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Top 10 Health Insurance Plans in India 2024

Amid all the consequences of a busy lifestyle, the price of healthcare is skyrocketing. However, safeguarding yourself and your loved ones has become compulsory. In unpredictable situations of emergency, buying the best health insurance plan is the ultimate option.

But how come you know which plan is the best health plan? Worry not. This guide will tell you about the top 10 best health insurance plans for you and your family. Not just that, our expert advisors at PolicyX will help you in choosing and buying only what suits your needs the best.

Top 10 Best Health Insurance Plans in 2024

Take a look at the top 10 best health insurance plans in India that you can consider:

  1. NivaBupa Reassure 2.0

    Among the top 10 best health insurance plans in our recommendation is NivaBupa Reassure 2.0 which gives extended coverage for you and your family. The category under this plan has multiple variants ranging from:-

    • Platinum+
    • Titanium+
    • Gold
    • Bronze
    • Bronze+
    Plan name Eligibility Criteria Sum Insured Claim Settlement Ratio USPs
    NivaBupa Reassure 2.0 18-65 years 5 Lakhs - 1 Crore 99.99% Covers up to 6 family members
  2. Star Health Assure

    With comprehensive coverage of up to 2 crores as the sum insured, this plan can secure you and your loved ones including 3 children, spouses and parents.

    Plan name Eligibility Criteria Sum Insured Claim Settlement Ratio USPs
    Star Health Assure 18-75 years 10 Lakhs - 2 Crore 99.06% High sum insured for adequate coverage
  3. Care Supreme Health

    It has several optional benefits like domiciliary hospitalization and organ donor coverage. The claim settlement ratio of Care Health Insurance Company is 100%, which makes it a trusted insurer.

    Plan name Eligibility Criteria Sum Insured Claim Settlement Ratio USPs
    Care Supreme Health 18-99 years 7 Lakhs - 1 Crore 100% Covers up to 6 members and has good reviews on claim settlements
  4. ManipalCigna Prime Senior Elite

    There is no limit of minimum or maximum age which makes it a perfect health plan for your parents or grandparents; covering their old age with advanced healthcare.

    Plan name Eligibility Criteria Sum Insured Claim Settlement Ratio USPs
    ManipalCigna Prime Senior Elite 18-No limit 5 - 50 Lakhs 99.90% Optimum coverage for senior citizens
  5. Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Enhanced

    It provides coverage for mental illness treatments, advanced and best healthcare facilitation and a sum insured of up to 2 crores. Also, Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company has a claim settlement ratio of above 99.41%.

    Plan name Eligibility Criteria Sum Insured Claim Settlement Ratio USPs
    Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Enhanced 91 days-No limit Up to 2 crores 99.41% Doubled sum insured in two consecutive claim-free years
  6. Reliance General Health Infinity

    This health plan provides an adequate sum insured to cover up to 6 children and 2 adults from your family with multiple critical illnesses and other benefits.

    Plan name Eligibility Criteria Sum Insured Claim Settlement Ratio USPs
    Reliance Health Infinity 18-65 years 5 Lakhs - 5 Crores 76.36% An adequate sum insured of 5 crores
  7. HDFC ERGO My: Optima Secure Health

    This plan covers the healthcare benefits for 50+ critical illnesses. Having no sub-limits for critical illnesses, and no room rent or co-payments make it more convenient to purchase.

    Plan name Eligibility Criteria Sum Insured Claim Settlement Ratio USPs
    HDFC ERGO My: Optima Secure Health 18 years-No Limit 10 Lakhs - 2 Crores 98.49% Covers up to 51 critical illnesses and no sub-limits
  8. Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Health

    It provides a 30-day grace period for reviewing the policy, or customization of plans, which is a good point to remember.

    Plan name Eligibility Criteria Sum Insured Claim Settlement Ratio USPs
    Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Health 18 years-No limit 5 - 50 Lakhs 95.95% No room rent capping, Broad Coverage
  9. ICICI Lombard Health AdvantEdge

    Along with general healthcare benefits, it also covers the treatment cost of cancer-related issues and more than 20 other critical illnesses.

    Plan name Eligibility Criteria Sum Insured Claim Settlement Ratio USPs
    ICICI Lombard Health AdvantEdge 18-65 years 3 Lakhs - 3 Crores 97.07% Covers for cancer and other 20+ critical illnesses
  10. ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime

    This plan comes with three variants including:-

    • ProHealth Prime Protect
    • ProHealth Prime Advantage
    • ProHealth Prime Active

    The plan gives coverage for critical illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, and has an option for automatic restoration.

    Plan name Eligibility Criteria Sum Insured Claim Settlement Ratio USPs
    ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime 18 years-No limit 3 Lakhs - 1 Crore 99.90% Domiciliary treatment and coverage against 36 critical illnesses

Why You Should Buy a Health Plan?

Why You Should Buy a Health Plan?

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Health Plans

  • Affordability
    The premiums should be affordable and easy on your pockets. Check if you have to pay monthly, quarterly, or annual premiums for the plan.
  • Broad Coverage
    The plan should cover hospitalization, medication, doctor’s consultations, diagnosis, lab tests, ambulance charges, critical illness, and other facilities.
  • Flexibility
    Your plan should be flexible for buying additional riders like riders for particular critical illnesses, accidental death or disability riders, etc for more safety.
  • Higher Sum Insured
    Having a health plan with a larger sum insured is necessary as it will cover the maximum expenses of your medical treatment and healthcare.
  • Exclusions
    It’s really important that you check the exclusions of your health plan so that you can opt for a better plan where you get minimum exclusions.
  • Waiting Period
    Check out if the waiting period of your plan is not more than 1 year for specific coverage benefits.
  • Claim Settlement
    Check the record of your insurance company's claim settlement ratio, it’ll help you get assurance of your claim being accepted.
  • Freebies
    Some health insurance companies have their app to track and help you with your policy specifications, free coaching, free consultations, etc for the customer’s ease.


No wonder how but choosing the best health plan for yourself or your dear ones is not a cakewalk. Today, there are hundreds of health plans available in the market that promise to be the top health plan among all. But you need not worry about finding the perfect one among the hundreds. We have sorted the top 10 health insurance plans in the Indian insurance market, just for you.

Top 10 Best Health Insurance Plans: FAQ's

1. From where can I buy the best health plans in India?

You can buy the best health insurance plans from

2. What is the waiting period for health insurance in India?

The waiting period in health insurance plans ranges from 30 days to 2 years depending on the plan specification. The accidental benefits are covered from day one.

3. Can I save on taxes with my health insurance policy?

Yes, you can get exciting tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

4. Is health insurance affordable?

Losing all your savings in a medical emergency is terrifying. It's secure buy a health plan to secure your well-being as well as save your money.

5. Which add-ons should I take with my health plan?

If you have a base health plan, you can buy additional riders for critical illness, accidental death & disability, permanent disability, etc.

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