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ICICI Prudential Term Insurance Policy Premium Calculator

ICICI Term Plan calculator is an online tool specially designed to help potential customers calculate the monthly premium that they need to pay for a term insurance plan they wish to purchase. When purchasing an ICICI Prudential Term policy, this calculator proves to be quite useful and convenient. ICICI Prudential Insurance offers a variety of term insurance policies with different amounts of sum assured. The ICICI Term Insurance Premium Calculator allows you to choose your ideal sum assured and customize your plan as per your insurance requirements and budget.

In this article, we will discuss the importance and benefits of using the ICICI Term Plan calculator.

Why use ICICI Prudential Term Plan Calculator?

If you have decided to go for ICICI Term Insurance plans, then before proceeding you must calculate your premium well in advance. Doing this will give you an approximate estimate of your policy premium. Still confused? Well let's help you understand the need for an ICICI Term plan premium calculator with the help of an example:

Mrs Sharma and her friend Mrs Negi decided to buy the ICICI Term Insurance plan. Mrs Negi used the  ICICI Prudential Premium calculator to get her plan's quotations and suggested Mrs Sharma do the same. However, she denied it and preferred to go with the agent's quotations.

When compared, Mrs Sharma had to pay 30% extra than what Mrs Negi paid for the same policy. Apparently, she had to pay for the agent's fees and other additional charges, whereas, Mrs Negi was able to buy her policy online from the comfort of her home and also bagged some online discount.

With the help of the ICICI Term Insurance Premium Calculator, you will save time and will be able to manage your future finances well in advance. It will also recommend an best term insurance plan that meets your needs in less than a few minutes.

How to Use ICICI Prudential Insurance Premium Calculator?

The online ICICI Term plan premium calculator makes calculating ICICI Prudential Term Insurance premium a simple and easy task. To use the ICICI Prudential Term Insurance Premium Calculator, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of ICICI Prudential, from the top menu, go to the “Library” tab, and select Tools and Calculators.

Step 2: Select the Term Insurance calculator and enter your personal information, such as age, gender, coverage amount, and life cover, into the ICICI Prudential term insurance premium calculator.

Step 3: The premium will be computed instantly when you fill in these facts. You may also alter the computed premium by altering variables such as age, life insurance, gender, and so on.

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Just got my claims settled. Thank god my husban chose ICICI term plan who understand how important the hassle-free claim is a blessing at this point when you have lost your everything. Thankyou ICICI for supporting me

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bought a term plan from icici pru after carefully considereing that covid like situation is imminent. my fam needed protection financially and now they have it

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will be foreever grateful to policyx for helping me settle the claim...really needed all the support in this time

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