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HDFC Term Insurance Premium Calculator

The HDFC Term Insurance Premium Calculator is a specially built tool that assists in determining the estimated amount of premium to be paid to keep the policy active.

With the help of the HDFC term plan calculator, policyholders can make an informed decision and choose the plan that provides the most coverage for the lowest price. 

To make sure that you don't face any financial hardship with regard to your insurance policy in future, it is important that you carefully consider your premium amount at the time of selecting a term plan. Buying a term policy with expensive premiums that you can not afford can make it difficult for you to pay the premiums on a regular basis. A premium calculator helps you to have a look at the premiums of all the plans at once and then decide the one that fits your pocket. It is essential to use a calculator as it can be an excellent way to compare plans and understand if their coverage fits their cost.

What are the Benefits of Using HDFC Term Insurance Premium Calculator

  • Comparison made easier:

    Insurance companies sell a variety of term plans to cater to the demands of various customers. Using an HDFC Term insurance plan premium calculator simplifies the process by allowing consumers to compare the features, costs, and coverage of several term plans and make an informed selection.
  • No overspending:

    Because no broker is involved, buying HDFC term plans online is less expensive than buying them offline. In addition, having all the plans and their premiums at one place makes it easier to understand which plan is cost effective.
  • Add riders and add-ons easily:

    Just like having all plans at once, premium calculators display all the add-ons and riders available at one place making it easier for you to check which benefits you can buy and which riders are available to add to your policy.

How does HDFC Life Term Insurance Premium Calculator work?

HDFC Premium Calculator can be easily accessed from the official website of the company. Go through the following steps to understand how to use it:

  • Visit the official website of HDFC Life Insurance Company, and click on the top right corner having a sidebar. Now, go to the section 'Tools & Calculators'.
  • Click on the 'Term Insurance Calculator' and insert your name, NRI status, gender, smoking habits, birthday, email Id and phone number.
  • Now, click on 'Calculate'. Then, insert the sum assured that you need and select the policy term.
  • The calculator will show all the HDFC term plans that fit in your budget. Select the one you find reasonable, make payment and you are done.

Other Term Insurer Premium Calculator

Term Insurance Premium Rates

It helps you evaluate the cost of the term insurance policy and make an informed decision regarding your coverage. Here are the points explaining the factors that govern term insurance premium rates:

  • Expenses
    The term expenses means the net premium+ loading amount. This includes all the operation costs of the insurance company.
  • Rate of Mortality
    It is data in which the insurance company estimates the death within the specific bracket of insured individuals. The company checks the statics and actuarial tables and then determines the risk, and then sets the premium rates.
  • Age
    This criteria plays a significant role in determining the premium rates, for example, a younger person has to pay a lesser premium compared to an older person because the risk is very less.
  • Health Condition
    Insurance companies may ask for medical examinations to assess the health risk, and individuals with pre-existing conditions will have to pay a higher premium.
  • Lifestyle Choices
    Smoking, and engaging in hazardous activities increase the level of risk, this may result in paying higher premiums
  • Coverage Amount
    It is a very important factor, as the insurer has to pay a higher premium if he goes for a higher coverage amount and vice versa.
  • Policy Term
    The duration of the premium rates as longer policy terms often result in higher premiums since the risk exposure extends over a longer period. This factor impacts the premium rates as, the longer the duration of the policy, the higher the premium.
  • Gender
    Life expectancy differs between males and females, and this influences the premium rates. It is said that women live longer than males, at this point the premium rates may differ

Wrapping it up:

Calculating your HDFC Term insurance premium using HDFC Life Term plan calculator can be helpful as you will be knowing the amount you need to pay, and could plan and be prepared well in advance.

HDFC Term Insurance Premium Calculator : FAQ

1. What details are required to use the HDFC Term Insurance Premium Calculator?

The required details include your plan preferences, personal information (name, date of birth, gender, etc.), life cover amount, premium payment term, smoking habit, policy tenure, and state/city of residence.

2. How can I use the HDFC Term Plan Premium Calculator?

The customer has to visit the official website of HDFC life insurance, and then click on the “Calculate Premium” button. Enter the requested details and click on “Proceed”. The result of the amount will be displayed in seconds.

3. What are the benefits of using the HDFC Term Plan Premium Calculator?

The benefits include an easy-to-use interface, comparative analysis of different policies, customized premium estimates based on entered details, and a better understanding of product coverage.

4. Why is the mortality rate important in term insurance premium calculations?

The mortality rate helps insurers assess the risk associated with providing coverage and plays a significant role in determining the premium amount.

5. How can the HDFC Term Insurance Premium Calculator help in selecting the best plan?

The calculator allows you to compare quotes from various policies, helping you choose the most suitable plan based on your requirements and preferences.

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