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Toll Free No. 1800 4200 269


Policy ID: 100590

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Why Do You Need For A Health Insurance Card Today?

Health insurance has become an essential part of everyone's life as it offers financial protection from rising medical costs in case of a medical emergency. In recent years, the health insurance industry has not been left behind as the world has witnessed some major digitization and technological breakthroughs.

Today, health insurance companies provide health cards to their policyholders at the time of purchase. policy. A health card can be very useful at the time of claim. Moreover, to maximize the benefits of the policy; opt for a health insurance card. However, always remember that the benefits of a health card or health insurance card are only valid at network hospitals of the Health Insurance Company.

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What is a Health Card in Health Insurance?

A Health insurance card is an identity card that holds information such as insurer details, policyholder details, and other policy information. Health cards are like your credit and debit cards consisting of a digital chip that safely holds all the information about your policy. With the help of digital health cards, policyholders can get cashless payment solutions for hospital bills and other healthcare costs. When policyholders show their health insurance cards to the hospital, the management will conduct a digital analysis of their financial coverage to help them prepare for their treatment. They might also have the expenses paid directly by the insurance company.

What are the Details present in a Health Card?

The information present in a health card is related to your health insurance such as

  • Your name
  • Policy number
  • Type of health insurance policy
  • Sum insured
  • The expiry date of the policy
  • Date of birth
  • Insurer's details or name

Health card for your policy is unique to each individual and should be carefully maintained for long-term use.

What Does Digital Health ID Card Mean in Health Insurance?

A digital health ID card is the unique identification of the policyholder consisting of their identity and their health record data. It is a random 14-digit number generated by NDHM (National Digital Health Mission) to give you authority that can be accessible to various stakeholders and insurance providers ensuring easy access to your health insurance policy.

How can you apply for it?

It takes only the bare minimum of personal details to create a digital health ID card online, like:

  • Mobile number
  • Aadhaar details

Who can apply for it?

If someone wants to create an online record of their medical procedures, or health track records, they can apply for a digital ID card for their health insurance.

How it can be used by the policyholders and insurers?

Digital health ID card helps enable both parties to interact with each other to know the track of the policyholder's medical reports, health records, prescriptions, diagnostics, etc.

How to Get a Health Card?

Health Insurance companies will provide digital health cards to the policyholders at the time of purchasing the health insurance plan. If your entire family is covered under health insurance, each insured member will receive a separate and unique health card.

How to Get a Health Card Online?

Your health card contains proof of you being covered under a health insurance policy. Thus, it is delivered to you along with your policy document and other necessary documents once you purchase a health insurance policy. If you haven't received a health card from your insurer you can apply for the same from the comfort of your home online and get a digital one. Contact your insurer via their customer care number or an email and request a digital copy of your health insurance card. If your insurer provides the same on their specialized app they will instruct you accordingly. By filling in some basic details you will be able to retrieve a digital version of your health insurance card online.

What are the Benefits of a Health Card?

A health card is like a summary of all your health insurance details confided in one place. Health card benefits are numerous and so are its uses. Let's have a look at some of the prime benefits of a health card:

  • Cashless Claims

    During medical emergencies, a health insurance card can be used to make cashless payments at the hospital. Whenever you get stuck with a health emergency, have your digital health card along and submit the letter of authorization to your networking hospital. After registering for the treatment, the insurance company will pay the hospitalization expenses directly to the hospital.
  • Contact the insurance company easily

    Health insurance companies have a toll-free contact number for customer support that you can use to raise a query against your medical claim. However, remembering these numbers is not a possible task. The digital health card is very useful in this situation. The emergency helpline number is mentioned on the back of the health card. In case of a medical emergency, the policyholder can instantly dial the helpline number and report the claim.
  • Health Card Serves as an Identity Card for Cashless Treatments

    When a policyholder uses cashless hospitalization, the digital health card can be used as an identity card. By using the information on the health card and matching it with ID proof, the hospital can verify the policyholder's identification and provide cashless treatment.
  • Specifies the Validity Date

    Just like the debit card or credit card, there is a validity date mentioned on the smart health card of the health insurance policy. After the expiry of the validity date, policyholders need to renew their health insurance policy. Once your health card validity is over, you need to renew your policy to get continued coverage benefits of your health insurance. And Then the insurance company will issue a new digital health card to them. Hence, the policyholder can pay the policy premiums regularly and renew the policy on time. It also helps the policyholders to find out whether the health policy is active or not.
  • Ease and Convenience

    Using a smart health card is beneficial because of the ease and convenience offered in the event of a medical emergency, particularly when it comes to meeting hefty hospitalization costs. The most significant benefit of digital health cards is that they allow quick & cashless payments.
  • All the information in place

    Your health card, digital or otherwise, contains all the necessary information about your health insurance coverage. With a health card, you do not need to go through your policy document, again and again, to search for your insurance details. Details like the type of the policy, policy number and sum insured are all there on the card itself.
  • Availing of cashless treatments

    While you are being hospitalized, producing your health card to the hospital authorities makes everything super easy. All you have to do is present them with the card; the rest of it is done by the hospital teams All you have to do is get the best treatment as the health card will give all your coverage details. It saves you the hassle of getting involved in hospital procedures when you are not feeling well.
  • Instant contact with the insurer

    Your health card also contains details like the contact information of your insurer. This comes in handy when you are stuck in a situation where you cannot search for these details online. You can simply check your health card and get in touch with the insurance company.
  • A good reminder of your health coverage validity

    The health card from your insurer is only valid till the existence of your health insurance policy. When you renew your policy the insurer provides you with a new health card. Therefore, it is a great reminder of the validity of your health plan.

Instant and basic method of activation

You don't need to go through a tough or lengthy process to activate your health card. It takes a bare minimum of documentation such as your contact number, policy number, aadhaar, and a few others to get a health card.

Flexibility to avail discounts and get offers

Even if you forget to carry your physical health insurance card, the digitally assigned health card can work for instance. Various health insurance companies provide discounts on paying premiums via card or offers while making a claim.

I've Lost My Health ID Card. What Should I Do?

  • You can reach out to the official website of your insurance provider and go to the help section to raise your query.
  • If this doesn't work, you can call your insurer to inform them of your ID loss and request a new ID.
  • If the issue is still not resolved, reach out to the physical branch of the insurance company to cancel the previous one and get another health card.


Medical complications are inevitable because you never know when it will strike. So, keeping your digital health card in handy will be your saviour in such times. You can present the card to the hospital to minimize delays in cashless treatments.

Unique ID proof with all the relevant details is a must to contact your insurer, process your payments, and settle your hospital costs quickly. In India, a health card is the most convenient and technologically advanced way to manage your insurance at the right time.

Get your policy health card now to avail maximum benefits and discounts on each claim.

Health Insurance Card: FAQ

1. What are the benefits of a health insurance card?

A health card is a handy way to carry the details of your insurance policy. At the time of hospitalization you can present the card and avail cashless claims simply among offering offering various other benefits.

2. What comes in health insurance card details?

A health insurance card holds your policy number, name, date of birth, type of policy, and date of expiry.

3. What is the difference between health insurance and a health insurance card?

A health insurance card is a health insurance identity proof having personal details, your policy's details and the details of the policy provider. A health card contains the details of your health insurance. Whereas, health insurance means the insurance policy that you have bought for yourself.

4. What are the requirements to get a health insurance card?

You get access to your health insurance card when you purchase a health insurance plan. Your insurer will give you the health card and the policy documents.

5. Is a health insurance card important?

A health card ensures that you have a seamless hospitalization process with everything in one place. It saves you from carrying your policy document everywhere. Consider it as an identity card for your health plan.

6. What can I do if my health card is lost?

You can contact your insurer and get a digital one or a new one. Your insurer will verify some details and they will issue a new health card to you.

7. Can I get a health card online?

Yes, you can contact your insurer and get a digitalized version of a health card.

8. In my family floater plan who will get the health card?

In a family floater plan, every member of the policy gets a different health insurance card.

9. Can we use the card to avail of cashless payments?

Yes, in times of emergency, health insurance cards can be used for cashless payment in the network hospitals. The customer can submit the card to the payment desk of the hospital and can collect it later once the treatment procedure is over. The insurer will send the amount directly to the hospital.

10. Can we change the details on the health insurance card?

No, the details on the card cannot be changed. In case of policy renewal if the policyholder changes the SI, a new card will be issued in which the modified SI will be mentioned.

11. Does a health insurance card have an expiration date?

The card will also expire when the policy does.

12. Do government policies also provide health insurance cards?

Yes, the government also provides a health insurance card on buying their policy.

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