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Cholamandalam Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

The health insurance claim settlement ratio is the percentage of claims settled to the claims filed with an insurance company. Claims ratio data can help you to understand and analyze the memoirs of claim settlement of the particular company. It is a standard parameter used to rate insurance companies, making it one of the most important factors for customers to consider when selecting from the long list of insurers in the market.

Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

Chola Claim Settlement Ratio

Chola MS Insurance Company is a Joint Venture between the Murugappa Group and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited, Japan. It is a recognised Insurance company and has been awarded by the Government of India and international entities. With a 93.23% claim settlement ratio they are known to be a trustworthy company in India’s Insurance market.

Types of Claims by Chola MS Health Insurance Company

The company offers two types of claims according to the needs of customers. Now let's get into the details of Chola Claim Settlement:

  • Cashless Claims
  • Reimbursement Claims

Here’s How You Can File Your Chola Health Insurance Company Cashless Claims Online

Filing the claim of Chola MS Insurance Company is easy, it can be done online, which saves a lot of time and effort.You can contact the company for a claim, submit your documents, and check your claim status easily on the ‘TuneIn’ customer app and on their official website also.

Step 1: Find the network hospitals of Cholamandalam Health Insurance Company and get admitted to only those hospitals that fall into the network of your insurer.

Step 2: In case of pre-hospitalization, notify the Cholamandalam Health Insurance Company about the hospitalization at least 48 hours before hospitalization. We must intimate the company within 24 hours, in case of emergency hospitalization. If the claim is approved, Chola Health Insurance Company will review the claim request and give pre-authorization within 2 hours.

Step 3: In the Chola Health Insurance Company claim settlement process, on admission, a pre-authorisation request for cashless treatment is to be sent to the TPA by the hospital. Submit all the necessary documents such as; Doctor’s prescription for hospitalization, all the medical reports, receipts of all the payments, medical bills and prescriptions, and additional documents if required. Once the form is approved, the customer can avail of the medical treatment.

Step 4: At the time of discharge, fill in all the medical documents and pay for the services that are not covered under the policy.

Step 5: The hospital will send the hospital bills to Chola Health Insurance Company. After review, the company will pay the bill directly to the hospital.

Chola Health Insurance Company claim settlement is a no-fuss process, please note that-

  • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses can be claimed separately after treatment.
  • All documents are to be submitted in original format, within 7 days to the TPA, after completion of post-hospitalization treatment.
  • Pre-authorization of hospitalization is given within 2 hours.

Health Insurance Companies

Here’s How You Can File Your Chola MS Insurance Reimbursement Claims

In this type of claim, customers can visit any hospital, it can be a non-network hospital too. Customers get their treatment in the hospital, payout from their pocket, and then apply for a reimbursement for the expenses with your insurer. And, after approval of the documents done by the company, the expenses claimed are paid out to the customer in their bank account. This process of Chola Health Insurance Company claim settlement can be time taking.

At the time of making the claim, the customer needs to submit all the hospital bills, prescriptions, and medical documents. These will need to be approved by Chola Health Insurance company.

Step 1: Write an intimation about hospitalization to be sent to TPA or the insurance company immediately, and within 24 hours of hospitalization in the case of emergency hospitalization.

Step 2: For Chola Health Insurance Claim Settlement, all the necessary original documents such as Diagnostic test reports, Reports of X-Ray, Scans, and other investigation reports, prescriptions, and discharge summary, are to be submitted to TPA/insurance company within 7 days from the date of discharge.

Step 3: The further process of fund transfer and approval of documents will be done by the Cholamandalam Health Insurance Company. And that's how they help you to ensure the financial security of your family.

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio : FAQ

1. How long does it take for Pre-authorization of hospitalization for Cholamandalam Health Insurance Claim Settlement?

Pre-authorization time of hospitalization for Cholamandalam Health Insurance Claim Settlement is 2 hours.

2. Within how many days can I submit post-hospitalization documents for Cholamandalam Health Insurance Claim Settlement?

All documents in original are to be submitted within 7 days to TPA, after completion of post-hospitalization treatment.

3. What is the time duration one must inform before pre-hospitalization for Chola MS Claim Settlement?

In case of pre-hospitalization, notify the Cholamandalam Health Insurance Company about the hospitalization at least 48 hours before hospitalization.

4. What is the claim settlement ratio of the Chola Claim Settlement Ratio?

The Claim settlement ratio of Chola Claim Settlement Ratio is 93.23%

What Our Customers Have to Say

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Akhil Dev


June 6, 2022

Good company. The company supports you financially at the time of medical emergency and offers great and satisfactory services to its customers.

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Darshan Pal


October 19, 2021

It was nice to see very diligent agent who helped me buy plan from cholamandalam...i think she got me a pretty good deal wih many benefits

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Siddhant Kapoor


October 13, 2021

just renewed my health plan with the some decent discounts for loyalty program! All in all it s been a good, hassle free equation!

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Vivek Dhaiya


October 11, 2021

It is indeed a 5-star company. I am happy with the products available and the services that the customer-care support team provides.

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Akshay Dewan


October 8, 2021

Really nice how they have thoughtfully curated their product range...i m pretty sure i have done the right thing getting my Health insurance from here :)

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Savitri Devi


October 7, 2021

their reputation stands true for itslef! such quick service by the more than impressed! Keep rising ...good luck and thanks again!

Customer Review Image

Tanay Charkravarty


September 9, 2021

i had to settle claims for the hospitalization was very expensive but Chola mandalam covered a large portion and helped me a lot :))) Thx guys

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Naina Desai


September 9, 2021

Chola plans se I got kaafi cheaper deals...i did thorough comparison and got a health plan mere parents ke liye

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