check-up discourages fraudulent claims.
  • Fair Pricing

    Pre-policy health check-ups help the insurer to set competitive premiums based on the health risks.

How Does Pre-Policy Check-Ups Work in Health Insurance?

When you are buying a health insurance policy, it is necessary to declare all kinds of illnesses that you are suffering from. In some cases, we are also not aware of the diseases we are dealing with. Pre-policy health check-up helps you define the disease and choose the right health insurance policy.

Here are the steps that are commonly followed in the working of pre-policy health check-ups for health insurance:

  • Initiating the Process

    When you apply for the health insurance policy, the insurer will request a pre-policy check-up as per the situation.
  • Scheduling

    The insurance company will provide a list of approved medical facilities. You can also schedule the check-up by yourself at your convenient location.
  • The D-day

    The specifications of the tests may vary but mostly include a combination of the following:
    • Physical Examination
    • Blood Tes
    • Screening Test
  • Results

    The results will be shared with you or directly with your insurer.
  • Risk Assessment

    Now, that your insurer has got the results of the health check-up, they will start working on the assessment of the report.
  • Decision Verdict

    If the check-up is normal then nobody can stop you from getting the health insurance at the lowest premium. But, if there is any problem with the reports, then the premiums and waiting periods will be chosen accordingly.

What are the Tests Under the Pre-Policy Health Check-Up?

Medical Examination Report
Complete Blood Count with Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
Routine and Microscopic Urine Analysis
Glycosylated Haemoglobin
Serum Cholesterol
Fasting Lipid Profile
Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase
Serum Creatinine
Treadmill Test
2D Echocardiography
Medical Examination Report
Liver Function Test
Prostate Specific Antigen
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen/Australian Antigen
Papanicolaou Test
Ultrasonography abdomen and Pelvis
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Pulmonary Function Test
Carcino Embryonic Antigen
Renal Function Test
Total Cholesterol

Think Beyond the Pre-policy Checkup: Taking Charge of Your Health

On the bright side, pre-policy checkups offer valuable insight towards your health. But, they are merely a starting point on your journey towards better health. Here are some of the additional steps you can take to stay healthy for years to come:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Schedule regular health checkups (ask your insurer whether they offer free annual health checkups)
  • Stay informed about the diseases and their symptoms, especially if you have a family history of any ailments
  • Try to manage your stress and have a positive outlook on life

On to You!

Pre-policy checkups are more than just a formality in the application processes of health insurance. It offers a valuable window into your health so that you can choose the right health insurance plan for yourself. By embracing this crucial step, you can take charge of your health and well-being, ensuring the security and a healthy future for both you and your family.

If you feel like asking anything, we are here to help. Give our expert insurance advisors a call today!

Pre-policy Health Checkup: FAQ's

1. What is a pre-policy medical check-up?

A medical examination is usually requested by the health insurance company before providing the health insurance policy.

2. What is the importance of medical check-ups?

It helps in the early detection of many health conditions and diseases.

3. Is a medical check-up necessary for buying health insurance?

No, a medical check-up is not necessary for applying for health insurance but it helps in assessing the risk of the insurance company for providing insurance coverage to you.

4. What are the most important health checkups?

Cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes tests are the most important health checkups.

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