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It is a unique insurance policy which is specially designed for providing coverage to the account holders and employees of the Oriental Bank Of Commerce. This plan provides the basic health cover that consumers can buy for themselves and their family as well. This plan provides coverage on hospitalization expenses, domiciliary costs, and much more. This is a comprehensive health insurance plan that aims at improving the human index rank.

Oriental Bank Mediclaim Policy- Only the account holders and employees of Oriental Bank of Commerce will be liable to take advantage of this plan. It is a helpful scheme for them as coverage is really high at an affordable price.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes:

Hospitalization expenses: This plan provides coverage on almost every hospitalization expense that includes room charges, boarding, nursing, ICU, surgeon, specialists, consultant, medical practitioner, d. Anaesthesia, Operation Theatre Charges, Blood, Oxygen, Surgical Appliances, Chemotherapy, Medicines & Drugs, Dialysis, Radiotherapy, Artificial Limbs, Cost of Prosthetic devices implanted during the surgical procedure like pacemaker, Relevant Laboratory / Diagnostic test, X-Ray and even the funeral charges as well.

Only For Selected Buyers: This plan is available only for account holders and employees of Oriental Bank of Commerce.

Pre and Post Hospitalization Cover: The company will provide the insurance coverage to consumer on pre and post hospitalization as well.

Expert View

This is a great plan for those who want to get comprehensive coverage with a rider that this is available for account holders and employees of Oriental Bank of Commerce only.

Why Oriental Bank Mediclaim Policy ?

Huge coverage: This plan offers coverage on maximum expenses related to treatment whether it is hospitalization charges, medicines and drugs, day care treatment, surgeon’s fee, test fees and much more.

Domiciliary Expenses: This plan also offers domiciliary coverage that allows policyholder to get quality treatment at their home easily.

Day Care Treatment: Day care treatment refers to medical treatment and/or surgical procedures that are also under coverage.


Pre existing Diseases: All the pre existing diseases are out of insurance scheme coverage.

Genetic Disorder Surgeries: Surgeries for genetic disorders will not be liable for any claim.

Outpatient Diagnostic: Expenses of outpatient diagnostic will be out of coverage.

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