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Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited is the first private sector general insurance company in India to be licensed since 2001. It offers Motor, Health, Personal Accident, Home and Travel Insurance to individual customers currently, Royal Sundaram has over 5 million customers, over 1700 employees and its products are distributed in over 180 cities across India, through agents, distribution partners and brokers.

It is the first insurer to introduce cashless mode of settlement for health claims and private insurer to introduce innovative health products like Hospital Cash. It is also the first private insurer to tie up with banks (affinity partners) for selling retail products into their customer's network.

Motor Insurance is compulsory to have in India whether you own a car or any two-wheeler. Apart from being mandatory, it is also helpful to have such insurance as nowadays the number of accidents are rising day by day and no one knows when you might meet with an accident. A motor insurance provides complete protection to your vehicle against unforeseen incidents that may cost you a lot.

Key Benefits of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

The Motor Insurance Act of 1988 has mandated that all vehicle owners of India have to carry a valid motor insurance plan with them while driving. Whether it is four-wheeler or two-wheeler, a motor insurance is a must have thing and it is helpful as well. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, driving on the roads of India, without a valid third-party liability insurance is a punishable offense. Hence holding a valid third party motor insurance in India is a statutory requirement.

Insurance is basically a contract in which the insurer takes the responsibility to pay an amount to the insured in case of any mishap or need. Basically, motor insurance covers the owner of the vehicle and the vehicle also from different types of damages and accidents. It will also cover liabilities owed by the owner as per law. The owner of the motor is legally liable for any injury or damage to life and the property that is caused by his/her vehicle.

What does Royal Sundaram Motor Insurance Cover?

In India, there are two types of motor insurance available, first one is the third-party liability and the second one is the comprehensive insurance plan. Having a third-party liability plan is a statutory need in India. It can cover liability and a range of damage to the person’s vehicle. It is popular as for OD (Own Damage) cover which includes following damages as well.

  • Fire, Self- Ignition, Explosion, Lightning

  • Riots, Strikes

  • Earthquakes, floods, storms, tempest, inundation, hailstorm, frost, cyclones, hurricanes, landslides, rock slides

  • Burglary, Housebreaking, theft

  • Malicious Acts

  • Accidental external means

  • While in transit

  • Terrorism act

If your car is not in use for a long time and just parked in your garage or a parking area, then you may not feel the importance of having a motor insurance. However, it is still mandatory and helpful also. It offers complete protection and wider coverage.

Theft: There is no doubt that in India, thefts related to vehicles are common and to protect your vehicle from such situation a motor insurance plan is necessary. It is a misconception that only new and luxury cars are targeted by thieves, however, there are no such rules. Parts of every car are valuable and expensive so thieves can target any vehicle. If you really need to protect your vehicle from them then you must go for an effective motor insurance plan by Royal Sundaram.

Physical Damage: There are numerous reasons behind the damages of vehicles such as floods, fire, earthquake as well. There are several situations in which you have to pay a big amount for repairs, however, a motor insurance plan can protect you from it. Basically, a motor insurance plan will cover the cost of repairing as well.

All damages caused by natural calamities that include earthquakes, Firestorms, floods, etc. are liable to get coverage, whereas damages which take place because of strikes, riots, terrorism, burglary, theft, malicious acts and other man-made calamities are also covered.

Use by Others: If you do not use your car much and have rented it or use for any other purpose rather than self-driven, then the effective motor insurance will provide the needful coverage against situation arising as a result of injury or death caused by the motor vehicle to the tenant.

It is ideal to get a motor insurance, whether you use the vehicle for personal use or for commercial use. Motor insurance plan protects owners in numerous ways and offers financial relief in case of need.

Key Benefits of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Cashless Claim Networks

Cashless claim service with 3300+ authorized network of garages in all over India


You can go for a voluntary deductible of Rs. 15,000 and can easily get 35% discount on Own Damage Premium with a maximum of Rs. 2,500

Accidental Cover /Customer Support

You can easily get a personal care with the help of a relationship manager to assist you in case of an accident and to take you through the claims process.

Royal Sundaram Motor Insurance Plans

Royal Sundaram Motor insurance is offering a wide range of effective plans. You just need to pick out the best one for yourself. The wide range of products offers great coverage along with attractive befits also.

Car shield

The car shield provides one of the best insurance deal for you. It not only safeguards you by law, but it also safeguards you and your car. This car insurance plan gives you insurance cover for accidental damage caused to your car or another vehicle or injury or damage to any 3rd party. Loss of or damage to your car through fire or theft is also covered by this plan.

Add-on Covers for Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Depreciation Cover

Depreciation Waiver on plastic or metals parts in case of partial loss/claim.

Third Party Cover

A needful cover to deal with death or injury claims from third parties.

Personal Accident Cover

Go for a voluntary deductible of Rs. 15,000 and get 35% discount on Own Damage Premium subject to a maximum of Rs. 2,500.

Depreciation Waiver Cover It basically makes sure that you are getting the full claim amount and that too without deducting the depreciation value.
Windshield Glass Cover Under the same, you will be liable to get front or/and rear windshield glass repaired or replaced, and that will not affect the 'No Claim Bonus' for the following year
Voluntary Deductible Cover It will help you a lot in saving money on insurance premiums. It will reduce your car insurance premium by 15 - 35%
Full Invoice Price Insurance Cover This add on allows you to insure your car for 100% of its listed price.
Loss of Baggage Cover With the same, you can file for reimbursement in case of loss or damage caused to the baggage kept in your car.
Spare Car Clause It will be there with the conveyance allowance and that too on a daily basis for hiring a different vehicle if your car breaks down and need repairs.
Engine (Aggravation) Protector Coverage With this, there will be no monsoon worries and also cover the engine of your car against several damages.
NCB Protector It will be there with a discount of 20 – 50% for zero insurance claims in the last year (i.e. during the policy period).
Key Protector Cover With the same, you can insure your vehicle against misplaced, lost, or stolen keys.

Inclusion & Exclusion in Royal Sundaram Car Insurance


Loss of Baggage or destruction or damage caused to the Baggage which was there in the insured car, arising out of an accident to the car or theft of Baggage from the policyholder’s vehicle.


Wear and tear, Depreciation or any consequential loss.

Why Choose Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

With the growing technology, you don't have to visit the office of the Royal Sundaram physically as the online platform is there to help you with your purchase. To buy something online, you just have to fill the online form with basic details related to your vehicle, calculate the premium and make payment through the wallet, net banking, debit/credit card, etc. On making payment, you will receive the policy’s document. Apart from the ease of buying, you will receive several benefits in the same domain.

Key Fearures

  • It offers an access to around 3300+ garages in all over the garages that offer cashless service.

  • With the same, you will be liable to receive 24 x 7 roadside assistance to deal with emergencies that comprises of accidents or breakdowns.

  • Towing assistance will be there to deal with several unwanted emergencies.

  • You will be liable to receive the personal care at the time of accidents and claim process.

  • Get 24 x 7 assistance by Royal Sundaram for claim settlements

Key Benefits Of Applying Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Online

You can avail several benefits when you apply for Royal Sundaram car insurance online:

  • Saves Time - By buying online, you will save a lot of time that you may want of visiting the office of the insurance company and standing in the long queue. You can easily save that time by buying online from the comfort of your home.

  • Simple process - You need to follow a few steps to get the desired plan by Royal Sundaram. These steps comprise the online form, calculating the premium amount, and making the payment online.

  • Less documentation - You didn't have to deal with may documents or heaps of paperwork only if you are applying for Royal Sundaram car insurance online. You have to provide the required information for obtaining the policy.

  • Flexible payment options - You can use your debit or credit card form making payments and it will save you from the hassles of withdrawing cash from an ATM to pay for the policy.

  • Online assistance - When you apply for the policy online, you will be liable to get the online assistance service (chat service) offered by Royal Sundaram and get answers to all your queries.

  • Discounts - You will be liable for special discounts which that will be based on your vehicle and choice of plan.

How To Make A Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim?

When it comes to filing claim on your Royal Sundaram car insurance policy, you have to understand the basics of the procedure. The basic steps are mentioned below :

  • When you want to file the claim, inform the insurer as soon as possible

  • Don't make a self-initiate a repair/replacement without authorization from Royal Sundaram

  • After registering the claim successfully, the insurance company will provide a tracking number along with a surveyor to analyze the damage

  • The surveyor will analyze the damage and will submit an estimate of repairs from the garage. At this stage, you need to submit a registration certificate, driving license, and other related documents.

  • Upon successful registration of the claim, the representatives will provide a tracking number and arrange for a surveyor to take stock of the damage.

  • You have to submit the claim form to the surveyor for rest of the process. A copy of the FIR is compulsory in case of damage/injury to a third-party property/person.

  • Because of the authorization, the process of replacement must be carried out by the policyholder.

  • Availability of cashless option will be notified by the representatives.

  • Bills, proformas & estimates must be preserved for verification from Royal Sundaram for processing of claim refunds.

Documents Required To Claim Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Several documents must be needed for the car insurance process. Below is the list of documents that you will require

  • Policy’s documents

  • Duly signed the claim form

  • Registration Certificate and Driving License to be submitted to the surveyor/representative for verification.

  • Copy of F.I.R (in case of third-party property/person involvement)

  • Original invoice and proof of payment is required

  • It is important to be in touch with the designated POC throughout claims processing and must be truthful and active for the successful.

  • It is important to check the policy’s document to know about the rights and responsibilities.

Contact Address

Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited
Vishranthi Melaram Towers No.2/319 , Rajiv Gandhi Salai(OMR)
Karapakkam, Chennai - 600097
Tel : 91-44-7117 7117, Fax : 91-44-7113 7114
E-mail: customer(dot)services(at)royalSundaram(dot)in

Customer Reviews

May 3, 2018


I never faced any issues with the policy. Overall this is a recommendable policy to have.

May 1, 2018


Service is not up to the mark.

April 8, 2018


I renewed my car insurance hardly in minutes. Good online service.


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