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Make a resolution for complete health security for 2023

We tend to start new things or practices during the beginning of every new year that are either long-pending or we are passionate for. These are things that are certainly precious and significant for us, thus we like to begin our new year with great deeds and initiatives that we carry throughout the year. Indeed, living a healthy life or starting a diet or gyming tops the chart of new year resolutions.

But this time, when we plan to get on the journey to shred extra kilos, we must also take a pledge to secure our health with something that is highly substantial, true to commitment and full of benefits. This year, make a start of the new year with a comprehensive Health Insurance Policy.

Add Health Insurance into New Year Resolution List

While the foremost reason to make the best health insurance plan, either for yourself or your family, a part of your new year resolution is that the beginning of the year is generally the time when all of us are enthusiastic to bring good changes in our lives. We are dedicated enough to achieve all plans laid down by us under the timeline by acting upon them at the earliest possible. Therefore, we can achieve the long-pending and always procrastinating decision to buy health insurance to safeguard our health by ensuring that it meets the requirements when they are in dire need of it.

The second reason to certainly make health insurance a part of your new year resolution is to maintain peace of mind throughout the year. Having health insurance for yourself and your loved ones gives reliability that there is a prospect for you to manage the crisis with strong support. Health insurance allows you to freely enjoy your life without worrying about funds during an unexpected health requirement. Health insurance manages hospitalization, in-patient and out-patient, doctors' fees, diagnostic expenses and various other things needed at the time of medical treatment.

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Another valid reason to compliment your health insurance plans with the weight loss journey is that they both are interlinked with each other. The entire profit-making model of insurance companies is to push people towards a healthy living style that eventually leads to lesser health crises and safer life. Hence, several companies offering health insurance services have designed their unique reward programs where they give various benefits to those who opt for different healthy regimes such as exercising, ten thousand steps a day, etc. These benefits are reciprocated to the policyholders in the form of discounts on renewal and others. Additionally, with the increasing number of stringent rules imposed by the insurance players, sometimes it becomes little challenging for a person who is physically unfit where either the insurance company rejects their application or puts it on hold for some duration. Thus it is always beneficial to supplement your health insurance plan with healthy practices.

Another most important feature that health insurance serves is tax saving. We all have to submit the details of the investments done for future purposes on which the government gives a percentage of rebate on taxes. It is the beginning of the year when the salaried people are asked to present their savings declarations for the upcoming financial year where health insurance plays a great role. Health insurance is one of the great mechanics to save taxes under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Health insurance permits deduction up to INR 25,000 annually subject to the premium paid by the policyholder. Additionally, if you are paying a health insurance premium for your parents also who are above the age of 60 years then the deduction slabs go up to INR 50,000. However, if you purchase health insurance either in the middle of the year or end of the year, neither you can take the tax benefit for the current financial year nor you can save your savings in case of a health emergency.

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Indeed, adopting healthy living practices are invariably essential; it is equally crucial to create a strong backup option to balance out the health in case anything goes wrong. Thus, take the pledge to secure your health with the complete shield of healthy practices and health insurance.

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