Max Life Investment Plans
Max Life Investment Plans
  • Guarantees Financial Protection
  • Withdraw Options
  • Tax Benefits Under 80C
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Max Life Investment Plans

Today, the insurance industry survives on the cut-throat competition. Every existing/new company has to remain 100% vigilant and fight every second of the day to keep their customers happy. After experiencing the wrath of the industry, only a few companies are able to tolerate the pressure and make a name for themselves in the market. Max Life is one of them. With an experience of many years in helping Indian clients to fulfill their financial wishes and guard themselves against unforeseen emergencies, Max life comes out as a financially strong and trustworthy company. Its investment plans are the ones that are way too popular in the market.

Types of Max Life Investment Plans

The Max Life Investment Plans act as a pathway to safeguard your financial savings to meet your future list of expenses. Presently, Max Life has 6 investment plans in its arsenal and by god, its customers love every single benefit of them. Want to know what’s behind the curtain? Let’s take a deep dive into these plans.

1. Max Life Savings Advantage Plan

This plan helps to boost your savings and provide life coverage (on the side) to safeguard your family interests in the time of an unfortunate incident.


  • It has several premium payment & policy term options. You can go with the one which best matches your needs.
  • You can change the lump-sum death/maturity benefit to monthly/annual income based on your needs.
Minimum entry ageSingle pay- 8 years
Regular/limited pay- 91 days
Maximum entry ageSingle pay- 65 years
Limited pay- 60 years
Regular pay- 45 years
Minimum maturity age18 years
Maximum maturity ageSingle pay- 75 years
Limited pay- 80 years
Regular pay- 65 years

2. Max Life Monthly Income Advantage Plan

The idea behind this plan is to create a financial umbrella (via savings) around your family. Even if you suffer an unfortunate death, your family will get life coverage for up to 25 years in return for a limited premium.


  • Once you are done with the premiums, you can grab monthly income for 10 years.
  • Tax benefits are in your pocket. All you need to do is pay the premiums and let the Income Tax Act, 1961 do its job.
Minimum entry age18 years
Maximum entry age12 years premium payment- 55 years
15 years premium payment- 50 years
Minimum maturity ageNA
Maximum maturity age12 years premium payment- 77 years
15 years premium payment- 75 years

3. Max Life Guaranteed Income Plan

It is a savings plan which offers you life cover via monthly income for 10 years. Also, you will get a double monthly income in the last 5 years. In case you run into an emergency, you have an option to change the monthly payout in a lump sum amount.


  • You don’t have to see the light of the waiting period. Once the policy term is over, you will receive the payout.
  • The Income Tax Act, 1961 allows you to enjoy the tax benefits (if all premiums are paid in full).
Policy/Premium payment term6 years12 years
Minimum entry age25 years
Maximum entry age60 years55 years
Minimum maturity ageNA
Maximum maturity age66 years67 years

4. Max Life Whole Life Super

It helps to build a financial fortress around you & your family. Also, it provides a life cover (along with company bonus) which will stand beside you till you are 100 years old.


  • You don’t have to undergo the pressure to pay the premium in one go. This plan offers 3 payment options for you to choose from.
  • If you need money to solve a financial crisis, you can easily withdraw accumulated bonuses.
Premium payment term10 years15 years20 years
Minimum entry age18 years
Maximum entry age60 years55 years50 years

5. Max Life POS Guaranteed Benefit Plan

With your help, this plan designs a systematic savings plan which helps to give a financial boost to your dreams.


  • Every feature/instruction/design of this plan is easy to understand. You will face minimal difficulty while being a part of this plan.
  • It offers a short premium payment & policy period to build up your savings.
Policy term10 years
Premium payment term5 years
Minimum entry age18 years
Maximum entry age50 years
Minimum maturity ageNA
Maximum maturity age60 years

6. Max Life Assured Wealth Plan

It is a non-participating & non-linking savings plan which gives a safe space to your financial future to breathe in.


  • As soon as you die, your family will receive the lump sum death benefit. There will be no delays in the processing for whatsoever reason.
  • Tax benefits are yours to take if you have paid all the premiums.
Minimum entry age91 days
Maximum entry age60 years

Why Should You Take Sides With Max Life Insurance?

There are two reasons which motivate a person to buy an investment plan- need & brand name. A need can be justified when you start to think about your family’s future but in order to justify the decision to choose a company, you need to go deep into its history.

Among the crowd of insurance providers in the market, it becomes difficult to trust a single one. In order to save you some trouble, you can take a look at Max Life Insurance Company Limited. Why so? Recently, it has gained a lot of popularity by providing superb services to its customers. But that’s not it's only USP. Yes, there are more. Let’s find out.

  1. Economic Strength- The company is committed to the safekeeping of money of the shareholders and the policyholders; the products are wealthy in features and offerings.
  2. Excellence- There is continually an all-out effort to attain out with the care toward the customers, aiming at building up a long-term relationship.
  3. Subculture- The integrity of the company’s actions is commendable.
  4. Company’s Governance- Constantly aiming to do just the right factor, the employer strives to supply what has been promised. There is sincerely no compromise on compliance.

Max Life Investment Plans: FAQs

Change in premium payment mode is authorized on policy year for ongoing policies. You could avail of this option with the aid of sending a duly signed form.

Yes, you will get a reminder before your account is debited. This is done to ensure that you keep sufficient balance in your account.

Yes, that is possible. You have to raise a request via call/email and a Max Life executive will collect the payment from your house within 7 days.

Yes, you have to fill out a policy amendment form, state the subject (addition/deletion of the rider) and submit the required documents.

Last updated on 05-11-2020