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SBI Term Insurance Premium Calculator

Term insurance calculator offered by SBI life insurance is a tool which estimates the amount of premiums that you will have to pay for the term insurance policy you wish to buy. You can check the cost of premiums for monthly, half-yearly or annual mode of payment. SBI Term Insurance Calculator simplifies the process of selecting a term insurance plan amidst a sea of choices for the user and allows them to make a decision that is economical and fulfills all of the requirements. The calculator asks for basic information such as name, age, sum insured, income, smoking habits, contact details etc to show the premiums of the term plans.

SBI Term Insurance Features

SBI Term Insurance offers multiple features and benefits to its policyholders along with a hassle-free claim process and effortless services.

sbi Term Insurance Key Features

How to Use SBI Term Insurance Premium Calculator

The SBI term insurance premium calculator is very easy to use and requires simple steps:

  • Go to the SBI term insurance calculator page on the official website of PolicyX.
  • Select your gender and age and click on 'View Plans'.
  • Now, select your city and annual income and click on 'Proceed'.
  • Now enter your name, and mobile number and click on 'Get Free Quotes'.
  • Enter your birthday, education qualification, occupation, smoking habits, and email address.
  • After this, the calculator will display all the suitable plans for you.

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What are the Benefits of SBI Term Insurance Premium Calculator?

SBI Term Insurance Calculator offers multiple benefits to individuals who want to purchase an SBI term insurance policy.

1. When calculating premiums using the SBI premium calculator, the users get the benefit of a 360-degree overall view of what the premium costs comprise, such as additional taxes, optional added benefits that a user can select before checking out, and discount options.

2. The calculator helps in making a seamless purchase without the involvement of any agent or third party avoiding any possible complications.

3. Users can choose their own premium payment terms and policy terms when selecting a term plan.

4. The calculator does not require any additional fee or subscription amount in order for the user to calculate their term insurance plan premiums.


SBI Term Insurance Premium Calculator is an easy-to-use premium calculator that gives policyholders the insight needed to make the right purchase decision and offers them a clear picture of the discounts offered as well.

SBI Term Insurance Premium Calculator: FAQs

1. How does the SBI term insurance premium calculator work?

It is fairly simple to use the SBI term insurance premium calculator by following some steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of SBI Life Insurance
  • Fill in your name
  • Fill in your gender
  • Fill in your date of birth
  • State if you are a Smoker/Non-Smoker
  • Sum Assured that you need
  • Your Annual Income
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID

2. Does SBI term insurance premium calculator provide accurate insurance premiums?

Yes, sbi term insurance premium calculator is an essential tool for users who want to purchase any SBI Life insurance plan as it helps them to gather the right quotes for premium costs that include all the possible factors such as age, income, gender, lifestyle habits, discount offers, alternative plan options as well as additional benefits.

3. Are SBI Life term insurance plans tax free?

Yes, users do get the tax benefits applicable to any SBI Life term plan under the Income tax benefit act.

4. What are the factors that affect SBI term insurance premium calculator?

A user must mention their age, gender, income, lifestyle habits- smoking/non-smoking, as well as optional benefits needed by the user in order to gain the correct premium amount.

5. Will I get discounts on premiums calculated by SBI term insurance premium calculator?

Yes, if the plan is eligible for any kind of discount mentioned by the company it will reflect on the premium calculated by SBI term insurance premium calculator.

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Rahul Gupta


January 27, 2021

I have been using term insurance from SBI life company since last two years, and the service they provide me was very good, till now i have not face any issue in that

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Pooja Gaur


June 15, 2020

I purchased the saral jeevan bima plan from SBI Life insurance company in 2019 and I'm happy with this plan. The company offers good plans and the staff of the company is also very helping and ...

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Abhishek Rawat


June 15, 2020

I am fully happy and satisfied with the service given to me by SBI term insurance company. Keep it up.

Customer Review Image

Manmohan Tiwari


May 25, 2020

I am having SBI eshield policy from last 3 years and it is a good plan. I am satisfied with the services of SBI company.

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Rashmi Kapoor


July 4, 2019

SBI is a good and reliable company. Would recommend all my friends and family to buy term plans from this company.

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