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Health Insurance Terms & Conditions
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Understanding Terms & Conditions in Health Insurance

Do you also think bearing medical expenses in this world is costly? Then you're correct. Because It's difficult to get treated with a critical disease, which may cost you a lot of money. No wonder, hospitalization charges, doctor's fees, medicines, life-saving drugs, and many such things come up in this scenario. That's why taking a health insurance policy becomes mandatory. Insurance companies sell us policies where all these hefty medical expenses are borne by themselves.

But what if there are some terms and conditions that you don't know about? Read this article to get a clear picture of what you should check in your policy before buying it. So that you can make an informed decision to maximize your policy's benefits.

What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is a kind of protection that the insurance provider offers to the policyholder, about covering some or all the medical expenses during an emergency. It pays the reimbursment amount for the expenses incurred due to illness or injury to the care provider directly.

What are the Terms & Conditions of Health Insurance?

These are the important terms and conditions to check while applying for a health insurance policy:

  • Age Limit: 15 days to 18 years (for young children), 18-65 years (for adults)
  • Eligibility Criteria: Adults buying a health insurance policy must be salaried. 
  • Policy Tenure: The health insurance policy tenure can vary from policy to policy, but in general cases it use to be 1-3 years.
  • Dependents: An individual health plan may or may not cover all your dependent's medical claims, but the number of maximum dependents under one policy can be 2 members.
  • Room rent limits: There are multiple policies that offer room expenses during hospital stay. But depending upon your sum insured and policy coverage it may not impose any rent limit.
  • Pre-policy medical examinations: Insurance companies usually do a medical examination of the individual before giving a health insurance policy, it can either be a tele-examination, a thorough medical examination physically at the hospital, or both of it.

What Features to Check in Health Insurance T&C

Read below to learn more about the general terms and conditions of Health Insurance:

  • Sum Insured In case of an accident the insurer pays out the insured, an amount post-hospitalization that covers the medical bills. It works on the principle of indemnity, meaning the sum insured should be higher than the expense of medical treatment.
  • Co-pay The shareable amount with which a policyholder agrees to pay while slitting the medical bills is co-payment. If your policy has this clause, your premiums will automatically be lower but the sum insured remains the same.
  • Deductibles The more the deductible you pay, the lesser will be your monthly premiums. In such cases, the policyholder agrees to pay a fixed percentage of total medical expenses. The insurance company will pay the balance amount only.
  • Waiting Period Starting from the commencement of your policy to a specific period (say, 3-4 years commonly), you cannot avail of several benefits and coverage of the policy. Only after completing your policy's waiting period, your policy benefits come into effect. But waiting period of your health insurance plan may vary depending upon several factors, like:
    • Initial waiting period: Most of the health insurance policies have 30 days of waiting period in common.
    • For pre-existing disease: A waiting period of 1-3 years or 24-36 months can be imposed on the policy, if the insured person has a pre-existing medical condition.
    • Critical illness waiting period: For a health insurance plan covering critical illness, the waiting period goes up to 90 days or 3 months to avail the coverage benefits of policy.
  • Grace Period It's a specified grace period of 15-30 days in general, afterwards the due date of your monthly premiums. If you don't want to lose your policy continuity benefits, you must pay all the premiums in time without fail.
  • Riders Putting the cherry on the cake. Additional health insurance riders can benefit you the peace of mind because sometimes a policy may or may not cover the extended benefits required for you. In such cases, riders come in handy, on an affordable range.
  • Cumulative Bonus It's basically a No-claim bonus that an insurance company offers the policyholder if he/she has not made any claim from the date of purchasing a policy. A cumulative bonus is added with an extended percentage over the sum assured to the policy which increases the coverage amount without increasing premiums.
  • Dependants The closest family members like, spouses to the policyholder, children, and parents benefited from the policy insured.
  • Non-medical Expenses Any medical help like surgical equipment, bed, hospital food, stay, medication etc. that's not covered in the policy is called non-medical expenses. The insured has the liability to fulfill these expenses but not the insurer.

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What are the Inclusions and Exclusions of a Mediclaim Policy?

Given below is a table that emphasizes the coverage specifications under a Mediclaim Policy:

Inclusions Exclusions
In-patient hospitalization Pre-existing diseases
Pre and post-hospitalization Self-inflicted injuries
Annual health check-ups Alcoholism/drug abuse
Tax exemptions Transmitted/congenital diseases
No-claim bonus Pregnancy care
Daycare treatments Infertility cure
Domiciliary hospitalization Dangerous warfares
Additional coverages Cosmetic surgery

Final Thoughts

Finding a way towards a healthy lifestyle may feel tough. However, achieving an understanding of a health plan/mediclaim policy can stop your second thoughts. We read the details of its terms and conditions and learnt the significance of health insurance policy.

Reading terms and conditions before buying a policy can provide you with a seamless experience of making medical claims. Hence, it becomes necessary to take guidance about the same. If you have a query about health insurance terms and conditions, reach out to our experts.

Health Insurance Terms & Conditions: FAQs

1. What are the importance of terms & conditions in Health Insurance Policy?

It allows the policyholder to gain financial support in a situation of emergency. Also, it helps in avoiding claim rejection.

2. What are the benefits of health insurance?

Health insurance covers hospitalization expenses, routine check-ups, alternative treatment, and daycare procedures to manage financial losses in an emergency.

3. What are the terms and conditions of the mediclaim policy?

It covers the medical expenses that arise during a medical emergency and supports you in maintaining your financial stability.

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