Difference Between Insurance
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The Difference Between Insurance and Assurance

Two terms are commonly used in the financial market i.e. insurance and assurance. Usually, people get confused between these two terms as both of these terms are generally used in the insurance sector. However, there is a thin line difference between these two. Let's take a look at the differences between insurance and assurance in detail.

What is an Insurance?

Insurance is defined as a contract between the insurance company (insurer) and the person who is buying the policy (policyholder). This contract states that the insurance company will compensate the policyholder in case of an unforeseen incident, medical and otherwise. This compensation is provided in exchange for a predefined amount i.e. insurance premium paid by the policyholder on a regular basis.

For example. Mr. Akhlag purchases a health insurance to obtain financial coverage for future medical emergencies for himself and his family. The health plan provides cashless and reimbursement hospitalization in the network hospitals. Now, if one day, Mr. Akhlag suffers a sudden heart attack and is taken to a network hospital of the health insurance company he has bought the policy from, his entire treatment would be cashless and he will not have to pay for any treatment in the hospital.

Insurance saves you from burning a hole in your pocket at the time of emergencies.

Types of Insurance

  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Corp Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Motor Insurance

What is an Assurance?

Assurance and insurance are very similar as they both provide financial protection. Assurance offers reimbursement of a predetermined sum amount in case of an unavoidable event such as death, disability, or when the policy tenure is over. This type of protection is usually offered in life insurance policies, which are further divided into three categories of Life Insurance: Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, and Annuity.

For example: Mr. Dewan bought an endowment plan with a sum assured of INR 50 Lakhs for himself. This type of policy offers two types of benefits. If Mr. Dewan survives the policy tenure then he will get the total lump sum amount from the insurance company. If Mr. Dewan dies within the policy tenure then the insurance company will pay the lump sum amount to the nominee of the policy.

Types of Assurance

  • ULIP
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Insurance

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What is the Difference Between Insurance and Assurance?

Both insurance and assurance may sound similar, but they have very minute differences.

We at PolicyX.com are trying to show you the detailed differences between insurance and assurance in a tabular format:

CategoryGeneral InsuranceLife Insurance
ObjectiveTo compensate for the loss. For example, loss incurred during an accident, theft, fire, flood, etc.To provide monetary support for a specific situation. For example, disability, death, a major illness, etc.
Types of PoliciesMotor insurance, health insurance, home insurance, mobile insurance, etc.Life insurance, term insurance, ULIP, endowment plans, etc.
Claim PaymentClaim amount is not pre-decided. It is Approx. equal to the amount of loss. For example: hospitalization bills, the cost of repairing/replacing vehicle parts, etc.Claim amount is pre-decided for a specific event or situation. For example, a major illness like cancer, heart disease, the death of the policyholder, etc.
Number of Claims AllowedMultipleOnly one
RenewabilityOn an annual basis Not applicable
CoverageHome insurance, health insurance, property insurance, motor insurance, etc.Life, death, and disability cover.
Number of InsuredOne or more people depends on the nature of the insurance plan.It includes only one person in the account
Nature of RisksUnpredictable risks like fire, accidents, etcUsually uncertain but predictable risks like death
What is Insured?People and/or propertyPeople


Buying an insurance policy ensures that the insurance company will assist you financially in the event of a loss or damage to you or your property under general insurance, and you will receive a good return on the maturity of the policy under life insurance or term insurance and in the event of your death, the nominee will receive the sum insured amount.

Insurance industry professionals also recommend that you should buy your insurance policy online because it will be more cost-effective and helpful to you than buying it offline. You will save money on an insurance agent if you purchase the policy by yourself, and you will be able to discover more about the plan. Apart from this, you can compare different plans and premium rates from the convenience of your own home.

Written By : Naval Goel

Last Updated : April, 2022

Naval Goel is the CEO & founder of PolicyX.com. Naval has an expertise in the insurance sector and has professional experience of more than a decade in the Industry and has worked in companies like AIG, New York doing valuation of insurance subsidiaries. He is also an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Insurance, Pune. He has been authorized by IRDAI to act as a Principal Officer of PolicyX.com Insurance Web Aggregator.

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