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Introduction To Health Insurance Portability

Are you having second thoughts about your health insurance? Or having issues with your current health insurer? Unfortunately, most people wait to complete the policy tenure before switching to a different health insurer.

With the introduction of health insurance portability, you can now switch your health insurers as per your requirements. It is like taking your old phone number to a new network provider without losing your old number.

Interesting right?

Let us explore how it works, portability mistakes you should avoid, benefits, and more, keep scrolling further.

What Is Health Insurance Portability?

The concept of health insurance portability was introduced in 2011 by IRDAI.

With evolving healthcare needs you might want to switch your health insurance plan for better efficiency and coverage. You are entitled to port your health insurance as per IRDAI terms and conditions without losing any accumulated benefits. However, health insurance portability is applicable only during the renewal period.

Let us understand this with an example:

Shikhar, a 30-year-old working professional suffers from Asthma which was listed as a pre-existing condition in his current health insurance plan at the time of purchase.

After 3 years with the health insurer, the premiums increased and he decided to switch to a new health insurance provider. However, he was worried about having to serve the waiting period from scratch with the new health insurance provider.

Health insurance portability, introduced by IRDAI comes to his rescue in this situation. The portability feature offers Shikhar the benefit of moving to a new insurance provider without losing the waiting period credit for his PED.

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Reasons For Health Insurance Portability

Now that we have uncovered what health insurance portability is, let us dive deeper and understand if it is worth it. These are some of the common reasons many people consider porting their health insurance policy:

  1. Enhanced coverage

    Health insurance portability offers you the opportunity to invest in health plans with enhanced benefits, additional coverage, an increased number of networking hospitals, and many more such exclusive factors.

  2. Affordability

    With evolving life's various financial capacities, you may need a health cover with comprehensive coverage but at affordable premium prices. This is when health insurance portability comes to your rescue as you can switch to a more affordable health insurance plan whenever required.

  3. Better Customer Service

    If you have bitter experiences with your existing health insurer, porting your health insurance is the best option to avail of satisfactory assistance anytime, and from anywhere!

  4. Better Network Hospitals

    If you live in a city where your health insurer does not have many network hospitals, you might consider porting your health insurance to a provider with a better network of hospitals for cashless hospitalisation facilities & quality healthcare.

  5. Policy Customization

    Being able to customize your health insurance is a boon. If you are looking for optional covers, unlimited options, rider benefits, and more consider porting your health plan to a company that provides it all.

How To Port Health Insurance Policy Online?

Health insurance portability is a smooth and hassle-free process that requires you to follow certain steps such as:

  • A health insurance portability request is to be filed with the insurer you want to switch to, 30 or 45 days before your existing policy renewal date
  • Upon receiving the portability request, the new health insurance provider will send you the required portability form as well as details of the various health insurance plans.
  • Once you select your new health plan, fill out the portability form provided to you by the new insurer and send it back to them for further clarification.
  • After receiving all the necessary documents the health insurer will cross-check all the information provided such as your medical history, claim history, and more.
  • The new health insurance provider will cross-check all the information provided by you with your previous insurer, once everything is checked and cleared your portability request is accepted within 15 to 45 days of filing a portability request.

List Of Documents Required For Health Insurance Portability

Here is the required document checklist for health insurance portability:

  • KYC documents like Aadhar, Driver's License, or Voter ID as your residential and identity proof
  • Previous health insurance policy copy
  • Renewal certificate
  • Claim certificate in case of any claims filed with the previous insurer
  • Self-declaration by the insured individual in case no claims were filed during the policy tenure

Terms And Conditions Of Health Insurance Portability

As the concept of portability gains popularity, what are the terms and conditions attached to portability are a mystery to many. Let us understand this concept in detail:

  • You are free to port your health insurance policy to any general or stand-alone health insurance company.
  • You are eligible to port any individual or family floater health insurance plan.
  • The waiting period served with the previous insurer is credited to your new health insurance policy and you are not required to serve waiting periods from the beginning.
  • The new health insurer will cover you up to the same sum insured at least as available in your previous health insurance policy.
  • Both the existing and new health insurers are supposed to complete the health insurance portability process within the given timeline as directed by IRDAI.

5 Health Insurance Portability Mistakes To Avoid In 2024

Sure, the portability of health insurance has come in as a boon for customers, but you must beware of making the following mistakes:

  • Lack of Research

    If you have made up your mind about porting your health insurance, make sure to research thoroughly. Switch to health insurance that matches your needs and requirements in terms of sum insured, benefits, optional covers, value-added benefits, and others.
  • Check Waiting Period Terms and Conditions

    Understand the waiting periods for pre-existing conditions, even though the previous policy waiting period is credited to your new policy, it is best to understand the terms and conditions of the same.
  • Premium Calculation

    Switching to new health insurance will mean increasing or decreasing premium rates as per the new insurer. Be sure that switching to the new health insurance will be practical and affordable.
  • Health Insurance Portability Timeline

    Ensure that health insurance portability is conducted within the IRDAI-specified timeline. Initiate the portability request well in advance (30 days) before your existing policy renewal date to avoid rejections.
  • Pre-policy Check-up Requirement

    If there are any pre-policy health check-up requirements check with your new insurer to avail the best of your health plan.

Health Insurance Portability: Yay Or Nay?

Once you have understood the concept of health insurance portability, the final question emerges.

Should You Do It?

There is no one answer to the question as each individual comes with unique healthcare needs. We have equipped you with all the knowledge regarding how to port health insurance, reasons to port, benefits, and terms and conditions applied.

Consider all the factors of your current health insurance plan before porting your health insurance to another insurance provider.

For further clarification, contact PolicyX today.

Health Insurance Portability: FAQ's

1. What is health insurance portability?

Health insurance portability was introduced by IRDAI in 2011 allowing insurance holders to port their health insurance to a new insurance provider without losing their accumulated benefits.

2. When should I port my health insurance?

There are various reasons for health insurance portability like,

  • Lack of customer support
  • Insufficient sum insured
  • Requirement for enhanced coverage
  • Need for better customization in health plans

3. How to port health insurance?

Health insurance portability is a hassle-free process, follow these simple steps:

  • Fill out the portability form given by the new insurer
  • Submit necessary documents like Aadhar card, previous policy document, claim certificate if made, renewal certificate, and others as per the current requirement.
  • Submit the portability form with all the required information
  • Wait for approval

4. Do I need to pay an extra premium to port health insurance?

Yes, a minimal premium amount will be charged when you port your health insurance policy. However, depending on the plan you choose health plan premiums may vary.

5. What is the time duration required to port health insurance?

Health insurance policy can be ported between 15 to 45 days from the date of policy portability filed by the insured individual.

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