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SBI Smart Scholar

Give your children more than your love... Give them a lifetime of Financial Security.

SBI Life Smart Scholar is an Individual, Unit Linked, Non-participating Life Insurance Policy that offers myriad coverages to secure the future of the insured children even in the absence of their parents. The plan lets you avail of twin benefits of market-linked returns on the invested money and a life cover to secure your child's future.

Key Features of SBI Life Smart Scholar

  1. Financial Security

    In case of the unfortunate death of the policyholder due to any reasons other than an accident, the plan will pay a lump sum benefit equal to a maximum of Basic Sum Assured or 105% of the total premiums paid till death.

  2. Loyalty Benefits

    Loyalty Additions are paid after specified intervals and solely depend on the policy term. These additions are calculated as 1% multiplied by the average fund value on the first day over the last 24 months.

  3. Flexibility

    The plan offers 9 fund options to choose from. One can invest in any one or can choose the combination of the below-mentioned options:

    i) Equity Funds

    These funds provide high-quality exposure and target higher returns in the long run. Such funds come with a High-Risk Profile.

    ii) Top 300 fund

    These funds provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in the stock of the top 300 companies. These funds come with a High-Risk Profile.

    iii) Equity Optimizer Fund

    These funds provide equity exposure and target higher returns through long-term capital gains. They also possess High-risk.

    iv) Growth Fund

    These funds provide long-term capital appreciation investing mainly in equity and equity-related instruments and also invest a small amount in debts. These funds come with a medium to high-risk profile.

    v) Balanced Fund

    These funds provide accumulation of income through investment in both equities and fixed income securities. Such investments possess medium risk.

    vi) Bond Fund

    These funds provide safe and less volatile investment options through debt instruments and accumulation of income through investment in fixed-income securities. These funds come with a low-risk profile.

    vii) Money Market Fund

    These funds park your money in liquid and safe instruments and avoid the market risk, which makes them low-risk investments.

    viii) Bond Optimizer Fund

    These funds earn returns higher than a pure fixed-income fund. These funds invest in Government Securities, Corporate Bonds, Money Market Instruments and up to 25% in equity instruments. These funds possess a low-risk profile.

    ix) Pure Fund

    These funds offer high equity exposure and target high returns in the long term. These funds come with a High-Risk Profile.

  4. Grace Period

    In case a policyholder is unable to make their premium payment on time, then the policy offers a grace period of 30 days in the event of the payment of premium. In case your premium payment frequency is monthly, the grace period allowed is 15 days.

  5. Free Look Period

    The policy also comes with a free look period. If you are not pleased with the coverage, inclusions, or terms and conditions of this policy, you can choose to cancel it within 15 days of receipt of the policy documents.

  6. Policy Surrender

    On surrendering the policy before the first 5 policy years, the fund value after deducting the applicable discontinuation charge will be credited to the discontinued policy fund.

    However, if the policy is surrendered after the 5 policy years, the policy will be converted into the reduced paid-up policy. Then the policyholder will be eligible to get the original sum assured, multiplied by the total number of premiums paid.

Eligibility Criteria of SBI Life Smart Scholar

Parameters Minimum Maximum
Entry Age Parent (Life Assured): 18 years
Child: 0 years
Parent (Life Assured): 57 years
Child: 17 years
Maturity Age Child: 18 years Parent (Life Assured): 65 years
Child: 25 years
Policy Tenure 8 years 25 years
Premium Payment Tenure Single Pay or 5 to 25 Years
Basic Sum Assured Limited Premium up to the policy term: 10 x Annualized Premium
Single-Premium: 1.25 x Single premium

**Last Updated on July, 2021

Benefits of SBI Life Smart Scholar

  1. Maturity Benefit

    On completion of Policy Term, Fund Value will be paid as a lump sum.

  2. Death Benefit

    In an unfortunate event of the death of the life assured, a lump-sum benefit equal to higher of the basic sum assured or 105% of the total premiums received up to the date of death will be payable.

  3. Accident Benefit

    This is an in-built benefit, which provides an additional benefit equal to the Accident Benefit Sum Assured in case of your unfortunate accidental death or accidental total and permanent disability.

  4. Premium Payor Waiver Benefit

    Under this in-built benefit, the company continues to pay your future premium(s) on your behalf and the accumulated fund value will be paid at the time of maturity.

  5. Tax Benefits

    A policyholder will be eligible for Income Tax benefits/exemptions as per India's applicable income tax laws.

Sample Benefit Illustration

To get a clear picture of how the plan works, let us look at the below example:

Suppose, a father aged 35 years wants to buy the SBI Life Smart Scholar Plan for his 5-year old child. He chooses the Policy Term of 20 years with the Sum Assured of Rs. 10 Lakhs.

Now, he needs to pay Rs. 1 Lakh per annum as the premium amount.

Let us take the look at how much amount he will receive under both scenarios:

Maturity Benefit Death Benefit
Fund Value at Maturity at Sum Assured Rate of:
@4%: Rs. 23,43,641
@8%: Rs. 37,07,729
Sum Assured of 10 Lakhs on Death will be paid to the nominee, and
Fund Value at Maturity at Sum Assured Rate of:
@4%: Rs. 23,43,641
@8%: Rs. 37,07,729

**Last Updated on July, 2021

What Is Not Covered Under SBI Life Smart Scholar?

  1. Suicide

    In case of suicide within 12 months from the inception of the policy, the fund value as of the date will be paid as a benefit to the policyholder.

  2. Exclusions for Accidental Benefit

    Accidents caused due to self-inflicted injury, drug abuse, war, infection, aviation, and criminal activities.

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October 4, 2021

Munmum Pathak


I have been meaning to thank policyx for helping me with the claims process...They were diligent and made the process so smooth

September 30, 2021

Rahul Kakoti


SBI has been my go-to for almost every finance a decent cover through policyx this time! they have extensive knowlege and im happy

September 28, 2021

Guni Das


amaaaaaazing team at! super helpful and ready to give any aid as and when asked! thankssss y all

September 28, 2021

Himanta Biswa


truly great support staff at policy man! they helped me compare options and weighed in with interesting insights...finally bought life cover from SBI life!...

September 27, 2021

Salman A


very good work ethics at SBI nsurance...policyx agent helped me buy a policy from here. So it helped !

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