PNB Oriental Royal Mediclaim Insurance Policy

PNB Oriental Royal Mediclaim Insurance Policy
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When it comes to health no one wants to be left behind. Health is the most important thing in your life and that is why the saying goes that 'Health is Wealth'. We perform several activities to take care of it, like exercise, yoga, consume a healthy diet and much more. But, we still face several health issues that are beyond our control and the costs for treatments are touching the sky. Having a health insurance is becoming a necessity now a day, growing pollution and increasing health risks make it all the more important.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes:

This health insurance plan is specially designed for the account holders and employees of Punjab National bank. This provides health coverage to the entire family.

Hospital/Nursing Cover:

Under this policy, consumer will get coverage against hospitalization expenses that includes room, boarding, nursing, surgeons, anesthetist, ambulance, ICU, and funeral expenses among others.

Domiciliary Cover:

It is one of the best features that allow you to take advantage of quality treatment at your home due to a genuine reason. This feature assists you in several helpful ways. It will cover expenses against blood, oxygen, surgical procedures, medicines & drugs, diagnostic material and dialysis, chemotherapy, nursing expenses, surgeon, consultant and many more.

Cashless Facility:

A helpful feature under which you do not need to pay a single penny to the hospital if you take treatment in one of the network hospitals.

Expert View

If you are a PNB account holder or an employee then you must buy this plan as this is especially made for you. This plan provides maximum coverage at an affordable price. The add-on features and benefits make it a must have option for you. This plan covers many types of illnesses, diseases or accidental bodily injury sustained by the policyholder.

Why Pnb –Oriental Royal Mediclaim Insurance Policy?

Specially Designed For Employees And Account Holders:

Only the LONB account holders and employees can take advantage of it. This means if you have an account in Punjab National Bank or work in any branch of it then this plan is for you. You can take advantage of many helpful features that are especially made for you.

Day care treatment:

Apart from the domiciliary and hospitalization cover this plan also provides coverage on day care treatment as well.

Pre and Post Hospitalization Cover:

Under this insurance policy, you will get coverage 30 days prior to and after hospitalization expenses that will save your hard earned money to a great extent.


Pre Existing disease:

The Company will not provide coverage on pre-existing diseases for up to 3 years.

Few Diseases:

Some diseases such as surgery of hydrocele, surgery of hernia, cataract, pilonidal sinus and much more are not included in the same.

Naturopathy treatment:

Naturopathy treatment, experimental or alternative medicine, uproven procedure, and such type of treatment’s expenses are not liable for any cover from the insurer.

Page updated on 18-12-2020