SBI Life Flexi Smart Plus
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About SBI Life Flexi Smart Plus Plan - An Overview

SBI Life Flexi Smart Plus is a non-linked, variable insurance policy that offers the required comprehensive life insurance cover along with investment opportunities. It is a participating variable insurance plan that allows the beneficiary to receive the sum assured or 105% of total premiums paid as of the date of intimation of death claim in the form of death benefits.

This plan comes out with regular and guaranteed benefits along with few other advantages such as bonus interest rates, premium holidays, etc. It also offers the flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing needs, thus, it helps to accomplish all your goals.

Key Features of SBI Life Flexi Smart Plus Plan

  1. Guaranteed Minimum Bonus

    It allows the insured to receive an interest rate of 1.00% p.a on the balance of the policy account daily on a pro-rated basis. Under the same, the accrued interest will be directly credited to the balance at the end of every financial year. It will form a part of the principal at the starting of the financial year.

  2. Interim Bonus

    The plan comes out with an interim bonus for its customers. The same will be declared at the start of the year.

  3. Flexibility

    The plan offers the flexibility to increase or decrease your sum assured and the insured can also choose policy terms according to his requirements.

  4. Surrender Benefit

    Insured is free to surrender the plan at any time during the entire policy term. After surrendering the policy, the insured is not allowed to revive the policy.

    • If you surrender the policy during the first 5 policy years, the life cover will cease and the fund management charge of the discontinued policy account will be deducted.
    • If you surrender the policy after completing 5 policy years, the insured will get plan account value immediately.
  5. Partial Withdrawals

    • The plan allows the insured to make partial withdrawals from the 6th policy year onwards.
    • One free partial withdrawal during a policy year is allowed. In case of an extra withdrawal, a charge of Rs. 100 will be levied.
    • 3 partial withdrawals are allowed during one policy year and not more than 10 partial withdrawals during the entire policy term.
    • Minimum Partial withdrawal allowed is Rs. 2000.
    • Maximum Partial Withdrawal is up to the sum of all accrued bonuses are allowed.
  6. Revival/renewal

    Your policy can be reinstated within two years from the date of the first unpaid premium. For this, you are required to pay all outstanding premiums.

  7. Grace Period

    The SBI Life Flexi Smart Plus Plan comes with a grace period of 30 days from the due date for year/half-yearly/quarterly premium and 15 days for the monthly premium. It is extra time that the plan offers to make your payment after the due date.

  8. Free Look Period

    The plan comes out with a free look period of 15 days. Under the same, policyholders can cancel the plan in case of dissatisfaction with the terms and conditions of the policy.

  9. Income Tax Benefit

    The premium that you pay under this life insurance plan is eligible for tax exemption under Section 80C.

Benefits of SBI Life Flexi Smart Plus Plan

1 Guaranteed Death Benefit

In the case of the insured's death, the plan will offer the following death benefits:

  • For Gold Benefit - The death benefit will be higher of the account value or sum assured or 105% of the total premiums paid as on the date of intimation of the claim form.
  • For Platinum Benefit - The death benefit will be of higher of the policy account plus sum assured or 105% of the total premiums paid as on the date of intimation of the claim form.

If the policy gets discontinued during the first 5 years of policy then the account value of the same policy is payable at the time of claim intimation.

If the policy gets discontinued after the completion of 5 policy years, then the death benefit is payable:

  • If the insured requested to revive the policy and death occurs after this case
  • If the insured is requesting to convert the policy to paid up and death occurs after this case.

2 Maturity Benefit

At the time of maturity, the insured will receive the policy account value that includes a terminal bonus. The maturity benefit will be paid in a lump sum amount.

3 Increase Policy Term

Every year after the completion of 5 years of the policy, the insured will get a choice to increase the policy tenure. If the insured increases the policy tenure, the corresponding premium payment term will also be increased. You can grab this benefit only once during the entire policy term.

SBI Life Flexi Smart Plus: Charges

Policy Administration Charges

The charges equal to Rs.70 in the initial year and Rs.50 from the second year onwards. The policy administration charges will keep on increasing every year at 3% per annum.

Fund Management Charges

Fund management charges are levied as a percentage of the policy value account. The same will be reflected in the value of the policy account. The annual charge is 0.75 p.a and for the discontinued policy, it is 0.50%.

Discontinuance Charges

YearDiscontinuation Charge
1Lower of 6% of (AP or FV) subject to a maximum of Rs. 6000
2Lower of 4% of (AP or FV) subject to a maximum of Rs. 5000
3Lower of 3% of (AP or FV) subject to a maximum of Rs. 4000
4Lower of 2% of (AP or FV) subject to a maximum of Rs. 2000

Premium Allocation Charge

YearPremium Allocation Charge (% of Premium)

Mortality Charges

Mortality charges are recovered every month on the first date of every month. It will be based on your age and sum at risk.

Eligibility Criteria

Entry AgeMinimum: 18 yearsMaximum : 60 years
Maturity AgeMinimum: 23 yearsMaximum: 65 years
Policy TermMinimum: 5 yearsMaximum: 30 years
Premium FrequencyYearly/Half-yearly/Quarterly/Monthly
Premium AmountsMinimum Yearly: Rs. 50,000, Half-yearly: Rs. 30,000, Quarterly: Rs. 20,000, Monthly: Rs. 9,000
Maximum: No Limit

Sample Illustration

This graph illustrates the maturity benefit which will be paid to the claimant under SBI Life Flexi Smart Plus Plan Gold and Platinum for policy term 5 years, Premium amount - Rs. 9000/- at different ages and maturity value at 4%.

Age (in years)Gold- Maturity Value @4%Platinum- Maturity Value @4%

Maturity Benefits of SBI Life Flexi Smart Plus Plan

Maturity Benefits of SBI Life Flexi Smart Plus Plan


Suicide Exclusion: if the policyholder commits suicide within the first year of the policy from the issuance date or revival date of the insurance policy, the policy will get void. In such a case, the company will pay the policy account value to the nominee.

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July 20, 2021

Raghu Kapoor


Honestly speaking, investing in the SBI ULIP plan was one of the best decisions of my life. After investing for 20 years, I received the maturity benefit. With that amount, I will be able to send my daughter abroad for her higher studies and save something for her marriage. In this time of inflation, saving for your future expenses is a must. and SBI will help you.

July 20, 2021

Vidhya Sharma


One of the best companies to invest your money and secure your family s future. 5 years before I bought the SBI life insurance policy, that too with affordable premiums. Now I am at peace if something happens to me, my children will at least have a financially secured future.

July 19, 2021

Nayanav Wani


ULIP so far has been generating good returns. Happy with the investment and the constant support at SBI Life

July 19, 2021

Rohaan Daini


Some very interesting options. I have invested in their pension plan and hoping to retire peacefully. The customer support has been phenomenal

July 19, 2021

Anita Goswami


SBI Life term plan got me and my kids through a very hard time. Thanks to the entire team for the support

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