IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance
IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance
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IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance

IFFCO Tokio is one of the leading general insurance companies in India. It is a joint venture between Tokio Marine, Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative (IFFCO), and Nichido Fire Group. The company was founded on 4th December 2000 with a vision of becoming the leader in customer satisfaction through the help of fair business, transparency, and quick response. Since its foundation, the company has never looked back and keeps on offering great car insurance solutions to cater to the different needs of customers.

Highlights of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance

Claim settlement ratio 79.19%
Network garages 4300+
Third-party liability cover Up to 7.5 lakhs

Table Data updated on 05-11-2020

How To Renew Your IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance?

The timely renewal of your car insurance policy is not only important but a mandatory thing in India. IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company offers a simple and hassle-free online process. With the same, you can easily renew your existing insurance policy. You also can renew your car insurance policy through PolicyX.com. Let's discuss the options in detail.

Renewal via PolicyX.com

  • Scroll up to check out the form at the top of this page.
  • Submit the details about your car and click on the tab 'Get Quotes'. You also have the option to click on 'Proceed without car number' and fill the details to proceed to the quotes section.
  • Check quotes and select the one as per your needs.
  • Make the payment. You will get the copy of the policy via mail.
  • In case of any confusion, connect with our team of experts.

Renewal via IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance

  • Visit the official website of the IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company.
  • Click on the tab 'Renew'.
  • Click on the tab 'Car Insurance'.
  • Fill the required details such as vehicle registration number and policy number.
  • Click on the tab 'Proceed'.
  • Check the premium details and make payment using different payment methods.

Key Features & Benefits of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance carries great features and benefits in its bag. Let's take a look at them.

24*7 assistance: The company has assigned a team of support executives whose main job is to offer solutions to customer's queries. They are always there to assist you with the needful services.

Ease of buying: The company is strategically using both channels of communication (offline & online) to reach its customers. It's up to the people whether they want to visit the company's office or buy/renew the policies online.

Instant approval: Time is money and no one wants to waste their 'earning hours' waiting in the company's office to buy a policy. IFFCO Tokio is smart enough to notice this factor and has introduced instant approval to buy/renew car insurance policies.

Less & easy documentation: Now, minimal documentation is a popular trend in town. Fill important details, submit necessary documents & the insurance is yours.

Comprehensive protection: It doesn't matter if a man-made/natural disaster hits your car, the cost of damage will be paid by the company. Your wallet can enjoy its 'hibernation' period.

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Premium Calculation

To keep your policy active during the chosen policy tenure, you have to pay a fixed premium. To calculate car insurance premium, you can use our car insurance premium calculator.

IFFCO Tokio car insurance premium depends upon several factors. They are as follows:-

  • Own Damage Premium Rate: It will be calculated in percentage. It will completely depend upon the model, IDV and age of the car.
  • Coverage Required: Depending on the amount of coverage that your car requires, the premium for your car insurance is calculated.
  • Frequency of Claims: A higher number of claims leads to a higher amount of premium.

Discounts- You are liable to get a discount on the premium paid under the following circumstances:-

  • On installing an anti-theft device.
  • If you possess Automobile Association membership.
  • If your voluntary access is lower than NCB amount.
  • No-Claim Bonus.

Premium Samples

Car Model Prices IDV* Zero Dep cover Estimated Premium*
Hyundai Xcent- 1.5 GLS (1499CC) Rs.5,98,000 Rs.4,44,125 Rs.2,164 Rs.13,087
Renault Duster RXS (1498cc) Rs.9,29,000 Rs.7,90,789 Rs.4,152 Rs. 18,620
TATA Nexon- XM (1198cc) Rs.7,84,208 Rs.4,02,496 Rs.1,321 Rs.14,459
Mahindra Bolero EX (2523cc) Rs.7,60,000 Rs.6,55,785 Rs.2,951 Rs.29,946

Table Data updated on 05-11-2020

*The values are calculated on the basis of the city (Mumbai) and year of registration (2020).

What Are The Different IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Add-on Covers?

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance comes out with several add-on covers that help you to enhance the basic plan for wider coverage.

  • Zero depreciation cover: As the car becomes a year older, it leaves an impact on the claim settlement. This depreciated value will get deducted at the time of filing claims. However, in case you opt for zero depreciation cover, you will be liable to get the entire claim amount.
  • No Claim Bonus : This is a kind of a discount/bonus that you get for every claimless year which is added to your calendar. But, you should remember one thing- if you file a claim (more than 2 times), you won't be able to avail the benefit of this feature.
  • Engine protection: If your engine gets jammed up, you have to pay for its repair. However, with engine protection beside your side, you will be liable to get coverage against the same.
  • Roadside assistance cover: It is an add-on cover for such emergencies where the policyholder is stranded in the middle of a highway with no assistance. If you invest in this add-on, all you have to do is make a phone call. The cover will make sure that you get the needful assistance whenever/wherever you need it.
  • Return to invoice: Do you know what's special about this? It will provide the actual cost of the vehicle (including road tax & registration charges). People living in high theft-prone areas can really make use of it.
  • Accessories Cover: This is one of the common add-ons for cars. It provides coverage to the costly vehicle accessories against theft and damage occurred because of an unwanted event.
  • Loss of personal belongings: This add-on brings much help in case of loss or theft of any personal belongings from your vehicle.

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Claim Process

Whether it is an accident or theft or any other incident, IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Company offers a less time-consuming claim process. You can register your car insurance claim by visiting the official website of the company. Also, while registering the claim, don't forget to keep basic information like policy number, date/time of accident/theft/fire, location of accident/theft/fire/others, and police complaint number ready with you.

Online Claims Process

To file a claim online, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Visit the official website of the IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company.
  • Click on the tab "Claim" present at the menu bar of the website.
  • Click on "Register Claim'
  • Click on the 'Motor Claim Intimation'
  • Provide your email address and password (if you are a registered user). Register yourself in case you are not a registered user.
  • Through your account, you can easily register a claim. You need to fill the form and submit the required documents.
  • The insurance company will analyze the vehicle to confirm the legitimacy of the policyholder's claim. In case of a major claim, a specialist-licensed surveyor will be appointed.
  • The claim is usually settled on the agreement of 'claim amount', between the insurance company and the insured.
  • The company will communicate with you about the approval or rejection of your claim.

What Are The Required Documents To File an IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Claim?

  • Duly signed claim form
  • RC of the car along with original keys
  • Copy of your driving license
  • Policy documents (original)
  • FIR
  • PAN card, driving license, and registration certificates

Contact Details IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company

Tollfree: 1800-103-5499 I (0124) 428 5499

Email id: support[at]iffcotokio[dot]co[dot]in

Registered Address: Iffco Tower, Plot No. 3, Sector 29, Gurgaon - 122001, Haryana, India.

PolicyX.com Insurance Web Aggregator

Contact Number: 1800-4200-269

Email id: helpdesk@policyx.com

Registered Address: PolicyX.Com Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited, 1st Floor, Landmark Tower, Plot no-2, Southcity-1, Opposite C-113, Ashok Marg, Sector-41, Gurugram - Haryana - 122001 India.


1. When should the proposal form be submitted under IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance?

A proposal form should be submitted in the following situations :

  • For buying a new plan.
  • Renewal by another company.
  • In case of transfer of interest.
  • On converting liability only cover to package policy.
  • When there is a change or addition within the policy period or during the renewal of a policy.

2. When is a pre-acceptance inspection necessary under IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance?

Yes, pre-acceptance is necessary in case of break-in insurance, conversion of theft protection cover, providing coverage for imported vehicles, the fresh payment received after bounced cheque, etc.

3. What happens to the IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance if the insured car is sold?

The existing policy will be transferred if the policyholder has sold the car. The new owner can get it on his/her name. The buyer or transferee has to apply for transfer of insurance with IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance, within 14 days from the date of purchase of a vehicle in his/her name.

4. What are the different types of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance?

IFFCO Tokio offers only 2 forms of car insurance- comprehensive & Third party. The details are mentioned below.

Third-Party Insurance: As the name suggests, this policy will have your back in a situation where you cause damage to a third party or his/her property. This policy will protect you from damages such as property damage, death, and/or permanent injury.

Comprehensive Insurance: It is a complete package policy that offers coverage to you and to the third party liability as well. It will also cover damages caused by theft, natural & man-made disasters.

5. Can you please help me with the exclusions of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance?

To stay away from the fraud cases, IFFCO Tokio car insurance excluded a few things from its car insurance policy which are mentioned below.

  • Any incidents that take place out of the stated geographical zone.
  • Losses that occur because of natural wear & tear or any consequential loss to the car.
  • No cover if the driver doesn't carry a valid license.
  • Loss or damage that takes place because of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

6. What is the meaning of deductibles under IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance?

Deductible refers to the amount that you have to pay from your pocket in case of a claim. The same is deducted from the claim amount.

7. What should I do if my previous IFFCO Tokio car insurance policy has already expired?

If your policy has already expired, you need to invest in a fresh insurance plan and your car will be physically inspected.

8. If I fit CNG or LPG in my vehicle, do I have to inform IFFCO Tokio?

In such a case, you have to inform the insurance company immediately. Any change to your vehicle will make a difference to your plan. It can even get cancelled. Ensure that all changes are updated in your policy.

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