Chola MS Healthline Plan
Chola MS Healthline Plan
  • No-claim Benefits
  • Tax Benefits u/s 80D
  • Daycare Treatment
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Chola MS Healthline Plan

Chola Healthline is a must-have insurance policy for growing families with small kids (entering school age). It is a health insurance policy that tends to provide insurance coverage on floater sum insured basis to the individual & families. One can cover the spouse, dependent children, parents, siblings, and parents-in-law as well.

Several health demands are covered by these medical insurance plans such as Ayurvedic treatments, Dentalcare, Eyecare, Maternity and some others which are probably beyond the covers provided by the regular health insurance policy. The sum insured of the policyholder gets increased by percentage (annually) based upon the plan chosen without any claim under the policy.

Chola Healthline Plan Variants

There are four different variants to suit the specific needs of the customers. Below is the explanation for each one of them:-

  • Value Healthline Policy: This plan is designed for busy people who are ambitious and just-married. By taking account of your life stages, it protects the policyholder in case of an emergency.
  • Freedom Healthline Policy: This comprehensive plan is for the entire family and it covers the policyholder as well as the needs of the family while hospitalization.
  • Enrich Healthline Policy: It is a total wellness cover that is designed for the policyholder and the family dependents as well. The needs which come along with the increasing age are covered by this policy during hospitalization.
  • Privilege Healthline Policy: Chola Privilege Healthline policy is also a total wellness plan that covers the expense of outpatient/dental/contact lens/hearing aids/others and extended hospitalization.
Chola MS Healthline Plan

Eligibility Table

Relationships CoveredAge Limits To Enter The PlanMedical Checkup
Self, spouse, dependent parents or in-laws and siblings18 years to 45 yearsHealth checkup not required up to 45 years of age
Children (up to 4 children )90 days to 26 yearsHealth checkup not required

Features & Benefits Of Chola Healthline Plan

  • No-claim Benefits: This is the most intriguing feature that makes the policy essential for every family. An increase of 5% to 50% in the policy holder’s sum insured is provided for every claim-free year. The reduction of the sum insured with every claim is 5% of the original sum insured.
  • Hospitalization: Cover for the pre-hospitalization expenses are incurred up to 60 days before hospitalization for consultation, investigations, and medicines. On the other hand, cover for the post-hospitalization expenses is incurred up to 90 days after discharge for consultation, medicines, and investigations.
  • Daycare Treatments: The expenses for 141 daycare procedures are covered by the plan which would be of great benefit as this may otherwise cost the expenses of the hospitalization for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Cover For Organ Donor: Organ transplantation costs are covered by the Chola Healthline policy which also includes the treatment cost of the donor (except the organ’s cost).
  • Discounts: The insured has the option to avail the co-payment of 10% under the Chola ms Healthline policy by which discount on the premium can also be availed.
  • Eye Cover: A maximum of 1% of the sum insured which is Rs.5000 can be entitled to the compensation of the costs if the policy is renewed for three consecutive years. This benefit can be availed once in a block of two renewals (continuously) from the fourth renewal.
  • Free Look Period: A free look period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy document is provided to every policyholder within which one can request a refund.
  • Tax Benefits: The policyholder can avail of the tax benefits for the premium amount that is paid towards the Chola Healthline plan under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Healthline Plan Coverages

Covered benefitsValue HealthlineFreedom HealthlineEnrich HealthlinePrivilege Healthline
Expenses for newborn baby hospitalizationNot providedNot providedNot providedUp to 2 lakhs per delivery
Expenses for Emergency Ambulance (in INR)1000200020005000
Expenses for Domiciliary Hospitalization per policy year per policyholderUp to 7 dayUp to 7 dayUp to 7 dayUp to 7 day
Expenses for Ayush CoverageExpenses for Ayush CoverageCoveredCoveredCovered
Expenses for Maternity (after 3 consecutive renewals and up to deliveries) (in INR)Not providedNot providedNot providedMaximum of 2 lakhs per delivery
Expenses for pre-hospitalizationFor a monthFor 2 monthsFor 2 monthsFor 2 months
Expenses for post-hospitalizationFor 2 monthsFor 3 monthsFor 3 monthsFor 3 months
Expenses for organ donor hospitalizationCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Expenses for daycare procedures or treatment expensesCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Expenses for the child hospitalization allowance (in INR per hospitalization)Not coveredNot covered500 on each hospitalized day for a weekNot covered
Expenses for dental/specs/hearing aids/contact lens (in INR)Not coveredNot coveredNot covered10,000 for every 2 policy years
Expenses for the allowance of extended hospitalization (in INR for a minimum of 10 days of hospitalization)Not coveredNot covered1000010000
Expenses for specialist opinion for any type of critical illnessNot coveredNot coveredNot covered25000
Double sum insuredNot coveredNot coveredProvided for critical illnesses and accidentsProvided for critical illnesses and accidents

Exclusion Under The Plan

The Cholamandalam Healthline plan excludes the cover from the treatments of the following conditions:-

  • Suicide attempts.
  • Consumption of drugs or alcohol.
  • AIDS and Congenital disease.
  • Treatments for cosmetic, aesthetic and similar ones.
  • Weight control programs or obesity treatments for services or supplies.
  • Expenses for hospitalizations while war, strike, and other nuclear weapons.
  • Vitro fertilization and infertility.

Chola Healthline Premium Calculation

Like any other health insurance policies, the amount of the premium is based on several key factors such as age, sum insured, the term of plans, medical history, policy type preferred and coverage details. One needs to fill in all these details to calculate the premium instantly via any online calculator. However, with the change of variables, the premium amount can also be changed to a great extent.

Renewal Benefits of Cholamandalam Healthline Policy

The policyholder can avail the lifelong renewal benefit from the Cholamandalam Healthline policy and in case of having a no-claim year, the special benefits can be availed. These special benefits include the increase in the sum assured while the policy is renewed the following year.

Privilege HealthlineEnrich HealthlineFreedom HealthlineValue Healthline
Expenses for Health CheckupProvided once after two years of no claimsProvided once after two years of no claimsProvided once after three years of no claimsNot provided
Cumulative BonusSubject to a maximum of 50% of the entire sum insured, cumulative bonus of 5% of the sum insured is providedSubject to a maximum of 100% of the entire sum insured, cumulative bonus of 50% of the sum insured is providedSubject to a maximum of 50% of the entire sum insured, cumulative bonus of 5% of the sum insured is providedSubject to a maximum of 25% of the entire sum insured, cumulative bonus of 5% of the sum insured is provided
Cumulative Bonus in case of a claim in every policy yearReduced to 5% of the sum insuredReduced to 5% of the sum insuredReduced to 5% of the sum insuredReduced to 5% of the sum insured

Chola MS Healthline Plan Review

Cholamandalam Healthline policy can be quite a beneficial insurance cover when compared to any other health insurance plan. This is because; it provides almost all medical benefits including Dental Cover, Maternity, Hospitalization expenses, Hearing Aids and Spectacles, etc.

Last updated on 17-12-2020