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How to Cancel Navi Health Insurance?

Are you sure you want to cancel your policy? Think twice and more…

If the answer is still 'Yes', then

know how to cancel Navi Health Insurance on this page.

Health insurance policies have become vital for everyone as they ensure the medical and financial safety of the policyholder or their family. Health insurance does not only bear the medical bills on your behalf but also makes sure that you live worry-free.

However, you're the owner of your policy. You are free to either cancel or keep it for your healthcare coverage. So, we've mentioned the steps to cancel your Navi Health Insurance policy, the free look cancellation benefit and the refunds that you're entitled to, the contact details of the company's customer service, etc.

When is the right time to cancel Navi Health Insurance Policy?

It's always a good decision to cancel your health insurance when you have the free-look period in your hands. Navi health insurance policy cancellation in the free-look period makes sure that you get the maximum of your overall paid premium. Yes, that's true!

Cancellation of health policy in the free-look period is more fruitful as you are eligible to get approximately 100% refund (except the deductions of health examination cost, if applicable). If you cancel your policy beyond the free-look period, there will be a standard refund as per the policy tenure and the days till your policy is active (it's mentioned in the policy's documents).

How to cancel Navi Health Insurance in the free-look period?

Read below the steps for your Navi Health Insurance policy cancellation:

  • Step 1

    You gotta write the reason/s for your policy's cancellation attached with the cancellation form and other required policy documents. Remember, you have 15 days to proceed with the cancellation procedure.

  • Step 2

    Reach out to the insurer's official website where you can opt for your policy name and after filling in all the details, proceed with policy cancellation. You can also visit the registered address of the company to submit the cancellation form and other documents.

  • Step 3

    In this step, submit your banking details to the insurer, and state whether you want your refund through cheque or in direct bank transfer. The company will start verification of the cancellation reason.

  • Step 4

    The Navi health insurance company will initiate the procedure of refund after verification, and you will receive the same within 7-10 business days. Upon refund, be ready to lose some amount of the overall paid premium in the form of a deduction. The deductions on the refund are as follows:

    • Expenses carried out by the insurer on any health check-up before policy accession.
    • Pro-rata risks of the premium of unexpired policy (if applicable)
    • Stamp duty or other administrative charges.

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What should I do in the free-look period of Navi's health policy?

Here is what you should do during the free-look period to utilize every minute of it:

  • Check through every detail that you've mentioned in your policy forms. Make sure that you've filled in all the details correctly and carefully.
  • Do a thorough review of the policy documents, terms and conditions, coverage benefits, and other important pointers.
  • Set a reminder that states about passing days of the free-look period. It'll remind you of the last date to either keep or cancel the health policy.
  • Make sure that you establish continuous communication with your insurer so that you can keep an eye on every update about your policy.
  • Last but not least, remember whatever you decide about your health policy, it will be the final decision. At this stage, if you feel the policy's terms & conditions don't align with your expectations, you can proceed with the cancellation.

Contact details and receiving details of Navi Health Insurance

You can reach out to the customer care service of Navi Health Insurance on the following directories:

Toll-free number 1800 123 0004
Registered Office Navi General Insurance Limited
Vaishnavi Tech Square,
7th Floor, Iballur Village Taluk,
Bagalur, Begur, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560102

Still confused about how to cancel Navi Health Insurance? Not anymore! Let's get connected with the experts of at 1800 4200 269 or shoot an email to us at

Cancel Navi Health Insurance: FAQ's

1. What refunds am I entitled to on cancelling my Navi health insurance?

If you cancel your policy before the free-look period, you’ll get a full refund (after deduction of health check-up expenses, if the insurer has invested before policy issuance). Beyond that, there will be a refund till a specific period on deducting charges like stamp duty, pro-rated premium risks, etc.

2. Can I cancel my Navi Health Insurance after the free-look period?

There is a specific deduction on cancelling your Niva health insurance policy after the free-look period. Depending on the tenure of the unexpired policy (say 1/2/3 year/s), the refundable premiums are decided or as per the terms mentioned in your policy’s schedule.

3. Is it mandatory to state the reason for my Navi health policy cancellation?

Yes, before cancelling your Navi health policy you need to state the reasons in writing (15 days before initiating it).

4. What is the free-look period of Navi's health insurance policy?

The free-look period varies from insurer to insurer ranging from 10-30 days per the IRDAI rules. The free look period of Navi health insurance is up to 15 days.

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