IFFCO Tokio Individual Accident Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Individual Accident Insurance
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IFFCO Tokio Individual Accident Insurance Policy

Individual Accident Insurance is a policy that provides the required coverage in case of any unexpected mishap or accident. It is a complete protection plan that protects you from uncertainties of life. In case of an unfortunate death of the insured the policy will provide complete financial security to the insured's family members.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Complete Protection:

This insurance plan provides complete protection against accidental incidents that might lead to death. It will help you in the hard times.

Educational Benefit:

In the case of an unfortunate event of death or loss of limbs/eyes or permanent disability of the policyholder, the expenses of education of the dependant children will get the required coverage from this insurance policy.

Employment Benefit:

This cover offers financial assistance upto certain limits in the case of loss of employment of the policyholder because of an accident.

Ambulance Benefit:

If case of an accident where policyholder needs an ambulance to reach the hospital, the policy will pay for the related expenses upto a definite limit.

Expert View

One of the must have insurance policies. It is a policy that helps you in numerous ways. It protects the insured from several types of uncertainties. The helpful financial coverage provided under this will help you in dealing with any unfortunate incident.

Why IFFCO Tokio Individual Accident Insurance?

Cumulative Benefit:

in this insurance policy the sum insured amount for you and your family members under individual and family covers is automatically increased on renewal up to particular limits.

Add on Benenfits:

There are some additional benefits that the insured will get during the insurance period. These benefits will help the insured in several ways and offers a secure life.


Some of the important exclusions under the policy are self-injury, suicide, venereal disease, insanity, influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, pregnancy or childbirth, HIV or AIDS, war and nuclear risks etc.

Page updated on 04-06-2020