IFFCO Tokio Family Health Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Family Health Insurance
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IFFCO Tokio Family Health Insurance Policy

Nowadays everyone wants to secure his/her family as they are many uncertainties in life. Family health insurance is a great way to protect and secure their health effectively.

Health insurance secures you from paying the full costs of medical expenses when you're sick. Under the health insurance plan you can provide greater coverage to yourself and your family under a single policy. It is an affordable family health insurance and cost-optimized. Also, the family health insurance premium is competitive and reasonable.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Hospitalization Expenses:

This insurance policy covers hospitalisation for treatment of physical injury or disease sustained in the plan period. The policyholder does not need to worry about the hospitalization expenses under this policy. This plan assures quality treatment. Hospitalisation expenses of people providing organs during organ transplantation of policyholder would also get the coverage.

Domiciliary hospitalization:

Expenses of domiciliary hospitalization up to a maximum sub-limit of 20% of the basic sum insured. Under this, the insurer will pay for the medical treatment for a period of more than 3 days, which would usually need hospitalization, but is taken at home for genuine reasons.

Pre and Post Hospitalization:

aximum expenses of pre and post hospitalization for the maximum period of 30 days each, beyond hospitalisation period will get the needful coverage.

Expert View

If you love your family and want to secure their health then you must buy this plan for them. It is a good policy that will provide you the needful coverage at the right time. Your family will feel secure on having this insurance as a backup.

Why IFFCO Tokio Family Health Insurance Policy?

Portability Facility:

Under this useful plan, the insured will also get the portability facility for those who want to switch in from covers under other Insurer's Policies, whereby transfer of credit gained by the policyholder for cumulative bonus and time bound Exclusion Clauses is effected, at the time of renewal.

Add-On Cover:

A special add-on cover available through the critical illness extension under the wider plan policy option, on payment of extra premium.

Emergency Medical Cover:

The insured will get the special medical coverage and assistance for domestic travelling and value added services under this.


All non medical expenses, including personal comfort and convenience item services will not get any coverage.

Expenses on naturopathy, experimental or alternative medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, magnetic and similar therapies will not be liable for cover.

Any pre-existing disease, for a period of 4 years of continuous cover from commencement of the Insured's first medical policy will not get the cover.

Page updated on 04-06-2020