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Reliance Car Insurance

The Reliance General insurance company is basically a part of Reliance Group. It refers to being one of the best general insurance company that caters into almost every general insurance product such as motor insurance, health insurance, travel insurance and much more. It is basically a part of Reliance Group which is a big and renowned organization and is into this business for many years. This organization has around 139 offices and almost 12,000 intermediaries all over India.

It has been awarded for its Quality Management System by well-known Global Quality Standards Auditing Company- Det Norske Veritas (DNV). It is the first Indian insurance company that was awarded the company-wide ISO 9001:2008 certification for providing end to end services and products all over India. It has received several different awards that include CMO Asia Social Media and Digital Excellence Awards 2015, Healthcare Leadership Award 2014, Lokmat BFSI Award 2014, etc.

Purchasing a car is not a big deal today because of the easy availability of loans and financial assistance, but usually, it requires a little more hard work to maintain a car in proper condition for a long time. What can really help you in maintaining it properly is a motor insurance policy. It provides the required protection to your car and assists you in running it smoothly on the road. It makes all motor related issues and problems a little less stressful for you to handle.

Apart from the fact that having a motor insurance policy is mandatory in India under the Motor Vehicle Act, just having a motor insurance policy is not enough. Duties of the motor owner don’t end here. In fact, it’s just the start! You should focus on paying regular premiums and renewing the policy on time or as and when required. It provides complete protection to you and your vehicle as well.

The company offers a wide range of motor insurance products which are really effective and useful. All the products by the Reliance motor insurance offer wide coverage. You have to choose the right one that can go well with your needs. There is no doubt in saying that in India, it is compulsory to have a motor insurance if you owned a vehicle whether it is for personal or commercial use. Moreover, from the safety purpose as well, having a motor insurance is a good thing. You must go for it as it offers complete safety to you at a low premium.

Key Benefits of Reliance Car Insurance

  • Cashless Claim Networks

    Cashless claim service over 3800+ authorized network of garages across India

  • Discounts

    Installation of anti-theft device and specific location usage cover discount

  • Accidental Cover /Customer Support

    This policy covers the policyholder, while you are driving against any accident.

Add-on Covers for Reliance Car Insurance

Types of Car Insurance Plans

Car Insurance

Car insurance by Reliance General Insurance is an effective product that has served Indian customers for many years. It will help you in saving more time and money as well. Under the same, you will get insurance and coverage against the third party liability and comprehensive plan as well. This plan is really very effective as it offers roadside assistance, cashless facility, add-on covers etc. You will get customized plans that will suit your requirement.

Add-on Covers for Reliance Car Insurance

  • Depreciation Cover

    Specific location usage discount & anti-theft device discount

  • Third Party Cover

    It will provide coverage to the policyholder while driving against any accident. Additional 3rd party cover of up to Rs. 10 lakh

  • Personal Accident Cover

    100% of Capital Sum Insured of 5 lakhs

  • Personal Accident Bundle Cover

    It is an effective add-on cover that will be there to assist you in case of accidents, irrespective of whoever is driving it. This cover will be there in case of permanent total disablement and accidental death.

  • Motor Secure Plus Cover

    This add-on comprises of Nil Depreciation Cover, Consumables Cover, and Engine Cover.

  • Nil Depreciation Cover

    This add-on saves your car and its parts from deductions on account of the car’s depreciating value.

  • Motor Secure Premium Cover

    In addition to the basic cover Nil Depreciation Cover, Engine Cover and Consumables Cover, this add-on provides a Key Protect Cover for private cars

Basic Attributes

Reliance Private Motor Insurance Policy allows you to get comprehensive protection at the best price. It is a helpful insurance policy for every motor owner who wants to secure his motor in every possible manner.

Cover against Damage: The Company has tried to offer coverage on every possible damage that can occur to your car while driving. Some of the damage that these policy covers are accidents, fire, lightning, self-ignition, explosion, theft, riot & strikes and/or malicious acts, terrorism, earthquake, flood, cyclone, inundation, transit by rail, road, air, and elevator among others.

Roadside Assistance: The policy also provides roadside assistance whenever you get stuck in these situations like towing assistance, battery jumpstart, minor repairs, tyre punctures, emergency fuel assistance, delivering backup key, organizing a taxi, organizing hotel accommodation, sending outgoing messages and much more.

Third Party Liability: Apart from these basic covers, the company is also offering third party liability coverage. It is now necessary as per the Motor Vehicles Act. It insures third-party property damages and provides liability for the third-party in case of any mishap.

Why Reliance Car Insurance Policy?

Comprehensive Cover: This plan offers comprehensive coverage to you and your vehicle. Under this policy, you will get coverage on third-party liability cover and private motor cover as well.

Add-On Covers: Along with the basic coverage you will be liable for an add-on coverage and many discounts which you will receive regularly with even the retention of NCB.

Roadside Assistance: One of the best benefits of this insurance policy. With this helpful feature, a consumer can get several benefits and needful cover while driving.


  • Normal Wear And Tear

    This plan doesn’t provide coverage on normal wear and tear, mechanical and electrical breakdown among others.

  • Consequential loss

    In case of damage, that causes subsequent damage/loss, only the original damage will be covered.

  • Compulsory deductibles:

    A fixed amount that gets deducted at the time of the claim.

  • Expert View

    This policy offers many benefits and features that make your driving completely secure from unavoidable circumstances. It offers a host of coverage for almost all possible damages that can happen to your vehicle in case of an accident.

Reliance Car Insurance Facilities

There are a host of facilities associated with Reliance car insurance.

  • Offer free Roadside assistance in case of breakdown or an accident

  • It offers a cashless facility with around 3800 network service stations.

  • Offers towing services at minimal charges- Reimbursement up to Rs 1500.

  • Offers instant policy issuance

  • No documentation

  • 24x7 customer service.

  • Hassle free- and easy approach

  • Provides great discounts

  • Several options related to the issuance of the policy

  • Provides immediate assistance

Reliance Car Insurance Cover

A cover that provides coverage to all needs and requirements at one go.

  • Own Liability cover: It is provided in the form of compensation associated with damage and which has incurred to the vehicle because of the following reasons:

  • Manmade calamities: It comprises of fire, explosion, riots, strikes, theft, burglary etc.

  • Natural Calamities: It comprises of floods, storms, earthquakes, cyclone, typhoon etc.

  • In transit: It offers the damage caused to your vehicle while it is in transit on road, by rail, by air, lift, or elevator.

  • Third party Liability: It will be there to offer the needful cover to the vehicle that causes any damage to the third party which results in his/her death, causing some major injuries or a damage to his/her property, your insurance company will offer all legal settlements, claims, and expenses as required.

  • Add on covers: Apart from the basic cover, it will provide an additional cover for an extra premium. The add-on covers are:

  • Personal accident cover, driver, named passengers or any unnamed passengers.

  • Coverage for electrical or non-electrical parts.

  • 'Nil depreciation' cover

  • 'No Claim Bonus' Retention cover

The insurance company will offer all the required damage caused to the vehicle that occurs because of above-mentioned reasons

Key Factors affecting your car insurance premium

The Insured’s declared value (IDV) is basically the sum assured after deducting depreciation from the listed value of the car. The depreciation percentage would affect your premium.

  • The cubic capacity (CC) affects the premium.

  • Model of the vehicle

  • Age of your vehicle.

  • Geographical zone

  • No claim bonus will affect the premium.

  • A few discounts will also affect the premium

Reliance Car Insurance Discounts

There are several discounts which can help you in lowering the premium cost. Reliance is offering 3 types of discounts on your premium amounts.

  • No Claim Bonus: If you have not claimed in the last year then you will receive a no claim bonus. With the same, you can get a discount of up to 50%.

  • Voluntary Excess: If you choose a higher proportion of voluntary excess on your claims, then definitely you’ll get huge discounts.

  • Automobile Association: If you are a member of any automobile association would save you paying more for your premiums.

Reliance Car Insurance Exclusions

  • There are a few damages to your vehicle that the company will not cover

  • Normal wear and tear of the vehicle

  • Sort of mechanical or electrical damage

  • Accidents that take place out of the geographical area

  • Damage caused because of war perils, nuclear intervention or civil disturbances.

  • Damages that take place under the influence of consumption of alcohol or drugs.

  • Consequential loss.

Reliance Car Insurance Claim Process

Reliance General Insurance offers a convenient and quick claim settlement process for Reliance motor insurance holders. Policyholders have the option of selecting either a cashless claim or a reimbursement claim depending on the type of emergency. Customers can check the status of their Reliance Car Insurance claims on the insurer’s web portal and also get additional support from their 24/7 customer care helpdesk for any issues regarding their claim settlements.

Reliance car insurance allows you to file the claim within a few seconds.

1. For the same, the policyholder has to file the claim by connecting to the insurance company that can be done through the call. Then they may ask for a few documents such as

  • Policy number

  • Contact Details

  • Name of the policyholder

  • Date and time of the accident

  • Vehicle number

  • Model of the vehicle

  • Description of accident accident

  • Garage name

2. Then the vehicle have to be taken to an authorized garage for repairs and the needed documents have to be submitted.

3. After the inspection, Reliance will approve the claim or reject the claim and then follow the process.

4. Customers can opt for cashless settlements can get their vehicles repaired by network garages. The repair bills will be cleared by Reliance General Insurance with the garage up to the payable amount. Copy of driver’s license, self-attested copy of the RC book and the filled-in claim form has to be provided.

5. In case, where the policyholder has opted for reimbursement, then the insured have to pay for all the charges. Then the receipt of the same has to be submitted to the surveyor. Then the insurance company will analyze the same and reimburse accordingly.

Reliance Personal Accident Claim Process

In case of a personal accident, a claim can be made by just reporting to the toll-free helpline.

  • Customers have to provide the following details for filing claim

  • Insured’s contact details

  • Policy number

  • Name of the policyholder who is injured

  • Date and time of the accident

  • Location and Extent of loss

  • The brief description of the accident

  • In cases of road accidents, it is important to inform the police.

Documentation Required Claims for accidents

  1. Proof of Policy

  2. Registration Book and Tax Receipts

  3. Original and copy of the Driving License of the driver

  4. Police Panchanama / FIR for third-party property damage, death and body injuries

  5. Estimate for repairs

  6. Repair bills and payment receipts

  7. In case the claim has to be paid to the repairer, then the Claims Discharge Cum Satisfaction Voucher signed across a Revenue stamp is needed

Claims For Theft

  1. Policy Document

  2. Registration Book with Theft endorsement the RTO

  3. Tax payment receipts

  4. Previous Insurance Details - Policy number/Insurer Name / Insurance period

  5. Vehicle keys/service booklets/warranty card

  6. Police Panchanama / FIR / Final investigation report/JMFC report

  7. Acknowledged copy of letter address to RTO intimating theft and making vehicle "Non-Use"

On Admission of Liability

  1. Duly signed Form 28, 29 and 30

  2. Form 35 signed by the Financer

  3. Letter of subrogation

  4. Consent towards agreed claim settlement value

  5. Claim Discharge Voucher signed across a Revenue Stamp

  6. NOC of the Financier

Reliance General Car Insurance - Faq's

1. What does Reliance Private Car Insurance Policy cover?

It offers 24/7 roadside assistance, cashless claim facility, reimburses towing charges up to Rs 1500, the help of policyholders stranded on account of car breakdowns and an optional cover for personal accidents of up to Rs 10 lakhs.

2. What are the key features of the Reliance Car Insurance Policy?

Key features – You can take advantage of a car insurance plan with no documentation and claims can be settled easily. The company will analyze the same quickly and provide the approval. Customers will also receive attractive discounts when they avail a Reliance Private Car Insurance policy.

3. What are the types of car insurance claims handled by Reliance Insurance?

You can file the claim online through the website and can be made either as a cashless claim or as reimbursement claims that require certain documents to be submitted at the company’s branch.

4. Can I renew and buy my motor policy online?

Yes, you can easily renew the car insurance plan online using the online portal and online payment modes.

Contact Address

Reliance General Insurance
Correspondence Unit, 301-302, Corporate House RNT Marg,
Opp. Jhabua Tower, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India - 452001
Toll Free: 1800 3009
Email: rgicl(dot)services(at)relianceada(dot)com

Customer Reviews

May 4, 2018


very easy and comfortable to buy Car insurance from Reliance Car Insurance.

May 2, 2018

Prabhat Kumar

I hold a car insurance with Reliance from past 2 years, I am happy with the coverage value.

April 6, 2018

Prabhaker Kumar

Thanks for the quick customer support.


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