Health Insurance For Surgery
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Health Insurance For Surgery
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Health Insurance For Surgery: An Introduction

Undergoing any kind of surgery can be a mentally, physically, and financially exhausting task. One of the prime reasons to invest in health insurance plans for surgery is to have adequate financial backup for such situations.

While base health insurance plans cover multiple surgical procedures as per their policy schedules, there might be certain sub-limits attached to them. However, with surgical health insurance, the sum insured available is dedicated to surgical procedures or operative care prescribed by your doctor.

This article explores multiple aspects of health insurance for surgery:

  • Health insurance for surgery
  • What does it cover?
  • Advantages of Health Insurance for Surgery
  • Eligibility Criteria, and more

What Is Health Insurance For Surgery?

A lot many times the road to recovery starts with a surgical procedure for many. Medical insurance for surgery covers you for long-term and expensive surgeries required to cure various ailments. Not only does it cover you for surgeries but also additional expenses like post-operative care, in-patient hospitalization, etc.

Health Insurance For Surgery: Eligibility Criteria

Now that we have gathered some information on what health insurance for surgery is, let us further shed light on the eligibility of these plans.

The eligibility criteria for surgical health insurance are similar to that of base health insurance plans but vary as per insurance providers.

Entry Age Minimum: 18 Years Children: 3 Months to 25 Years
Adult Entry Age Maximum: 65 Years
Policy Term 1/2/3 Years
Renewability Lifelong
Initial Waiting Period 30/90 Days
Pre-existing Diseases Covered after a waiting period

Inclusions & Exclusions In Surgical Health Insurance

You have now planned to purchase surgical health insurance, but are wondering what are the inclusions in the same. Your search is over, as we uncover the inclusions and exclusions in health insurance for surgery:

Inclusions Exclusions
In-patient hospitalization Self-inflicted injuries
ICU expenses HIV/AIDS
Daycare procedures Cosmetic Procedures
Emergency Ambulance Change of Gender Treatments
Organ Donor Expenses Maternity Expenses
Medical Second Opinion AYUSH Treatments
OPD cover Unproven Treatments
Diagnostics Injuries due to Substance/Alcohol Abuse

Who Should Purchase Health Insurance For Surgery?

Are you wondering if Health insurance for surgery is the right health plan for you? We are here to help you navigate through it. Keep reading to learn more:

  • If you are someone with a family history of critical illnesses or ailments
  • Suffering from or previously diagnosed with any serious ailments related to any organ of the body
  • If you want adequate sum insured coverage for expensive surgeries and procedures
  • For those who want to be covered for post-operation care with health insurance for surgery
  • If you are looking for a health plan covering you for a wide variety of surgical procedures

Advantages Of Health Insurance For Surgery

If you are investing in surgical health insurance, you are entitled to the following advantages:

  • Tax Benefits

    Health insurance plans for surgeries offer you tax benefits under section 80D just like any other health plan.
  • Multiple Surgical Procedures Covered

    As per different health insurance plans and their coverage terms, individuals are covered for multiple surgical procedures when required.
  • Regular Health Check-Ups

    If you think a surgical health plan only covers operation costs, you are wrong. It covers you for annual health check-ups as well which are very much required post-surgery to make a complete recovery.
  • High Sum Insured

    A common debate among customers is, will the sum insured be adequate if they invest in surgical health insurance. The answer is a straight yes, as it offers you a dedicated sum insured for covering corrective surgeries, and operations that are deemed necessary.
  • Cashless Treatments

    With health insurance for surgery, you are promised a smooth and hassle-free surgical procedure without worrying about the expenses and bill settlements. Most popular health insurance companies have a large number of amazing hospitals & medical facilities under their network. This is a great advantage for the policyholders as they can avail of top-notch medical treatments, surgical procedures, and other vital facilities without paying anything from their side.

How To Purchase Health Insurance For Surgery With PolicyX?

You can purchase health insurance for surgery in the following simple steps

  • Visit the official website of PolicyX
  • Click on the 'Health Insurance' tab to explore health insurance plans for surgery
  • Find your ideal health plan
  • Fill in your details such as name, how many members are to be covered, etc., and click on 'view plan'
  • Insert your contact details for further information as our insurance experts contact you at the earliest

Health Insurance For Surgery: Things To Keep In Mind

There are certain factors people must consider before investing in health insurance for surgery.

  • Cross-check all the surgical procedures covered by the health insurance plan you opt for
  • Consider all your health care needs like annual health check-ups, post-operative care, diagnostics, and OPD. Check all the inclusions mentioned in the policy schedule
  • Check if reputed hospitals are available on the network hospital panel of the health insurer you choose to avail of the best services
  • Consider the availability of lifetime renewability in the health insurance for surgery you purchase
  • Understand all the co-pay, deductibles, and sub-limit clauses, if any.

Wrapping It Up

Now that we have understood the workings and concept of surgical health insurance it is easier to make a purchase decision. It is common knowledge that medical ailments are uninvited. Many illnesses require you to undergo surgeries which can be a costly affair, without the correct health insurance plan for surgery.

If you are someone with a family history of major ailments like cancer, heart ailments, etc. do not ignore health plans which cover the cost of surgeries.

For any questions about surgical health insurance or if you are simply comparing health insurance plans, connect with insurance experts at PolicyX.

Health Insurance For Surgery: FAQ's

1. Does a health insurance plan cover surgical procedures?

Yes, most health insurance plans cover surgical procedures. However, there are cappings and sub-limits attached to the same.

2. Are there dedicated health insurance plans covering the cost of surgeries?

Yes, health insurance for surgery is a dedicated plan that will cover you and your family members against operative treatments deemed necessary by the doctor.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for health insurance for surgery?

The entry age for adults and dependent children is mentioned below:

  • Minimum: 18 Years (Adults) and 3 Months (Children)
  • Maximum: 65 Years (Adults) and 25 Years (Children)

4. Are there any waiting periods involved with surgical health insurance?

Yes, surgical health insurance requires you to serve a certain waiting period of 30 days.

5. Are pre-existing diseases covered with surgical health insurance?

Yes, pre-existing diseases are covered in health insurance for surgery. However, the insured individual is required to serve a waiting period before doing so.

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