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Age Limit for Health Insurance
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Maximum age limit for health insurance: Know your eligibility

Early access to resources makes our lives easier and more convenient, be it in terms of health care or anything else. Dependency on the phrase 'will see it later' does not work every time in life. That's why there is no tomorrow when it comes to buying good health insurance for yourself or your family.

It often becomes an argument 'When should I buy a health insurance policy?' 'What is the right age for me to buy a health insurance policy?', etc. Honestly speaking, there's no age limit for it nowadays. All thanks to the Indian government and its regulation of IRDAI guidelines. You need to be very conscious about your health in the future. So, it's always a good decision if you start investing in healthcare early. However, if you don't have a policy but you already have turned 60, you should think of buying a health plan now.

Read in this article, why you still need health coverage and what are the benefits of having a policy even after 65.

What is the maximum age limit for health insurance?

Health insurance policies in India were traditionally created while considering an age limit. Today, the maximum age limit for health insurance is 65 years. However, dealing with the policy accession and claim settlement against senior citizen health insurance policy is considerably risky for the insurer. The reason? As they are more prone to critical illnesses or lifetime diseases. Hence, setting an average age limit for health insurance is compulsory.

Moreover, increasing demands for advanced medical care and a standard lifestyle have created an opportunity for getting a health insurance policy at a maximum age limit as well. Apart from the age bar of 65 years, multiple health insurers provide health plans with extensive coverage beyond this limit (for instance, up to 99 years).

Upper Mediclaim Age Limit Elimination

The insurance landscape of India has seen significant changes in recent years. Numerous providers of insurance have acknowledged that they need to cover older individuals. As per the regulations and guidelines of IRDAI, insurance companies in India cannot discriminate among policyholders depending on the age factor. Any individual irrelevance of age, gender, religion, etc is entitled to have an insurance policy. Also, there should not be any restrictions on that. So, individuals above 60 or 65 can generally buy a health insurance policy from the insurer of their interest.

Importance of Buying Health Insurance Beyond 65

Buying health insurance is always a plus when you want to secure your life in advance. But, it hits differently with senior citizens, as they need an extended version of care.

In India, senior citizens gain access to important preventive care services through their health insurance. Check-ups, screenings, and preventive measures conducted regularly can help in the early detection and management of health conditions. The outcome could be better health and an improved quality of life. Seniors can receive preventive services without any financial strain thanks to their health insurance coverage.

Here are the reasons why they need to buy a health insurance policy:

  • With age, the chance of various illnesses increases, so individuals above 60 need extra care. Health insurance ensures they are covered against any health emergencies.
  • Regular & free health check-ups are a great advantage with health insurance policies, as they help diagnose a disease in its earlier stage.
  • Eliminates the worry of financial contractions as having a health plan provides much-needed financial support in times of emergency.

As you can guess by now, there's no right age to have a great health plan (though we encourage youngsters to buy one now!). Whether you are below or above sweet 60, if you are thinking of buying one, our experts at PolicyX suggest doing it now.

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Health Insurance Alternatives For Seniors In India

Senior citizens are offered several administrative benefits by the government. One such insurance coverage for seniors is- Ayushman Bharat - Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) which provides secondary or basic services with healthcare. The downside? It provides coverage only up to INR 5 Lakhs per annum for a family which can be too low in many emergencies.

Importance Of Purchasing Health Insurance While Still In Your Youth

Getting health insurance at a young age can have many advantages that last a lifetime. In India, it is essential to buy health insurance while young for various compelling reasons. Some are mentioned here:

  • Premium affordability

    Youngsters are often not a high-risk customer to the insurance company which tends to lower the premiums against their policy.
  • Sustainable coverage

    You get more coverage benefits when in young than after your 60's. It's wise to choose a descriptive health plan in early life.
  • Financial support

    Your peace of mind is secured even in times of distress which means you get medical as we as financial security with a health plan.
  • Pre-preparedness

    Life is unpredictable and full of surprises which means you cannot prevent emergencies from happening. Having health insurance in hand can save you from those unannounced situations.
  • Low waiting period

    Some health insurers also provide policy benefits at a minimum waiting period covering pre-existing illnesses. So, it's always advisable to compare plans before buying.

Vital points to remember while buying health insurance with increasing age

  • Affordable premiums

    Go for a plan that offers you good coverage with a convenient premium amount that doesn't feel like a burden.
  • Claim settlement ratio

    The insurers that have an impressive claim settlement record (between 80-95%) and good customer support are always preferable.
  • Networking hospitals

    Choose an insurer with wide networking hospitals that offer cashless facilities and save your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Coverage benefits

    Check out plans that provide multiple benefits including critical illness, hospitalization, regular health check-ups, etc.
  • Exclusions

    Always check out the list of exclusions in your policy. There must be minimum exclusions for policyholders beyond 65.

Summing It Up

Having health insurance is vital for individuals and families in India to access quality healthcare services and ensure financial security. Despite common belief, health insurance coverage does not cease at 65. Insurance providers and regulatory bodies understand the significance of providing coverage to elderly individuals. IRDAI issued several guidelines to prevent health insurance discrimination based on age.

Nowadays, due to increasing healthcare costs, youngsters are encouraged to buy a health plan as soon as possible. With increasing demand, many insurers are customizing newer plans keeping their varied customers in mind. So, what's the wait?

To know more about exciting health plans on offer, call our trusted advisors at PolicyX today!

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Age Limit For Health Insurance: FAQ's

1. What is the maximum age limit for health insurance?

Generally, the maximum age for health insurance is 65 - 70 years. However, some insurance companies in India provide health insurance beyond this limit as well.

2. Has the health insurance age limit been removed?

Yes, IRDAI regulates the age limit for buying health insurance in India. However, no insurance company can discriminate or deny having a health policy based on age.

3. What advantages come from getting health insurance when you're young?

Buying health insurance at a young age is always encouraged as the premiums are considerably lower than buying the same plan later in life. It offers complete coverage, provides access to a range of healthcare services, and guarantees coverage continuity as you grow older.

4. Why is health insurance crucial for those older than 65?

With increasing age, people get more sick. So, buying a health plan can protect them against medical emergencies and save them money, especially their life-long savings.

5. What alternatives to health insurance are there for older citizens in India?

In India, seniors can choose between private health insurance plans created especially for them. Or they can go with government-sponsored health insurance programmes like Ayushman Bharat or PM-JAY to cover their medical expenses, though they have lower coverage in most cases.

6. What services are included in health insurance plans in India?

Preventive care, medicines, hospitalisation, outpatient treatments, and diagnostic testing are generally covered by health insurance policies in India.

7. What are generally accepted maximum age limits under medical insurance?

It's always a plus if you buy medical insurance earlier in life. But you can also buy it between 60 - 65 years of age which is generally accepted by all insurance companies according to the IRDAI guidelines.

8. What is the minimum age limit for health insurance?

The minimum age limit for health insurance for children is 91 days. And this limit goes to 18 years in the case of adults.

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