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Universal Sompo Eye Wear Insurance Plan

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’ - Plato

This is the reason you should protect your eyes at any cost.

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs that we human beings have. We can’t even imagine our lives without eyes. Who knows, if someone’s eyesight becomes blurry due to an accident and their life becomes difficult? Many people need various special eyewear including spectacles, lenses and sunglasses to get a clear vision and continue their day-to-day activities normally.

There are thousands of health insurance policies out there, but no company gives coverage for protecting your eye-related accessories. Here comes the golden part of a company like Universal Sompo Health Insurance that provides coverage options for eyewear.

The Universal Sompo Eyewear Insurance Plan gives you the freedom to maintain the health of your eyes. As you know, there has been an increased strain on our vision due to elongated screen time and working on devices like laptops & desktops. Resultantly, more people have started wearing fancy sunglasses to protect their eyes from hyperultraviolet rays like advanced sunglasses (with blue/chromatic filter) and lenses to reduce eye straining.

The Universal Sompo Eye Wear Insurance Policy makes sure you get covered for vision needs such as spectacles, sunglasses, lenses and all kinds of glasses that are required for eye protection. Not only this, you get extended coverage if your optical item/s (which you have got coverage for) have gone through a loss/damage/theft/etc. This page discusses all the coverage benefits, inclusions and exclusions, the process of claiming the policy, the company’s contact addresses and details, etc.

Sum Insured The Sum Insured would be as per the insured’s choice or the invoice value, whichever is lower;
The minimum SI is INR 500
The maximum SI is INR 50,000
Plan Type Individual/Group policy
Policy Term 1 Year
Coverage for (specifications) Spectacles, Lenses & Sunglasses
Where is the coverage available Within India and abroad (as per the specifications of your plan)
Where to get the Jurisdiction Within India only

To know more about the plan read the brochure provided below:

What is the depreciation(s) percentage of the Universal Sompo Eyewear plan?

The depreciation amount of your policy applies to every article (separately) covered under the policy, specifications (in age and %) are mentioned here:

Age Depreciation %
0-3 months 10%
3-6 months 20%
6-9 months 30%
9-12 months 40%
Exceeding 12 months 50%

Inclusions of Universal Sompo Eyewear Insurance Policy

Here’s a section illustrating the inclusions (what’s covered) under the Universal Sompo Eye Wear Insurance plan:

The company will provide coverage for the damage caused to your eyewear under specified conditions/events like

  1. Fire and allied perils

    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Explosion/Implosion
    • Aircraft damage
    • Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage
    • Storm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood and Inundation
    • Impact damage by any Rail/ Road vehicle or animal by direct contact not belonging to or owned by the insured
    • Exploding/overflowing of Water Tanks, Water Apparatus and Water Pipes
    • Subsidence and Landslide including Rock slide
    • Missile testing damage and loss due to leakage from Automatic Sprinkler Installations
    • Bush Fire
  2. Accidental Damage

  3. Burglary including theft

Exclusions of Universal Sompo Eyewear Insurance Plan

Read here the Exclusions (What’s not covered) under the Universal Sompo Eyewear Insurance:

  • Eyewear that is older than a year or agreed by your insurer.
  • Any damage due to mishandling or negligence to carry the article on the user’s side.
  • Any defects from the end of the manufacturer or supplier.
  • Raising a claim that comes from improper handling, dismantling, fitting, adjustment, repair, alteration, or replacement performed by another agent or retail owner other than the manufacturer entitled to it.
  • Overheating/due to chemical reactions.
  • Replacement of the spectacles/lens on a changed prescription.
  • A damage that is caused by keeping the article in an inappropriate environment that does not align with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Sports glasses, accessories & any embedded valuable/jewellery along with eyewear won’t be covered.
  • Losses within the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty are not covered.
  • Transferring the policy to someone else’s interest is not possible.
  • Loss registered from normal usage.
  • External damages that do not impact the item’s functionality, including but not limited to dents, scratches, polish damage, or broken plastic on ports and antennae.
  • An unexplained or mysteriously disappeared item that was insured is excluded.
  • Infidelity of employees, servants, or household staff of the insured will be not covered.
  • Damage due to moths, rats, mildew/moisture damage or inherent defect, damage due to regular usage, gradually operating cause, etc.
  • Loss of the article due to theft from an unattended vehicle/s.
  • Loss due to theft in ignorance of the insured or their family members.
  • Direct or indirect loss due to the consequences of war, invasion act of a foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), Civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, Military or usurped power, Confiscation, nationalisation, or likewise.
  • Loss/damage caused by the action from public authority.
  • Nuclear and nuclear group of perils.
  • Cosmetic repairs, scratching, discolouration, wear and tear or gradual deterioration of the eyewear, with effect to any cause or a claim rising due to a willful act.
  • Consequential loss of any kind.
  • Terrorism is not covered from the coverage scope unless concerning the insurer.

Note: The list of inclusions and exclusions is taken from the policy prospectus of the Universal Sompo Eye Wear Insurance Policy which is subject to variability. You must check through the relevant policy wordings/schedules on your own.

Deductible clauses with the Universal Sompo Eyewear plan

According to the policy schedule, the policyholder can opt for a specific percentage (excess) of the deductible to avail of a certain percentage of the guaranteed discount. The specifications of the discount are given below:

Excess Discount on premium
5% of the claim amount 5%
10% of the claim amount 10%
15% of the claim amount 15%
20% of the claim amount 20%
25% of the claim amount 25%

How to buy Universal Sompo Eye Wear Insurance Plan?

You can buy this plan from the official website of Universal Sompo General Insurance. Or you can directly reach out to the company’s customer care given below.

If you feel stuck anywhere in the buying process of this policy, give us a call at 1800 4200 269 and get to learn more about the same.

Universal Sompo Health Insurance Network Hospital List

How to raise a claim for the Universal Sompo Eye Wear Insurance Plan?

The steps to follow for proceeding with the grievance redressal of the policy:

Step 1 Reach out to the USGICL to lodge your claim against the policy.

Step 2 The redressal officer of the grievance will address the claim file and proceed with it.

Step 3 In case of any negligence regarding the claim, you can reach out to the insurance ombudsman of the Universal Sompo health insurance company to accelerate the claim proceedings.

Contact details and Grievance redressal of Universal Sompo Insurance policy

Website www.universalsompo.com
Toll-free (customer care number) 1800 22 4030 (for MTNL/BSNL users) or 1800 200 4030 (for others)
E-mail contactus@universalsompo.com
Address Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd, Unit No- 601 & 602 A Wing, 6th Floor, Reliable Tech Park, Cloud City Campus; Thane- Belapur Road, Airoli- 400708
Registered & Corporate Office: Office No 103, First Floor, Ackruti Star, MIDC Central Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400093, Maharashtra
Grievance Cell grievance@universalsompo.com

Click on the link below to learn about the company’s Insurance Ombudsman Offices and Jurisdiction


Documents that you need to submit at the time of raising a claim

  • Filled and undersigned claim form
  • Image/photographs that approve of the loss of claimed item(s)
  • Copy of FIR that mentions the case of theft/burglary/riot/strike
  • Proof of alleged product purchase/invoice of the commodity with payment receipts
  • Estimation of repair/purchase cost on the report suggestion of an expert
  • Indemnity letter authorized by the notary against a loss of more than INR 1 Lakh
  • Bank mandate form, KYC documents, copy of the cancelled cheque
  • Others, requested at the time of raising a claim.

Cancellation information for Universal Sompo eyewear policy

The policyholder needs to inform the company 15 days before starting the process of policy cancellation. If you cancel the policy, a pro-rata refund will be credited to you against the overall premiums paid by you. The fact is, there will be no full refund in case of cancellation. Here’s the tenure for which your policy remains active and the % of a refund at the annual rate that you’ll receive on the policy’s cancellation.

Time for which the Policy is in force Refund of Premium
For a period not exceeding 15 days 90% of the Annual rate
For a period not exceeding 1 Month 85% of the Annual rate
For a period not exceeding 2 Months 70% of the Annual rate
For a period not exceeding 3 Months 60% of the Annual rate
For a period not exceeding 4 Months 50% of the Annual rate
For a period not exceeding 5 Months 40% of the Annual rate
For a period not exceeding 6 Months 30% of the Annual rate
For a period not exceeding 7 Months 25% of the Annual rate
For a period not exceeding 8 Months 20% of the Annual rate
For a period not exceeding 9 Months 15% of the Annual rate
For a period exceeding 9 Months Nil

Long story short

Are you worried about getting a blur vision in the future due to extended exposure on screens? Not anymore! Universal Sompo Eyewear insurance is here to cover you against expensive eye/vision protection articles like eye lenses, sunglasses, chromatic filter glasses, and so on.

Hope this page helped you get all the information in one place! Got more doubts? Reach out to our experts who will guide you through the thick and thins of the plan. Ring us at 1800 4200 269 or ping us on WhatsApp to learn more. You can also ‘get a quote’ for other insurance plans at PolicyX.

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  • Flexible Sum Insured
  • Annual Health Check-Up


Corona Kavach Policy

Corona Kavach policy offers coverage against the expenses that arise at the time of COVID-19 treatment.

Unique Features

  • Emergency Ambulance
  • Post-Hospitalization Expenses
  • AYUSH Healthcare

Universal Sompo Eyewear Plan : FAQ's

1. What are the coverage benefits of the Universal Sompo eyewear insurance policy?

The plan widely covers eye protection articles such as - Spectacles, Lenses & Sunglasses.

2. Who should buy this eyewear insurance from Universal Sompo?

Anyone who wants this policy as an Individual or a Group can buy it. Group policy is also applicable on the Employer-Employee and Non-Employer-Employee basis.

3. Can I cancel my Universal Sompo Eye Wear insurance plan?

Yes, you can get your policy cancelled 15 days after informing the insurer about your policy’s cancellation.

4. What is the condition of reinstatement of the Universal Sompo eyewear plan’s sum insured?

In case of a claim against a partial loss, the value of the sum insured will be reinstated as the original sum insured on making a payment of an additional premium. However, in case of a claim against total loss (of any one item), the coverage (of the same) will be ceased and there won’t be a chance of a refund against an overall premium that you’ve paid for that policy tenure.

5. I already use lenses prescribed by an eye specialist. Can I also buy this policy?

Yes, anyone can buy this plan.

6. What is the premium of the Universal Sompo eyewear plan?

You need to pay barely 100 rupees if your eye article costs somewhere around INR 10,000 (Though it depends on your requirements).

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