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Cooling Period

When purchasing health insurance, we all have come across certain terminologies and jargons that have left us oftentimes confused. Users who do not understand the specific terminologies sometimes find it tedious to purchase insurance due to the same. Insurance awareness is essential in order to encourage users to invest in such essential financial planning and security tools. Due to the recurring nature of COVID-19 in the past few years, many individuals have realized that investing in a good health insurance plan is essential to safeguard themselves from such an illness.

The meaning of Cooling Period or Cooling off period varies with the health insurance company a user selects; however, on a larger scale it usually means the time period an individual may take to heal after contracting a sickness. Cooling off period may be looked at as a delay period, wherein an individual has to gain full recovery from the illness and then become fit to avail insurance. Due to this very phenomenon of cooling period insurers may usually delay providing you with the approval of your health insurance plan until and unless you have recovered fully.

The cooling off period is different for different health insurance companies. For some insurers Cooling period as less as 15 days and for others it may last till 90 days. Cooling period may often be confused with the Waiting Period but it is not the same. The cooling period or cooling off period is usually applied to all sorts of health insurance plans that are provided by Insurance companies in India.

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Live your Dream after retirement

Why is the cooling off period important for Health Insurance?

Cooling period or cooling off period is an important aspect for insurer’s so as to determine the full recovery of an individual. We all know there are certain illnesses like COVID-19 that arrive once in decades only to disrupt healthcare systems and economies across the globe and leave health care systems baffled regarding their effects on a human body.

For insurance against illnesses like COVID-19 wherein the post illness effects include pulmonary and cardiovascular problems in many cases, it is essential to know that an individual has surpassed all the long term post-illness effects and has returned to health. Cooling off period allows the individual to check if these medical scenarios re-emerge before purchasing a health insurance plan. Cooling off period also ensures that individuals do not face any issues when it comes to claim settlement and everything is smooth and hassle-free.

What is the Process of Cooling Period?

There are no hard and fast guidelines that govern what an individual should do during the cooling period. However, some insurers may ask the individual to undergo a medical-check up that ensures that the potential insurance buyer is in good health and has recovered in order to get the health insurance plan.

The insurance providers must determine the health of an individual as fully recovered and they do so by asking individuals to undergo medical tests and sometimes they may also require previous medical reports in order to further assess your health.

The medical tests undergone by the individual must be negative for any illnesses or post illness complications in order to avail the health insurance plan and their benefits. Based on the medical test reports as well as previous medical records the insurer can decide if they want to approve your health insurance plan application instantaneously or postpone it for a further date.

How is the Cooling Off Period different from the Waiting Period?

Cooling off period in simple language is the time period following the onset of an illness. Cooling off period comprises the days/months (15 days to 90 days) during which an individual cannot purchase a health insurance plan.

There are multiple people who sometimes misunderstand cooling period to be the same as waiting period whereas waiting period on the other hand is a completely different term and is not the same as cooling period. The waiting period is a period of 15 to 60 days that is followed post-purchase of a health insurance plan and an individual is unable to file for any claims during this period. Moreover, the waiting time is only in force once the individual has purchased the health insurance plan unlike the cooling period. When insurers use the term waiting period it is also used to describe the time an individual may need before receiving coverage for a particular ailment.

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What are the other definitions of Cooling off period in Insurance?

Cooling off period in insurance as described earlier varies from insurer to insurer. Cooling period as mentioned earlier is the time period required for the recovery of an individual after contracting an illness which may vary between 15 days to 90 days. While an individual is recovering and is waiting during this cooling period, they will not be granted a health insurance plan before recovering fully from the illness and the post-illness effects which may linger especially when suffering from an illness like Covid-19.

However, the cooling-off period in some insurance plans may also indicate the time period of 15 to 30 days post the purchase of an insurance plan. This time is advantageous to individuals as they may change their decision of continuing with the health plan without losing any of their money and receive a refund. These are the reasons why an individual must do a thorough research and understand the correct meaning of the phrase cooling period which varies from insurer to insurer.

Do Insurance Providers Waive Off Cooling Period?

When it comes to a waiver of cooling off period it is only possible when you purchase the health insurance plan while you are in good health and suffering from no ailments. With the COVID-19 pandemic reoccurring across the globe with multiple waves it is essential to get covered for your future safety.

However, it is not possible to waive off the cooling period or skip it if the insurer has terms and conditions in place for the same. This is one of the many reasons why it is advised for individuals to purchase any health insurance plan at a young age in order to enjoy full coverage hassle-free without worrying about cooling period.

Wrapping it up

Health Insurance Plans are a necessary purchase in such times of COVID-19 and also to safeguard yourself and your family from any possible illnesses. Health Insurance plans help you deal with medical expenses without draining your life savings.

Ideally, an individual should invest in a health insurance plan early on in their life and reap full benefits before being infected with any illness like COVID-19. Contracting such an illness will lead you towards bearing the cooling period and make your process of health insurance plan purchase longer than expected. Individuals must also renew their policies from time to time in order to avoid such circumstances.

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Cooling Period : FAQ

1. How long is the cooling period?

The cooling period varies depending on the insurer you select. However, it is anywhere between 15 to 90 days.

2. Can cooling off period be waived off?

No, cooling off period can not be waived off and the only way to avoid it is if an individual purchases a health insurance plan when they are fit and are not suffering from any illnesses or ailments.

3. Cooling off period and Waiting period are the same?

No, the cooling off period and waiting period are not the same when purchasing health insurance plans. Cooling off period in simple language is the time period following the onset of an illness. Cooling off period comprise of the days/months (15 days to 90 days) during which an individual cannot purchase a health insurance plan whereas the waiting period are the 15 to 60 days that are followed post-purchase of a health insurance plan and an individual is unable to file for any claims during this period.

4. Cooling off period is in effect during the renewal of a health insurance plan?

No, the cooling period is not applicable during the time of renewal of policy. If an individual renews their health insurance plan from time to time regularly the cooling period will not be applicable.

5. What is the other definition of cooling off period?

Insurance providers offer individuals with a cooling off period of 15 to 30 days also sometimes known as the free-look period wherein an individual might withdraw from going ahead with the health plan they selected and will receive a full refund.

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