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National Car Insurance
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National Car Insurance

National Insurance Company Ltd. is the oldest general insurance company in India. It was established on 5th December 1906. The company is one of the oldest insurance players offering multiple insurance policies to fulfil the different needs of the customers. National Insurance is the first one to introduce product customization, especially for rural and corporate customers. With this new idea, it has gained a lot of visibility. It is also the first insurance company to enter an alliance with Hero MotoCorp & Maruti, among many others. The company has a PAN India presence along with a foreign office in Nepal. The company has around 2000 offices and more than 15000+ skilled employees serving at the pleasure of their customers. The company has a huge stockpile of policies such as car, travel, health and others at its disposal.

National Car Insurance is meant to provide protection to the private car owners against any own car damages and legal liabilities. Additionally, it also offers personal accident cover to provide financial assistance during any injuries caused due to an accident.



Kolkata, West Bengal



Number of Insurance Products


Total Assets

Rs.88.67 Billion (US$ 1.2 Billion)

**Last Updated on 05-11-2020

How To Renew National Car Insurance Policy?

Renew With National Insurance

National Insurance Company Ltd. easily allows you to renew your car insurance plan online. Just keep a track of the policy's expiry date and carefully follow the below-listed steps for a successful renewal:

  • Go to the National Insurance official website and click on 'Motor Insurance'.
  • Select 'Private Car' and click on 'Renew' to begin the renewal process.
  • Fill out your policy details, enter the code provided in the box and click on 'Renew Policy'.
  • Make the payment. On successful transaction, you will get a mail in your registered email id.
  • Save the premium deposit receipt for future references.

Renew With helps to renew your car insurance policy quickly sitting at home. Follow the below-mentioned steps to renew your policy within 5 minutes:

  • Go to 'Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online' at the top of this page. You have two options to proceed ahead- fill the registration number of your car and tap on 'Get Quotes' or click on the tab 'Proceed Without Car Number' and fill the required fields.
  • On the quotes section, either go with your current provider or choose another one to suit your needs.
  • Make the payment and you will receive the confirmation in your email address.

Key Features and Benefits of National Car Insurance

Trusted Insurance Company

With years of experience and loyalty to its existing customers, you can easily place your trust in this company. You won't be disappointed.

Expert Advisors

The company has a team of expert advisors who will be there to guide you from start to finish. These people are the stars of the company.

24*7 Assistance

The company has an elite team of support staff who are always stocked and ready to offer 24*7 service to its customers.

Easy Process

Whether it is to buy a policy or file a claim, it's a journey that will always be easy & unproblematic.

Cashless Network Garages

The company understands the need for cashless service. That's why it carries a wide range of cashless network garages under its radar.

High Incurred Claims Ratio

The company has achieved one of the highest Incurred Claim Ratio among all car insurers of India, i.e. 127.50% for the financial year 2018-19.

Premium Calculation for National Car Insurance

Well, when it comes to car insurance plans, it is always advisable to calculate the premium for the policy in advance. You can do the same by using's car insurance premium calculator that uses parameters such as make and model, engine capacity, the area of registration, date of registration, etc. as input. It offers an estimate of the premium in the form of a quote. If you are fine with the quote, then you can proceed with the purchase of the policy.

The following table shows IDV, Zero Depreciation and Premium calculation for variants of different car models as per the registration year 2020:

Car Variant

Price of the Car


Zero Depreciation

(Add On)*

Estimated Premium*

Maruti ALTO 800 LXI (796 cc)

Rs. 3,52,000

Rs. 2,49,707

Rs. 1,166

Rs. 7,659

Maruti Baleno Alpha 1.2 (1197 cc)

Rs. 9,03,000

Rs. 5,74,759

Rs. 2,684

Rs. 14,672

TATA Altroz XE Petrol (1199 cc)

Rs. 5,29,000

Rs. 4,02,040

Rs. 1,320

Rs. 14,154

Honda Amaze 1.2 E Manual Transmission Petrol (1198 cc)

Rs. 6,12,000

Rs. 4,96,755

Rs. 1,987

Rs. 12,973

Table Data updated on 05-11-2020

**The values are calculated on the basis of (Delhi) city.

What Are the Add-on Covers Offered By National Insurance?

  • Zero Depreciation Cover: If the depreciated part of the car (metal, rubber, plastic, etc.) is repaired/replaced under 'own damage cover', the company will compensate the cost for the same. This is the sole benefit of having a zero depreciation cover.
  • No Claim Bonus: You will get this discount/bonus (on premiums) if you don't file a claim in a single year (during the policy period). For example, 20% off on premium (for 1st claim-free year) to be settled for the 2nd year and so on.
  • Roadside Assistance Cover: Roadside emergencies such as flat tires, fuel support, low battery, etc. can hit you any time of the day. This cover will take good care of your car when such a situation is upon your head.
  • Return to Invoice: In case your car gets completely damaged or stolen, the company will reimburse the entire invoice price of the insured car together with road tax and registration charges.

National Car Insurance: NCB Discount Chart

National Insurance Company offers the following NCB discounts on making no claims for your insured car throughout the year which keeps on increasing every year:

Number of Claim-free Years

Applicable Discounts











Table Data updated on 05-11-2020

What Is The Claim Settlement Process of National Car Insurance?

Steps Required For Filing A Claim

In case your insured car is involved in a situation that qualifies for a claim, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: You must inform the company/insurer immediately by calling on the toll-free number 1800-4200-269. The company will provide you with a registration number after filing the claim.

Step 2: The insurance company will send a surveyor to assess the loss and examine the extent of damages caused to the insured car.

Step 3: You will be required to submit necessary documents for a successful inspection to the surveyor.

Step 4: After receiving the documents, the surveyor will prepare a report and submit the same along with the documents provided by you to the insurance company as per norms of the policy.

Step 5: The insurance company will eventually go through the liabilities and communicate about the claim settlement to the car owner on completion of successful verification.

**Please note the insurer can ask for more documents in case of any doubts.

Necessary Documents For Claim Settlement

Generally, there are 3 types of situations for which people file for claims.

  • Accident
  • Theft
  • Third-party

Every situation demands different documents and they are given below for your reference.

i) Documents For Accidental Claim:

  • Use duly signed claim form.
  • Copy of RC, license & policy.
  • If required, submit the FIR (including vehicle number & person's contact details).
  • Original copy of the repair bill.
  • If you choose a cashless service, submit the invoice receipt.
  • In reimbursement cases, submit payment proof, original bill & estimate bill.

ii) Documents For Theft Claim:

  • Use duly signed claim form.
  • Copy of RC, license & policy with original keys.
  • Copy of FIR.
  • Duly signed Form 28, 29, 30 and Form 35.
  • A copy of the police's 'No Trace Report' of the insured car.

iii) Documents For Third-Party Claim:

  • Use duly signed claim form to register a claim.
  • FIR copy.
  • Copy of RC, license & policy.

Contact Details

National Car Insurance Company

Registered Office Address:

National Insurance Company, 3, Middleton Street, Prafulla Chandra Sen Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700071.

Telephone: 22831705, 18002007710 (toll-free)

Fax: 22831740

Email: nic[dot]motor[at]nic[dot]co[dot]in (Any car insurance-related issues or complaints)

customer[dot]relations[at]nic[dot]co[dot]in (For Unresolved Grievances)

Faf[at]nic[dot]co[dot]in (To report frauds)

Website[dot]Adminstrator[at]nic[dot]co[dot]in (For any other queries)

Registered Office Address:

PolicyX.Com Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited, 1st Floor, Landmark Tower, Plot no-2, Southcity-1, Opposite C-113, Ashok Marg, Sector-41, Gurugram - Haryana - 122001 India.

Email: (For assistance & complaints) (For any Sales query)

Toll-Free Number: 1800-4200-269

National Car Insurance - FAQs

1. What are the different types of National Car Insurance?

The different types of National Car Insurance are as follows:

  • Liability Only Cover for death and injury of the third-party including cover for his/her property loss.
  • Comprehensive Cover offers 'own damage cover' for damage due to natural & man-made disasters along with personal accident cover.

2. May I know whether National Insurance company offers personal accident cover to the passengers also?

Yes, National Insurance company offers personal accident cover to the passengers also where the number of passengers should be equivalent to the permissible maximum occupancy present in the car.

3. What is the coverage provided by National Car Insurance on third-party property damage?

National Car Insurance will provide coverage up to Rs. 7.5 lakhs on third-party property damage and other liabilities.

4. My car was transiting via inland waterways and got damaged, will National Car Insurance cover for the damages?

Yes, National Car Insurance covers damages caused due to transiting vehicles via inland waterways, airways, roadways and even railways.

5. Will I get coverage for electrical and mechanical breakdown of my car with the help of National Car Insurance?

No, National Car Insurance will not provide any coverage for electrical and mechanical breakdown of my car due to any reason.

6. Are there any discounts offered by National Car Insurance on opting for higher voluntary excess?

Yes, discounts will be offered by National Car Insurance on opting for higher voluntary excess that depends on the damage caused and the minimum amount chosen to pay during the claim procedure.

7. My brother is physically challenged and he drives a specially designed car. I want to know whether National Car Insurance offers any discounts for this type of special case?

Yes, National Car Insurance offers concessions for specially designed cars used by physically challenged people such as handicapped, blind, etc. including mentally challenged individuals.

8. Does National Car Insurance provide insurance to racing cars also?

No, National Car Insurance does not provide insurance to racing cars.

9. How can I minimize my premiums for my National Car Insurance policy?

You can minimize your premiums for National Car Insurance policy in two ways as follows:

  • AAI Membership: If you are an Automobile Association of India member you can avail discounts on premiums for your car insurance policy.
  • Anti-theft device: On installing an anti-theft device in your car, the company offers certain discounts to the policyholder.

Last updated on Aug 2022