Canara HSBC Investment Plan

Canara HSBC Investment Plan

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Canara HSBC Investment Plans In India

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited was launched in June 2008 and is jointly owned by two of India's largest public sector banks – Canara Bank (holding 51%) and Oriental Bank of Commerce (23%) – and HSBC Insurance (Asia Pacific) Holdings Limited (26%), the Asian insurance arm of one of the world's largest banking and financial services groups – HSBC.

Canara HSBC pension plan offers you economic protection so that when your profits start to decrease regularly, you can nonetheless live with pride in your living requirements without compromising. Due to the growing inflation and high value of living, retirement planning has become the most vital. So, it is crucial to start saving early for a relaxed, stress-free retired life. For this Canara HSBC OBC pension plan, is satisfactory for you. Canara HSBC pension plan guarantees that you lead a satisfied life to your terms even after retirement. Pension Plans presented through Canara HSBC OBC provide options to pick your retirement age and manage your investments are managed to meet your retirement needs. Canara Retirement plans help you to do things what you continually have been doing even after Retirement. Canara HSBC OBC Pension Calculator helps you to calculate how a whole lot you want to develop your wealth to ensure peaceful post-retirement life with Canara HSBC pension plan.

Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance

Canara HSBC OBC life insurance is an Indian Insurance Company. Canara HSBC OBC founded in 2008. Canara HSBC OBC is a Joint venture among Canara bank, HSBC insurance Ltd and the Oriental bank of commerce. Canara HSBC OBC offers online term Plans, Retirement Plans, child plans, family safety Plans for individuals and own family.

Types Of Canara HSBC Investment Plans

Platinum Plus Plan

It is a unit linked investment cum protection plan which can be customized as per your goals and changing requirements. Provide Liquidity to take partial withdrawals, to help you meet unplanned contingencies or meet changing needs of your family.

Smart Future Plan

It is unit linked insurance plan that allows you to choose policy terms (10/15/20/25yrs) to suit your needs clubbed with the premium paying term from 10 to 20 years, tailor made as per your earning capacity.

Smart Goals Plan

Under this ULIP, you have the flexibility to choose annual or monthly mode to pay premiums as per your requirement or to suit your income stream. You can also change your premium payment mode anytime during the policy term.

Smart Life Long Plan

It is a unit linked insurance plan which assists you to create wealth along with providing whole life coverage - upto 99 years of age.

Secure Bhavishya Plan

A unit linked life insurance plan that provides the benefit of equity participation to potentially enhance your retirement corpus, and at the same time offers 'capital protection' for your retirement corpus.


A unit linked insurance plan which knows no boundaries. A pension scheme administered outside of the United Kingdom, registered with the HMRC.

Smart One Pay

The Smart One Pay ULIP plan lets you plan your life better with payouts at regular intervals for different life stage needs, with the option of paying your premium just once.

Insure Smart Plan

A unit linked insurance plan that helps you accumulate wealth with the flexibility of paying premiums for 5 years and freedom to invest in 6 available fund options as per risk appetite.

Shubh Labh

A unit linked insurance plan that helps you meet your protection and investment needs. It provides you the right channel to invest your hard-earned money by providing you a choice of investment funds along with life cover.

Future Smart Plan

This plan offers a bright and fulfilling future to your kids. With this unit linked insurance plan that lets you switch funds and make partial withdrawals

Dream Smart Plan

This unit linked insurance plan helps you save for your specific goals. Your money is invested in funds of your choice to take care of your long term financial goals.

Grow Smart Plan

A life insurance plan designed to provide you and your spouse with financial security throughout your retirement.


How Do I get the primary idea about the premium that has to be paid for the life insurance?

You can use the insurance premium calculator or use the corporation personal device.

There is any way to find out what my best investment plan would be?

You can visit their internet site, which includes a tool from the company, allowing you to at least get an estimation of what your fund cost should be.

What is the grace period for paying the charges?

You get 30 days from the due date to pay your premiums, at some point of which your plan and life insurance cover will maintain, post the date, you will not receive cover till premium amounts paid.