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Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme
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Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme

In countries like India having a considerable percentage of the deprived population lacking access to primary healthcare facilities, schemes such as Yeshasvini Health Scheme play an integral role in the provision of accessible and affordable medical care. The provision of healthcare services to underprivileged sectors of society is facilitated by this program. Providing financial protection to Karnataka's rural population, the Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme has been an indispensable tool since its creation in 2003. They are able to access good medical treatment without the weight of costly bills. The focus of this article is to analyze different aspects of the Yeshasvini Health Scheme such as its objectives, coverage, key features, benefits, and eligibility criteria. The enrollment procedure is also covered during the conversation.

What is Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme?

Various insurance providers have collaborated with the Government of Karnataka to implement a pioneering health insurance program known as the Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme. The goal is to offer economical health insurance to farmers residing in countryside areas. The state's healthcare needs of the rural population are the specific design for it. The model that the scheme follows is one of cooperation. Members collectively contribute a small premium amount to create a corpus that is utilized for providing health insurance coverage.

Objectives of the Yeshasvini Scheme

The objective at the forefront of the Yeshasvini Health Scheme is to reduce the financial burden associated with healthcare expenses for the rural population of Karnataka. The scheme endeavours to make sure that people and families residing in rural areas can receive prompt and quality medical care by offering reasonably priced health insurance coverage. This solution guarantees that healthcare expenses won't lead to poverty. Also, the project seeks to diminish the healthcare availability disparity between urban and rural locations. It ultimately aids in enhancing public health overall.

What Does It Cover?

The coverage provided by the Yeshasvini Scheme encompasses various medical treatments and procedures. Across a range of specialities such as cardiology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, gynaecology and more the plan covers both surgeries and interventions. Coverage is also extended to include pre-existing conditions, guaranteeing that those with previously diagnosed illnesses are not prohibited from accessing healthcare.


  • Conditions that don't need hospitalisation: Other than when they are required for the treatment of an illness covered by daycare procedures, outpatient diagnostic, medical, and surgical operations or treatment won't be protected.
  • Aside from those costs covered under pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, additional costs including those incurred at a hospital or nursing home primarily for evaluation or diagnostic purposes only during the hospitalisation period, as well as costs for vitamins, tonics, and other items are excluded, unless they are necessary as part of the attending physician's certified treatment for an injury or illness.
  • Hormone replacement therapy for a sex change or any treatment that results from or is connected in any way to sex change are procedures related to fertility.
  • Intentional self-harm or suicide or a person in a continuous vegetative state.

Features of the Yeshasvini Health Scheme

The Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme comes with significant characteristics. The following are some of the key features of the scheme.

The Yeshasvini Health Scheme possesses several vital qualities that distinguish it as a practical and extensive healthcare plan:

  • A nominal premium amount is contributed by members under the scheme's cooperative model. The current cost of premiums for individuals is INR 240 annually. It costs families INR 445 annually. This inexpensive premium makes healthcare coverage available to those who come from low-income backgrounds.
  • The Yeshasvini Scheme offers beneficiaries cashless treatment at network hospitals. Unnecessary upfront payments and reimbursements are removed, so people can access medical services smoothly.
  • Numerous healthcare centres have collaborated with the scheme. The private and government sectors can be seen across Karnataka. This network comprises tertiary care hospitals, district hospitals, and even smaller healthcare centres. The wide range of network hospitals coverage guarantees that beneficiaries have numerous options for receiving medical attention.
  • Yeshasvini Health Scheme has no age limit, unlike some other health insurance initiatives. Enrolling in the scheme enables individuals of all age groups to access its benefits.
  • This scheme encompasses pre-existing conditions. The denial of healthcare access to individuals with chronic illnesses or previous diagnoses is prevented. Addressing the needs of individuals with long-term medical conditions is a particularly crucial feature.

Advantages of the Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme

Numerous benefits are offered to the beneficiaries of the Yeshasvini Scheme. The following are some of the benefits:

  • With the scheme, you can enjoy financial protection as one of its primary benefits. A substantial part of medical expenses being covered by the scheme safeguards individuals and families against high healthcare costs. Indebtedness or poverty caused by medical emergencies is reduced.
  • The scheme provides access to quality healthcare services for the beneficiaries at network hospitals. By offering cashless treatment, the scheme overcomes the monetary hurdles that commonly prevent individuals from receiving necessary medical attention. The necessary treatment can be received by beneficiaries without any delays, ensuring this.
  • The Yeshasvini Health Scheme safeguards individuals with extensive coverage that encompasses various medical procedures. Included are major surgeries and critical interventions. The diverse healthcare needs of individuals are catered to by extending coverage to both outpatient and inpatient treatments.
  • The scheme's large network of hospitals offers beneficiaries numerous options to choose from. Thanks to this procedure, individuals can obtain treatment at the hospital they prefer, even if it is a prestigious healthcare foundation.

Eligibility Criteria Yeshasvini Health Scheme

Let us consider the following eligibility criteria for the Yeshasvini Scheme:

  • Those who dwell in the rural regions of Karnataka are specifically targeted by this initiative. People who reside in cities are ineligible for this particular program.
  • The scheme allows enrollment without any upper age limit. People belonging to every age category can reap the benefits of the Yeshasvini Scheme.
  • The applicant should be a part of cooperative societies such as weavers, self-help groups, beedi workers etc for at least 3 months. Their family members need not be a part of any cooperative society to be eligible for the scheme.

How to Enroll in This Scheme?

Enrollment in the Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme requires the following steps:

  • To obtain the application form for the scheme, individuals must visit either their nearest enrollment camp or district hospital.
  • Complete the application form with exact details, comprising of personal information, address, and family details. Correct information must be supplied to prevent any inconsistencies during the enrollment process.
  • The filled application form must be accompanied by certain documents for submission. Among others, the documents comprise evidence of residence, identification proof, age proof, and income certificate. The eligibility of the applicant can be verified based on these documents.
  • Submission of the application and documents requires payment of the annual premium amount by the applicant. Both at designated banks and at the campsite itself premium payments can be made.

In a Nutshell

The rural population of Karnataka has found hope in the Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme. Affordable and quality healthcare services are provided to them. The scheme has greatly enhanced the physical health and general well-being of those residing in rural areas by tackling the financial obstacles that come with healthcare. With a cooperative model, comprehensive coverage and a large hospital network, the Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme is a highly successful endeavour. Healthcare coverage provided to rural communities by it is highly regarded for its effectiveness. Governments and stakeholders must prioritize and implement similar initiatives as healthcare remains a critical aspect of human development. This guarantees well-being for everyone.

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