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Top International Health Insurance Plans
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Top 10 International Health Insurance Plans in India 2024

Global Health Insurance Plans Sum Insured Eligibility Incurred Claims Ratio
Star Travel Protect Insurance Policy USD 50,000 - 500,000 Entry Age - 6 Months to 70 Years 65%
Bajaj Global Personal Guard Up to 25 Crores Entry Age - 18 to 70 Years
Dependent Children - 3 months to 25 Years
TATA AIG Student Travel Guard Up to USD 5,00,000 Entry Age - 16 to 35 years 78.33%
Care Student Explore USD 50,000 - 10,00,000 Entry Age - 12 to 40 years 53.82%
Aditya Birla Global Health Secure INR 6 Crores Entry Age - 5 to 65 Years
Children - 91 Days to 5 Years
HDFC ERGO Optima Secure Global Plus Up to INR 2 Crores Entry age - 18 to 65 Years 79.04%
ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance Upto USD 5,00,000 Entry Age - 3 Months to 85 Years 77.33%
Niva Bupa Travel Assure Total claim limit of up to USD 500,000 Entry Age - 18 to 70 Years
Dependent Children - Till 25 Years
Care International Travel Insurance Up to USD 1000k Entry Age - 1 day to no age limit
Age of Proposer - 18 Years & Above
SBI Travel Insurance (Business and Holiday) Up to USD 5,00,000 Entry Age - 6 Months to 70 Years 73.92%

International Health Insurance: An Overview

According to the World Bank, around 2.3% of the world's population lives outside of their country of citizenship. Due to increased opportunities globally, people are consistently moving for a better lifestyle.

The consistent rise in global medical care costs makes investing in the best international health insurance essential. A global health insurance plan offers extensive features such as:

  • Loss of passport
  • Loss of baggage
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Personal accident coverage
  • Hospitalization expenses, and more

This article guides you to the top 10 international health insurance plans, their features, premiums, and more. Compare these health plans to find the perfect fit for yourself and your family.

Best International Health Insurance Plans: What Is Covered?

  1. Star Travel Protect Insurance Policy

    A unique health insurance policy offering sum insured up to USD 500,000 with coverage features for health and travel inconveniences. Any individual who is a permanent resident of India above 6 months of age can avail of this policy.

    What We Like?

    • Two coverage options are available: USA and Canada along with worldwide coverage
    • A lump sum amount available to the legal nominee in case of the policyholder’s death or disability due to an accident
    • Covers individuals between the ages of 70 to 75 years as well
    • Do not worry if you have lost your passport or baggage, this international plan covers it all
    • Emergency medical evacuation is available
  2. Bajaj Global Personal Guard

    It is a specialized international health insurance plan providing coverage against death, disability, hospitalization due to accidents, and more, anywhere across the globe. The plan offers a high sum insured of up to INR 25 crores.

    What We Like?

    • Air ambulance cover is available in case of emergencies
    • Child education grant for your children in worst-case scenarios like permanent disability
    • Covers you during a coma state in case of accidental injury
    • Injuries and accidents caused due to engagement in adventure sports are covered
    • Daily hospital cash available for up to 60 days of hospitalization
  3. TATA AIG Student Travel Guard

    One of the best international health insurance plans for students studying abroad with features like baggage loss cover, semester fee cover due to medical emergencies, and more.

    What We Like?

    • Reimbursement of the entire semester fee in case of your absence due to a medical emergency
    • Pay your premiums in INR and get covered in USD
    • If you are a victim of hijacking, your global health plan will cover you with a distress allowance
    • A compassionate visit of a family member is covered in case you cannot travel back to India
    • Maternity benefit is covered
  4. Care Student Explore

    A global health insurance designed to support your dreams of studying abroad by covering you for emergency and non-emergency medical expenses. With up to USD 10,00,000 the plan is loaded with attractive features.

    What We Like?

    • Covers students in case of self-inflicted injuries, uncommon in other international health plans
    • HIV/AIDS coverage available
    • In case you have a life-threatening pre-existing condition this plan covers it
    • If you require treatment in your home country, Care student explore plus will cover you
    • Loss of international driving license is covered
  5. Aditya Birla Global Health Secure

    A versatile global plan offering you and your loved ones a financial safety net from medical expenses. The policy is eligible for those with a base health insurance of INR 10 lakhs in India.

    What We Like?

    • Protection from 16 major illnesses like cancer, Heart Valve Replacement, neurosurgery, and more
    • International cashless hospitalization will release the worry regarding arranging cash for medical treatments in international hospitals
    • Covers organ donor expenses
    • Get guidance concerning visa documentation for any medically necessary treatment abroad
    • Avail an e-opinion from a panel of internationally available medical practitioners
  6. HDFC ERGO Optima Secure Global Plus

    A comprehensive health insurance plan offering access to a wide-network of healthcare facilities across the globe. The global plan offers a sum insured up to INR 2 crores and offers multiple features in India and abroad.

    What We Like?

    • Lump sum benefits and comprehensive coverage for 51 critical illnesses as an optional add-on
    • Covers overseas travel and accommodation expenses for an accompanying person
    • E-opinion for critical illnesses globally available
    • Sum insured restoration up to 100% of SI on partial or complete exhaustion of sum insured
    • Preventive health check-ups
  7. ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance

    A robust international health insurance plan with a sum insured range of USD 50,000 to 5,00,000. Comprehensive plans with extensive coverage and no medical test required up to 85 years of age. Comes in multiple variants namely, gold plan, multi-trip plan, platinum plan, Asia plan, and senior citizen plan.

    What We Like?

    • Personal accident cover available in case of accidental death or permanent total/partial disability
    • Compensation paid in case of death or permanent total/partial disability while travelling
    • In case of an injury, the plan covers the cost of treatment for natural teeth
    • Value-added services for dependents in India
    • In case the insured individual needs to evacuate the country, the global plan will cover the cost of the insured’s return to the Country of Residence
  8. Niva Bupa Travel Assure

    A global health plan offered by Niva Bupa is ideal for students and one-time travellers. A plan that travels with you anywhere in the world, offering three variants namely, Lite, Basic, and Comprehensive.

    What We Like?

    • Coverage for overseas hospitalization up to $5,00,000 without any sub-limits
    • Covers pre-existing diseases
    • You are covered in case of an accidental injury
    • OPD care is available in case of accident or illness
    • Coverage of medical expenses for dental treatment
  9. Care International Travel Insurance

    A global health plan designed to cater to single trips, multiple trips and frequent flyers. The plan is available in 8 different variants Explore Asia, ANZ, Africa, Europe, Canada+, Explore Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

    What We Like?

    • Pre-existing conditions are covered in case of life-threatening diseases
    • Covered for treatments in the home country as a part of in-patient hospitalization
    • Coverage for trip delay, cancellation, or interruption
    • Loss of passport covered
    • Upgradation to business class is covered
  10. SBI Travel Insurance (Business and Holiday)

    A comprehensive health plan for you and your family members when you are globetrotting.

    What We Like?

    • In case of emergency evacuation, SBI travel insurance will bear the expenses
    • In case you are injured or fall ill during your travel, the plan covers the healthcare expenses
    • Loss of passport, baggage, and more are covered
    • Hijack cover of USD 200 per 24 hours is provided
    • 24/7 emergency assistance is available

How Do Global Health Insurance Plans Work?

The best international health insurance plans offer you coverage regardless of your geographical location. Offering you a wide array of services like in-patient hospitalization, ambulance services, health check-ups, accidental death/disability cover, loss of baggage and/or passport cover, compassionate travel expenses, and more. All the features will vary as per your international health insurance plan.

Invest wisely in global health insurance and avail of the best treatments in India and abroad.

Do You Need Global Health Insurance To Enter Some Countries?

Around 43 countries across the globe require you to have international health insurance. Regardless of your purpose of travel, many international countries have mandated tourists, and students to invest in a health insurance plan.

The agenda is simple, while many international countries offer free medical care to their citizens, it is not the same for foreign nationals. Availing medical treatment in a foreign land may prove to be an expensive affair. To prevent any serious damage to the health of the tourists due to the unavailability of quality medical care, many countries mandate individuals to invest in global health insurance.

What Is Not Covered In Global Health Insurance Plan?

Like domestic health plans, international health insurance plans too have certain exclusions:

  • Cosmetic procedures are not covered
  • Obesity/Bariatric surgery is not covered
  • Intentional self-harm is not covered
  • Injuries or hospitalization due to illegal activities are not covered
  • Drugs or alcohol abuse is not covered

How To Choose International Health Insurance Plans With PolicyX?

With a multitude of international health insurance plan options in the market, you might feel lost. Ask yourself these questions before choosing the best international health insurance:

  • What Are The Locations Covered?

    Before selecting a global health cover check the listed countries providing medical coverage. Not all international health insurance plans provide global coverage. Many exclude the USA and Canada.

    Consider the countries you seek medical treatments from and then find the appropriate health insurance plan.

  • Is The Sum Insured Enough?

    Imagine having an international medical emergency during your vacation and not having enough funds to access medical care in a foreign land. It would be a nightmare!

    Select an international health insurance with a sufficient sum insured amount.

  • Are Cashless Treatments Available?

    Understand if your health insurance provider has TPAs placed in hospitals and medical care facilities of the country for cashless hospitalization and treatments.

    Ensuring cashless hospitalization and treatments will make sure that your international health plan provides with hassle-free claim settlement.

  • What Are The Inclusions?

    If your international health plan only covers you for in-patient hospitalization and you require a daycare procedure, your health plan will be of no use.

    Make sure to check the list of coverage features before investing in global health insurance.

  • Will My International Health Plan Restore My Sum Insured?

    Regardless of a planned or emergency hospitalization, ask yourself if your global health plan offers restoration of the sum insured on partial or complete exhaustion.

Benefits Of International Health Insurance?

If you are asking yourself what good can international health insurance do for a 1-month trip to Europe, we have some eye-opening answers for you:

  • Take Your Healthcare Everywhere You Go

    Let your international health insurance worry about your healthcare needs like cashless hospitalization, doctor consultations, daycare procedures, ambulance services, etc. while you focus on your recovery

  • Seek Treatments Abroad For Life-Threatening Ailments

    Life-threatening ailments like cancer, strokes, etc. can be treated abroad with advanced medical technology. Many health insurance plans do not cover medical treatments available outside India preventing many families from traveling abroad.

    Investing in an international health plan will cover you financially allowing you to get the best possible treatments abroad.

  • Cover Planned Treatments

    Many health insurance plans offer worldwide coverage including emergency hospitalization but never planned medical expenses.

    Investing in a global health plan ensures you are funded for planned medical treatments abroad in addition to emergency hospitalizations.

  • You Are One Call Away From Your Nearest Hospital

    You do not have to worry about getting to the nearest hospitals in case of an emergency in a foreign land. Ambulance services are covered by your international health plans even in an unknown city, where there may be language barriers.

  • Additional Services

    How great would it be if your international health plan could cover you for lost baggage, or passport?

    Many international health insurance plans cover you for loss of baggage and passport and even delayed or cancelled flights.

Who Should Invest In International Health Insurance?

Now the real question is, ' Do I Need To Buy An International Health Insurance Plan?’. The simple answer is, not everyone needs a global health plan. However, you must invest in one if:

  • You have an interest in travelling and often fly abroad.
  • You are in a profession which requires you to stay abroad for longer periods such as pilots, cabin crews, etc.
  • You are a business traveller and have to travel abroad to meet clients.
  • You are a student, planning to pursue higher education abroad.

What Documents Are Required To File A Claim For International Health Plan?

The documents required to file international health insurance claims are:

  • Claim form
  • Travel tickets
  • Identification documents
  • Hospital bills
  • Discharge document

Still confused about how to file claims? Talk to our IRDAI-certified insurance experts now!

Best International Health Insurance Plans in 2024: FAQ's

1. What is the difference between international travel insurance and international health insurance?

Travel health insurance dedicatedly covers injuries and hospitalization during your time spent travelling abroad. It can be covered for a single trip or multiple trips. It also covers loss of baggage, passports, cancellation or delayed flights, and more. Whereas, international health insurance is designed to cater to emergency hospitalization, planned medical expenses or for students.

2. What is the premium for international health insurance?

While global health insurance is affordable today, there are many factors contributing to the premium costs for the same like:

  • Age
  • Destination
  • Desired coverage amount
  • Pre-existing conditions

3. Can I get international health insurance if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, depending on the international health insurance you choose, pre-existing diseases are covered in case they are life-threatening.

4. Do I need to undergo pre-policy health check-ups to purchase international health insurance plans?

No, most global health plans do not require you to undergo pre-policy medical check-ups up until 65 to 80 years of age.

5. Can I purchase international health insurance after my travel tickets are booked?

Yes, you can purchase global health insurance after you have booked your accommodations and flights.

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