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Tata AIG Car Insurance
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Tata AIG Car Insurance

TATA AIG is a renowned name in the car insurance industry. It is a joint venture between TATA Group and the American International Group (AIG). The company was established in 2001 and since then, it has been on a great record of offering innovative products to its customers. The company has more than 152 branches spread all over the country, with a current workforce of 2833. The company has entered into a partnership with Banks, Non-Banking Financial Corporations, Housing and Finance Corporations. Its products have also been made available through agents (more than 300) and brokers (more than 345). The product’s team comprises more than 400 product experts and the customer service team comprises more than 450 customer service staff. It has also provided a robust digital platform to enable the online distribution of its products. In the years to come, TATA AIG car insurance will surely be one of the favorites in the market.

Types of TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans

In order to effectively compete with its competitors, the company has come out with 2 car insurance plans. The customer can buy the one as per his/her needs.

1. Auto Secure-Private Car Package Policy:

It is a comprehensive car insurance policy that offers required financial cover to your vehicle and third-party liability.

Key Features

  • Loss/Damage To The Insured Vehicle: Under this plan, the company will indemnify the policyholders against loss or damage to the insured car caused by fire, riots, earthquakes, storms, theft and much more.
  • Cover Third-Party Liabilities: The plan is designed to offer mandatory third party cover along with the insured's vehicle coverage.
  • Add-On Covers: Several add-on covers are there to boost the basic coverage. It will help you in getting the wider cover at affordable prices.

2. Auto Secure-Commercial Vehicle Package Policy:

This plan is outlined for those vehicles which are specially used for commercial purposes. It offers the required financial cover, not only for the liability arising out of the third party but also against the financial loss because of theft or accidental damage to your vehicle.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Cover: Damages to your vehicle by natural/man-made disasters are liable to get the required cover.
  • Cover All Commercial Vehicles: The umbrella of coverage extends to goods carrying vehicles, passenger-carrying vehicles, taxis & miscellaneous classes of vehicles such as tractors, cranes, and trailers.
  • Add-On Covers: It offers extra benefits with the help of several add-on covers. A detailed explanation for the same is provided below.

Why Sail With TATA AIG Car Insurance?

TATA AIG is a renowned name in the car insurance industry. With years of solid experience & Pan India presence, the company smoothly offers hassle-free services to its customers. TATA AIG insures that the policyholders are able to put their minds at rest and in case of emergencies, get immediate assistance.

The key USPs of the company include:

The incurred claim ratio is a healthy 75.63%.The claim settlement period is one week.
The cashless claim settlement process.Swift online services.
Disclosures are transparent.Minimal documentation.

Apart from this, let's take a look at other benefits that TATA AIG car insurance has to offer:-

Trusted Insurer

Trusted Insurer

With the experience of offering unmatched services, it has already become one of the most trusted insurance companies in the market.

24*7 Assistance

24*7 Assistance

You don't have to glance at the face of your watch in order to disturb our services experts with your doubts. They are 24*7 available to take a look at your queries.

Cashless Service

Cashless Service

With the help of network garages, the company proudly offers cashless service to its customers. And its main benefit is- you don't have to pay for repairs of the vehicle or third party liability.

Easy Claim Settlement

Easy Claim Settlement

TATA AIG understands the need for claim settlement and hence, provides hassle-free methods to file a claim and get it approved on-time.

Add-On Covers Under TATA AIG

  • Return To Invoice: This is quite a useful benefit & is only valid for cars below 3 years of age. Here, the car's claim amount matches its IDV. In order words, the amount will match the car's on-road cost that you happily paid while buying the policy.
  • Roadside Assistance: If you face any trouble while driving your vehicle such as tyre puncher, refueling, battery problems or towing, its charges will be compensated by the company.
  • No Depreciation Cover: With this, the company will happily compensate the amount of the depreciated parts (if repaired/replaced) such as nylon, rubber, metal, etc. But it has 1 condition. The repairs should be handled by an approved TATA AIG cashless garage. Also, the compensation is only valid for the first 2 claims in a policy period.
  • Key Replacement Cover: If you misplace your car keys or they are stolen, TATA AIG will pay for its replacement.
  • Engine Cover: If the engine/gearbox/transmission of your car is damaged because of water or oil leakage, the company will handle its replacement/repair charges.

Benefits of Buying TATA AIG Car Insurance Online

With the online presence of TATA AIG Insurance Company, the whole process of buying and renewing car insurance plans has become a cakewalk. From security to discounts, it meets all the important parameters for a convenient purchase. Still not convinced? Let's take a peek at its benefits:-

Customer Support

To provide the required assistance to the customers, the company is always on high alert with the respective teams. They work seamlessly to solve all your queries on time.

Cashless Services

Cashless services are popular and with the help of network garages, TATA AIG car insurance is able to provide the same.

Unmatched Security

The online application process is very quick and 100% secure. Thus, your investment will be safe and provide the required safety at the time of coverage.

Easy Application Process

The process is faster & easier than ever. You just have to fill out the necessary details, submit the required documents and you are just a step away from buying your policy.


If you have installed an anti-theft device in your car or you are an active member of a recognized automobile association, the company will proudly offer you certain discounts. No traveling (because of online processing) plus discounts is a great deal, my friend.

What Is Excluded Under TATA AIG Car Insurance?

Today, car insurance has gained a lot of popularity and many companies are jumping in the pool to offer the same to their customers. With an umbrella of financial cover, people tend to find ways to misuse the car policy. Keeping that in mind, companies have structured a flawless design that is incorporated into car insurance. Exclusions are a part of it. So, let's find out what TATA AIG has in place for us.

  • Damage due to electrical/mechanical malfunction.
  • Damage due to nuclear/war risks.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol leading to an accident.
  • Invalid driving license found at the time of making a claim.
  • Damage/Loss due to car's depreciation.

Claim Process

Tata AIG car insurance has a cashless settlement and reimbursement claim procedure. If the policy holder's vehicle is repaired in any of its network garages, the claims are settled directly with the garage authorities. If the vehicle has been repaired elsewhere, the policyholder can claim expenses covered by the policy by submitting the repair bills & claim form with the required documents.

Policyholders need to immediately report emergencies and accidents after attending to self and others' care. Unnecessary and unexplained delays in reporting incidents may lead to the cancellation of the claims.

In order to get timely assistance, policyholders must be ready with the following:

  • A copy of the policy document.
  • FIR copy of the incident for which claim is raised.
  • Vehicle registration number.
  • Self-identity proofs.
  • Contact numbers of our offices/toll-free numbers.

TATA AIG Car Insurance Review

There are only a few brands in the market who are able to mark their existence in style. TATA AIG is one of them. People also call them ‘Problem solver' because of their swift response to handle loads of queries in a matter of hours. In the time of copy & paste, TATA AIG keeps on researching new ways to help their customers. Only a few companies are able to do that. Without a doubt, TATA AIG is a suitable choice as your car insurance provider.

TATA AIG Car Insurance - FAQs

The No-Claim Bonus is completely transferable to another insurer. At the time of renewal, you don't have to do anything just provide information about your previous policy and rest will be taken care of by the new insurance company.

There are many discounts that you can get with Own Damage Premium for membership of the Automobile Association of India, Vintage Cars (Pvt. Cars certified by the Vintage and Classic Car Club of India); Installation of ARAI approved anti-theft devices.

Yes, Service Tax is applicable and would be applied as per the rule of law.

No. The registration and insurance of the car should always be in the same name and address. Otherwise, the claim will get rejected.

Yes, you can. Just reach out to the team of TATA AIG and they will help you further with the same.

- / 5 ( Total Rating)

Last updated on 02-01-2020