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IFFCO-Tokio Motor Insurance Company

The company is a tie- up between IFFCO or The Indian Farmersí Co-operative, Nichido Fire Group and Tokio Marine. It emerged as an insurance giant in India from 4th December 2000, and ever since, it has been moving forward with its motor insurance solutions, providing easy insurance policies for covering all requirements and facets of motor insurance.

Iffco Tokioís insurance policies not only cater to every need that may arise when you purchase a vehicle, but also promise easy claim settlements, so that you get a seamless solution.

Mission and Vision

At IFFCO Tokio Motor Insurance, the vision is to provide total coverage for any sort of loss resulting from theft, damage or third Ė party liabilities. The company motto is to settle claims without having you to face any hassles whatsoever.

IFFCO Tokio is proud to announce that it is one of the most reliable car Ė insurance company in the country, and how it endeavors to serve its clientele with the best possible services, is very clear from the fact that its insurance policies are all loaded with superb benefits, easy claim settlement options and an online presence the depth and quality of which is envied by all our competitors.

What is a Car Insurance? Do You Really Need A Car Insurance?

If we are answering this question from the Indian perspective, then it must be clarified at the very beginning that it is mandatory to possess car insurance in this country. Apart from that, you should also understand the significance of getting an insurance for your car. The vehicle, while moving on the road, can face many eventualities Ė there may be a theft, an accident, a damage, some harm caused to third Ė party property or life. You get total financial coverage for any sort of loss. Without insurance, you lose the self Ė confidence that you need to drive.

Accidents do happen. We always pray to the almighty for your safe transit. But eventualities are eventualities, and nothing can be done about accidents. The only thing that we can do is to give you and your family members as much protection as we can in the form of a comprehensive motor insurance policy.

Apart from your own self or any other occupant of the car, damages may be caused to othersí properties, and there may also be loss of life. Without a car insurance to cover such third Ė party damage, you may get into great trouble settling the issue. Worse will be the case if there is any chance of the victim moving the court. Without the right car insurance in place, you will have to falter in every step. We try to protect you from all such bumpy ways.

IFFCO Tokio Online Payment

The Company has one of the best online portals, where you will find details of all the facilities that we provide. The one to one interaction to understand your specific requirements and then providing you with the right alternatives to motor insurance for your personal as well as commercial vehicles.

The online purchasing of policies, paying of the premiums in time, settling your claims have become like childís play on IFFCO Tokio online. It tries to bring smiles on your face with each new venture and attempt to serve you better. The online presence is one such attempt. The policy Ė holders can now sit in the comfort of their home and do all the needful, just by clicking the mouse. You must be thinking, ďWhat a relief!Ē No more standing in a queue that may go on and on and on.

The online way has already become a very popular method to acquire new policies and pay premium for existing policies. All the solutions are at your doorstep with the online methodology.

IFFCO Tokio brings to you an array of insurance products for its customers. But before that, we may need to understand the efficacy of each of the products and their suitability.

Motor Insurance Policies by IFFCO Tokio

The various items, variants of the same insurance policy, but made suitable for all the different situations, are available from IFFCO Tokio Car insurance. Designed in every single step to mete out solutions to you, the company provides you unparalleled motor insurance coverages, that will give you complete protection from any loss or damage that your car may suffer from, or may cause to others. Companyís best policies give you an all Ė round on Ė road coverage and takes care of all your liabilities that may arise due to injury caused to others or damage done to their properties.

Iffco Tokio General Insurance Plans:

The offerings of motor insurance options can fill up the entire basket. Here are the main flagship insurance policies that are the most popular and offers full value for your money invested:

Car Insurance Policy: The customer will get coverage against any damage caused to his personal car. With IFFCO Tokio, you always get more benefits than the money that you pay for such services. You must also remember about the extras that you gain by opting for IFFCO Tokioís car insurance policies, like Value Auto Coverage and On Road Protector Coverage.

Two-Wheeler Insurance: It is still a much preferred transport for both men and women, as it saves a lot of time, as well as money. However, two Ė wheelers are more prone to accidents. So, be careful on the road, and also keep with yourself a two Ė wheeler insurance. You can safeguard yourself against any chance occurrence with our bike insurance policies. Whatís more! The company provides you with off Ė the Ė rack products, as well as such policies which are beautifully tailor Ė made for your requirements.

Commercial Vehicles Insurance : If you are planning to run your business venture successfully and without any sort of trouble, then your commercial vehicles must be well covered. It does not matter whether you run a small trading business, with a small commercial vehicle, or a large multi Ė national firm with a large fleet of trucks, each must have its own insurance policy. You may have any of the commercial vehicles like a bus, taxi, matador, truck, tractor etc. your insurance should be bought specifically for that vehicle in mind.

IFFCO Tokio also provides insurance in the fields of health, travel, home, trading business, other types of business, micro and rural level professions and so on.

Other plans of IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance

-Health Insurance
-Trade protector Policy

-Travel Insurance
-Trade Suvidha Policy

-Home Insurance

Some Key Benefits of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Scheme

All online purchases are immediately provided with receipts and policy documents that have digital signature of the authorised persons

All enquires regarding the accident or damage can be conducted at home. You can arrange for free inspection in connection with the theft insurance policies.

The workforce in our employment is professional and highly skilled in taking care of all your queries. They can be good surveyors, so that your claim settlement wonít have to wait for indefinite periods.

24x7 interactive voice calling support executives, who can give you solutions whenever you need them during claim settlement process.

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Contact Address

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company Limited
Corporate Office, IFFCO Tower, Plot No. 3, Sector 29,
Gurgaon -122001,Haryana(India)
E-mail- websupport(at)iffcotokio(dot)co(dot)in
Toll Free Number: 1800-103-5499

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance News

Monday November 30, -0001

IFFCO Tokio registers 60% growth in net profits

General insurance major IFFCO Tokio has registered phenomenal growth of 60 per cent in its net profits in the past fiscal year 2013-14. With this growth rate, the net profits of the company have reached the level of Rs 216 crore, as against the net profit of Rs 135 crore posted in the preceding fiscal


Friday May 02, 2014

IFFCO-Tokio’s Muskurate Raho Campaign- A Big Success

IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd., a trusted firm in the insurance industry, has rolled out its new¬†Muskurate Raho¬†Advertising campaign. The marketing campaign that is titled¬†‚ÄúAlbert Pinto¬†kyon¬†muskura¬†raha¬†hain‚ÄĚ featuring Paresh Rawal as Albert Pinto. Paresh Rawal will be the brand ambassador for the business for its newly released advertising campaign. ‚ÄėMuskurate Raho‚Äô¬† is the need for the


Monday March 16, 2015

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