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Oriental Car Insurance

The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd was founded on 12th September 1947. The organization made a humble beginning with a first year premium of Rs.99.946 in 1950. The aim of the corporation was ‘Service to Clients’. Oriental, with its head office at New Delhi has 30 Regional Offices and nearly 1800+ operating offices in various cities of the country. The company has operations in Nepal, Kuwait and Dubai. The company has a total strength of around 14,000+ employees.

In India, you must be aware of the fact that driving without a valid motor insurance is a punishable offense and you have to pay a large amount if you ever got caught by the cops. Under the Motor Vehicle Act of India, a person can't drive any kind of four- wheeler and two wheeler without a valid motor insurance policy. Apart from its mandated feature, it is also one of the best ways to drive securely. This type of coverage will be there to support you whenever you were involved in a road accident.

There are several different forms of motor insurance available, but the comprehensive cover and third party liability are most popular. People commonly search for these two as they are highly recommended and will be in the budget of a common man. Basically, motor insurance policies are not so expensive and you can easily buy one.

Purchasing Oriental Motor Insurance online can save a lot of your money and time as well. It will serve the needful and effective plans to you with several helpful features and wider cover. With it, you will be able to drive peacefully. Under the effective motor insurance plan, you will get helpful features such as roadside assistance, towing facility, coverage in case of need, no claim bonus and much more. Oriental Insurance understands your need and provides Comprehensive Motor Insurance products that offers the added protection for your vehicle. It additionally provides cover for liability, death or property damage of third parties.

Importance of Oriental Motor Insurance

The normal comprehensive coverage by Oriental Motor insurance for your vehicle will come along with several features and benefits. Still, the actual features may be different from plan to plan, but all plans are effective in their own way. You must choose a plan as per your requirements to reap better benefits from it. It is advisable to buy oriental motor insurance online and there are several reasons behind it.

Importance of Oriental Motor Insurance
  • Limited documentation and fast results

  • Avail cashless facility and get the confirmation instantly through the mail.

  • Benefits of personal accident coverage for the owner, along with different add-on coverage as well.

  • Take advantage of no claim bonus every year and save a huge amount on the premium of next year.

  • Several discount that could go well with your needs. A wide range of effective covers so that you can choose the best for yourself.

In India, there are numerous companies that offer effective motor insurance plans for you. Each insurance plan by the Oriental Motor insurance has a different set of features and coverage so choosing the best that can go well with your requirement will be easier.

Different types of policies and different coverage allows you to compare features and benefits, some may go for comprehensive or some may be satisfied with the liability one. It is always good to go for a comprehensive plan as it offers wider coverage at a lower price. In terms of claim settlement the company carries a good reputation. It has god claim settlement ratio and helping millions of customers on a daily basis.

Types of Motor Insurance Plans

As we discussed above, Oriental Motor Insurance company is offering a wide range of effective health insurance policies at a low price. The company designed all plans carefully keeping the needs of a person in mind. You must search a plan that can go well with your requirement and budget as well.

Motor Package Insurance Policy For Private Car

This plan is designed to provide coverage to your car against theft, damages that are caused due to man made or natural disasters.

What is covered under Car Insurance Policy

The Private Car Package Policy covers

  1. Accidental Loss of or damage

  2. Liability to third parties, Personal Accident cover to owner-driver

  3. Various Add on Covers on extra premium

Loss or damage to private car caused by:

  1. Burglary, Housebreaking or Theft

  2. Fire, Explosion, Self Ignition & Lightening

  3. Earthquake, Flood, Storm, Landslide or Rockslide, Inundation. Terrorism, Riots, Strikes, Malicious Acts.

  4. Transit by Road, Rail, Inland waterways, air or lift.

What is the Amount of Insurance

The amount of insurance is the Insured Declared Value of the Vehicle (IDV). IDV for vehicle is basically less than five years old is the Manufacturers listed selling Price, that would be adjusted for Deprecation which is based upon the age of the Vehicle. For vehicles which are beyond five years of age and obsolete vehicles, the IDV is mutually agreed value.

How Oriental Car Insurance Premium is Calculated

The Premium calculation is basically based on following factors: Loss or damage to vehicle caused by:

  1. IDV of the vehicle 

  2. Cubic capacity of the vehicle 

  3. Zone of registration

  4. Age of Vehicle 

Additional Premium for

  1. Electrical & electronic items 


  3. Add on cover 

  4. Extra Benefit 

Commercial vehicle

This insurance policy is applicable for all comemrcial vehicles. It will protect the vehicle and insured from several unwanted clamities such as

  • Burglary, Housebreaking or Theft

  • Fire, Explosion, Self Ignition & Lightening

  • Earthquake, Flood, Storm, Landslide or Rockslide, Inundation. Terrorism, Riots, Strikes, Malicious Acts.

  • Transit by Road, Rail, Inland waterways, air or lift.

Why You Need Oriental Motor Insurance

There is no doubt in saying that accidents occur without a warning. We don’t want it, but still have to face it, but with the help of an effective motor insurance plan, you will be prepared to face such types of situations mentally and financially as well.

Motor insurance offers needful financial cover to you and your vehicle in case of any kind of damage, theft. With the help of an effective motor insurance plan, driving on the roads of India will be easier and tension free.

You will also get no claim bonus for every claim-less year that will further be added into add-on or premium next year.

How To Apply Online

Well, the best the best thing about choosing Oriental insurance company is its easy online issuance process. Yes, Oriental Insurance Company allows its customers to take advantage of its car insurance policy through the online mode as well. The online buying process is very easy and it can provide several benefits to you such as instant issuance of policy, dicounts, convenience, etc.

To apply online you have to first visit the online portal of the company, put your details and make payment. Sometimes it looks confusing, in such cases you can take help of our portal.

Just put some basic details about you and your vehcile and you will get the quotes instantly. After making payment withing a few minutes you will get confirmation message.

Contact Address

Oriental House
A-25/27, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi - 110002
Phone No's :011-43659595
CIN :U66010DL1947GOI007158
Email : csd(at)orientalinsurance(dot)co(dot)in

Oriental Car Insurance - Faq's

1. Where can I renew my policy ?

You can renew the exisiting policy by online or visiting the office. Please contact the office concerned for exact premium and pay it to the same office. Do not send your premium to any other office or to the Regional Office/Head Office.You can also log on to our portal and register yourself as our customer and renew package policies of private cars and two wheelers from our portal itself.

2. Can I renew my policy at a different place ?

Yes, it is completely possible. You have to submit a fresh proposal. The office can aslo take physical inspection of vehicle and other formalities, that depends upon the situation. Please contact the nearest office or the branch for assistance.

3. Can I pay the premium online ?

Yes, you can buy and renew policies online from Oriental Insurance Company Limited. All you have to do is register online as Customer on our PORTAL by providing basic details. After registering, you will have access to several features under Customer's Dashboard.

4. What will be the premium for my vehicle ?

Premium depends on several factors viz. type, make, model, cc, usage, place of registration, past claims history etc. of the vehicle. Therefore approach our underwriting office with vehicle details for exact premium.

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